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What Black Friday items are you holding out for?

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Eric Watkins
Just curious. I have so much stuff, and I feel better than ever about only wanting what I really perceive as needing or able to use, and not just buying things which are on sale. I’ve also finally moved away from subscriptions, of which I had like three. I don’t know why, but it actually feels better having less, but knowing and using everything I have. That said, I am really hoping that Baby Audio has a sale on their bundle as they seem to have some really unique items. Perhaps the same with Denise Audio. I love having special tools that perform in a very particularly unique way.

What are you holding out for?
I’ll take a butchers at Spitfire The Ton….but having just bought HZ strings at 50% off and Soltice at 40% off…my BF has come early….
I just got SA Ambient Guitars, Albion Neo, & Insanity Samples Haunted Strings 2. I have everything I need right now.
I'm waiting for Fabfilter Saturn 2 to go on sale so that I can

Soothe 2
Zebra and Dark Zebra
More SSD's. I went nuts last BF and early this year with samples.

I'll see what Spitfire has for their Ton and Hamper Bundles as well.

I really need to use what I have, learn it before I start looking at other companies and what they offer.
I'll also be on the lookout for a set or two from The Unfinished for both Dark Zebra & Omnisphere. Also, Luftrum will have a December sale, so I'll need to exercise a bit of restraint as we get closer to BF

In the meantime, I'll be curious about what sort of discounts, if any, might be forthcoming from ProjectSam and Sonokinetic.
Can you please explain what's the story with the vouchers? Missed last year party.
Do they discount the vouchers, which you buy, and then you use them when something is on sale doubling the discount?
Do they expire?
The vouchers are there so someone can buy you a gift. You buy a voucher of 100 euros and you can use these 100 euros to buy libraries from the official VSL website. There are also vouchers of 500 euros.

But sometimes (it's not extremely often, but not so rare as well), there is an offer in VSL site, that if you get 3x100 vouchers, then you get a free (100 euros) voucher. If you get 3x500 vouchers, then you get a free (500 euros) voucher. So in the 2nd example, you pay 1500 euros but you have 2000 euros to buy VSL products!

You can buy and combine as many vouchers as you want. And as far as I know they don't expire. And of course they can be combined with any other VSL sales. You can use your vouchers (big or small ones, free or paid ones) to buy VSL products at their current price (i.e. under a BF sale). :)
I'm selling a Saturn 1 license. I've heard people alreade made great music with that one :P

Thanks for the offer, but I really want Saturn 2 because I already used the trial version in several projects and I want to keep those settings. And even with upgrade pricing it makes more sense for me to directly buy v2 because then the full sum is tax deductible for me.

But I like the sound of Spitfires Angular Strings. Wish I never heard them - I blame the members mockup section. But the Angular strings have to go 70% off if I will buy them, which will not happen.


Theres a chicken coop on sale for 279 EUR. 45% off - come on, another string library, or a chicken coop, the case is pretty clear.
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