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The Bernstein Harvard Lectures


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I have the original book and 33 1/3 rpm records...fat lot of good they are now though..o_O I regret that I never managed to get to a concert of his in London, but love his symphonies.

Craig Duke

I used to listen to the Harvard/Norton lectures in high school at our local library (33 1/3). In grade school, we watched his Young People's Concerts in music class (16mm film). If you haven't read a biography of LB, he had an amazing and entertaining life.


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This series should be watched by anyone who does music. Of all the elements of my musical education over the years, I think this is what had the most deep and lasting impact.


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For anyone who is really interested in his Harvard lectures, and wants to dig deeper:

There is a book called "A Generative Theory of Tonal Music" that uses these lectures as it's philosophical starting point.
The authors go to pretty far lengths to connect back to this lecture series and refer to them often in their examples.

Nathanael Iversen

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The lectures are excellent and deeply interesting. I have the hardbound book that transcribes the lectures and contains all the musical examples.
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