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SOLVED - CC1 Bizarrely being Read as Articulation Change Message In Komplete Kontrol for Some Instruments Only


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This issue has been bugging me for months… I'm on a 16" MBP running Big Sur.

Let me explain by using a very simple project example -

I have only 3 instrument tracks in a Cubase 11 Pro project reading exact same copies of a simple MIDI part containing a few notes and CC1 data that goes from 0 to 127 over 8 bars.

The 3 instrument tracks are a CSB instrument, a CSW instrument and a CSS instrument.

The CSS instrument reads the MIDI data (note and CC1) correctly, BUT the CSB and CSW instruments bizarrely read the CC1 data and use it to change the articulations played. Low CC1 values select sustain and increasing the CC1 values sequentially changes the articulation throughout the CC1 range depending on the instrument.

Please note - I have removed the CC1 automation from the “shorts” instrument selector on ALL the instruments, AND ALL the instruments are set as using CC58 as the keyswitch CC control and ALL have CC1 control set as velocity X-fade. None of the instruments have Expression Map data to read either.

It is NOT just CSW and CSB that behave bizarrely in this fashion, some other instruments do as well - Emotional Cello for example behaves bizarrely but CSW and CSB are 100% consistent in their behaviour.

Fortunately, when the instruments are used WITHIN Kontakt ALONE, there is NO bizarre behaviour on any instrument and CC1 data is read appropriately.

I prefer Komplete Kontrol because it suits my workflow so I would appreciate any light anybody can throw on this problem to help me.

I did contact Alex Wallbank a few months ago and he was very approachable, helpful and understanding but was at a loss as to why this was happening.

I haven’t as yet gone into the NI forums but will do so if nobody here has any suggestions.
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I reached out to NI Support and after a few emails back and forth, my issue was fixed.

Basically, somehow I had managed to set my Komplete Kontrol first control knob to CC1 and simply unlearning this step resolved my issue.

Here is a screen grab of the "wrong" setting in Komplete Kontrol for any others who may find themselves experiencing peculiar behaviour with KK and CCs. Fix is to unlearn CC1 from First KK Knob.png
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