Yes, you can work at Realitone!


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Hey Mike! I just launched a Youtube VI review channel three weeks ago. I'm going to be reviewing your Fingerpick 2.0 library right after Christmas (it's going to be my Christmas present from my Mom this year, at least she's promising to buy it for me before the sale ends). I'm also planning to review Realivox Blue and The Ladies because I already own them. Anyway, if you need any of your new instruments reviewed and demoed, just send them my way. I can also write a user's manual - my background is in education. I will work for free sample libraries in lieu of cash. :)

-Scarlet Jerry
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Mike Greene

Mike Greene

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Would you need even a sample editor to be in LA ?
Definitely. I have very specific ways this all needs to be done. Also, no one here does just sample editing, so there's constant communication that needs to be happening as we go from one aspect to another.

Plus my internet is ultra-slow, so uploading and downloading would drive me crazy.

The positions are filled anyway, though, although if someone is good with KSP (and is in Los Angeles!), I can always use more help there.