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See any good movies lately?

Just got out of seeing Medieval a little bit ago and I thought it was really cool. I love anything medieval, Norse, ancient Europe, etc. and it was insanely gory and brutal, right up my alley. A really cool score by Philip Klein as well, I’d recommend it
Watched "The Batman" (2022) last night. That was worthwhile. An interesting take on the material. Great visuals throughout. I'd watch it again.
Recently, I watched "The Fall" and strangely enough, I quite liked it. On the one hand, this movie is a veritable monument to the hollow and sometimes even bizarre times we're living in, but as a minimalistic film, it just works and has all the right elements. Plus, I dislike heights so watching this was quite an experience for me. ;)
Semi off-topic : I haven't been in a movie theater in 3-4 years.
However, the new Tolkien inspired series on Amazon Prime has the quality of a film, imo.
NOPE - I really liked it, it is probably not fo everyone but it is quite a clever modern SciFi / horror movie with some nice overtones.
I watched it this weekend and thought it was meh.

I'm not a Jordan Peele fan but I liked Get Out. I haven't really liked anything else he has been involved with (Twilight Zone, Candyman, Us).

NOPE was brilliant in probably every aspect of the production... but I thought the script was an absolute mess and the concept just didn't work.
1944: Hitler’s Secret Weapon

I can’t recommend this one highly enough. It’s a true story based around Leonid Berenshtein who was the commander of a partisan battalion in WW2. They located the secret facility where the Nazis were developing the V2 rockets. But it is so much more than that. Part docudrama, and part interview with Leonid himself as an old man struggling with his health problems, and remembering his life as a soldier and then commander. Some extracts from his literature is read (he wrote 4 books). Beautifully filmed. Lots of subtitles to read but it’s worth it.

Not a film, but just finished watching the second episode of “The Last of Us”. Really enjoying it so far.

As for films, can't really think of a recent one that's been genuinely enjoyable.
I just finished watching the pilot episode and then went on youtube to watch the full cut scenes from the video game. I'm impressed with the script writing!
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I just finished watch the pilot episode and then went on youtube to watch the full cut scenes from the video game. I'm impressed with the script writing!
Literally just watch a breakdown how they adapted from the game. They've done such a great job.

Even with some small changes to make the show work. I think they have made it more interesting than the game.

I love how there's lots of subtle hints and subliminal clues.Very well done.
It's going great so far.

Chernobyl is one of the best shows ever made so I have big expectations with the TLOU.
So far TLOU is panning out to be better than Chernobly IMO. Which is an excellent show. Craig Mazin was the right choice.
The Pez Outlaw (Netflix) was an absolute joy. Documentary turned on its side and tickled to the point of cackling.
Imo its hard to find a really good movie these days, but The Pale Blue Eyes on Netflix was very good. Recomended
Not a movie, but the first 3 or 4 episodes of Arcane are some of the best I've seen ever. The story fizzles out and becomes a bit convoluted in the last couple of episodes... but it is still a monumental achievement. Great dialog, characters, visuals, the music is also outstanding (!) but the voice acting is out of this world. They've put all they have into it.
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