Yes, you can work at Realitone!

Mike Greene

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I'm getting behinder and behinder here, so I could use some help. Heck, I'm so desperate, I'll even pay you! Depending on what you have to offer, I might even pay you a lot. I'm looking to hire more than one person, as I have varied needs, ranging from basic sample editing all the way up to project managing.

Here's an example (albeit an overly specific example) of "project managing": I've been wanting to update RealiBanjo for years. Obviously it could use more patterns, especially clawhammer styles. That entails more samples, though, because RealiBanjo doesn't currently have clawhammer samples. So this update will involve more patterns and more sampling ... plus I'd like to record another banjo and do some other things, too. I've been hesitant to start all that because it's a big undertaking, especially since I don't know hardly nothin' 'bout clawhammer banjo playin'!

But wait ... lets suppose you happen to be a good banjo player. (And reasonably knowledgable about Kontakt, obviously.) You could come here and we could work out what a good game plan would be to accomplish this. Ideally, you would be like a "project manager." I'm a control freak, mind you, and the overall direction, coding, even artwork would still have to be "the Realitone way" and in most cases, done by me, but it would still be ultra-helpful to have someone who could "make things happen."

The same would apply if you're a really good mandolin player, fingerpicker, funk organist, fiddle player, EDM or hip hop producer, blues harpist (yes, I have a way make blues harp work) or all sorts of instruments.

I'd even be open to a more general project-manager situation if you think you have the skills to fully coordinate other players to create these instruments, although that's a lot harder than you might think, so I'd need to see examples where you've successfully created a sample instrument before.

Obviously at the other end of things, I also need help with basics like sample editing. As I mentioned earlier, I'm looking to hire multiple people, so I'm pretty open.

Bonus - KSP or Python abilities. Neither are required (I generally do my own coding), but I can hope, can't I? Not rudimentary skills, mind you, but good enough where you could help de-bug or modify my existing code.

You have to be in Los Angeles, because long distance stuff simply hasn't worked well for me. We need to be in the same building (my studio is in Hollywood) so that we can both look and point at the same computer monitor and have conversations and make sure we're both on the same track.

It interested, PM me here, or email me at [email protected] (If you can't figure out what ... is, then you're probably not right for this gig. :grin:)


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Mike, I'm the guy you want to hire as long as you don't mind a few simple demands:

I don't work Sundays. Or Saturdays. Or Fridays. Nor most Mondays.
I always start at noon... unless I'm running late.
I will need my own office with a 70-gallon fish tank and a view of an aerobics studio across the street.
I will need an assistant. Her name should be either Margaret or Penelope.
I can't work on any holidays including federal holidays, Rosh Hashana, Kwaanza, my birthday, and your birthday.
I can't work during Shark Week nor anytime sunspot activity is increased by more than 20%.
I will need a company car. If it comes with a driver, his name should be something like Pearson or Jarvis.
I will need daycare services provided for my two cats.
I will need to be provided with lessons on marketing, Kontakt scripting, banjo frailing, and growing spring onions.

I can probably start in May of 2020. Let me know.


my office these days
Well compared to Mr. Polkasound my demands are modest - I want access to the company jet... and a six figure salary, I can figure out the rest!
Mike Greene

Mike Greene

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A Realitone funk organ library?
Sorta. It's complicated to explain, but someone with funk keyboard abilities would be handy.

Puts "must be in LA" after a massive fuckton of text
It's ok I still love you Mike
My bad on that one.

Well compared to Mr. Polkasound my demands are modest - I want access to the company jet... and a six figure salary, I can figure out the rest!
Sadly, the company jet is an old NAMM flyer folded into a paper airplane. As far as salary goes, can two of those six figures be after the decimal point? :grin:

Nao Gam

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Just in case you didn't know, there's software like team viewer which allows you to control a pc remotely (under the user's supervision) over a skype call, if LA doesn't cover you.


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There are a few guys who do sample editing remotely and that can work out quite well. But for all the more hands on stuff you definitely need someone there in person.

Atarion Music

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Sigh, LA huh? That's long ways away. However, I'd happily free up some time to score something using the created libraries after it/they're completed. Anything to chip in right ? :)
Mike Greene

Mike Greene

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Funny, I didn't get my first response to this ad until today. For a minute there (actually, I guess that would be for a week there), I was wondering if I needed a stronger deodorant.


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Great of you to offer positions openly on the forum Mike. Good luck to anyone that puts in for it.

I know of an incredible claw hammer banjo player, very highly rated in the banjo world. He'd likely be up for traveling to the USA for session work.

Be happy to put you in touch with him, just send me a message and i'll sort something out.


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You had me at clawhammer. Sadly I have nothing to offer but encouragement. Maybe try the folks over at the Banjo Hangout site?