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Trouble setting up KB with Kontakt


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Hey I was wondering if you guys could help me set up my Novation Impulse Midi keyboard with kontact. I want to be able to switch between different instruments with my KB

The scenario is as follows - I have 4 instruments loaded into kontakt on port 1.

Each instrument is assigned its own channel 1-4.

Midi input in FL Studio is set to Impulse, Port 1.

The confusing thing is when I set to midi channel 1 on the keyabord, the first two instruments play simultaneously. Switching to channel 2 on the KB plays the corresponding layer by itself as intended, but switching to midi channel 3 on the KB plays both layers 2 and 3 in kontakt? There doesn't seem to be any logical explanation for this.

It used to be that i could select an instrument in Kontakt by highlighting it, and that instrument only would play when triggered from my KB.

So can anyone advise on how to best get things working?


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edit: using the standalone instance of kontakt im able to switch between each channel easily from the KB - so why isn't it working in FL?

edit 2: Ok I'm using the midi out plugin to point to each channel - selecting these individually and having to set the corresponding channel on the keyboard each time is a little convoluted. How do i do it the way i mentioned before - that is, being able to play each instrument individually just by highlighting in kontakt?
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