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Section Leader v1.0 (Graphical Multi Script MIDI-Toolset with Delay Compensation Features)


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On and off over the years I've made little multi scripts here and there to assist my workflow for whatever project I'm working on at the time. Eventually, I noticed patterns in the tools I reused or kept making versions of, so I decided that I'd try my hand at covering almost all of them in one big multi script that I can use for everything.

Then I had the crazy idea that I could do myself one better. What if I polished it up in such a way that others could benefit from my efforts as well?

It took a few months, and like any other artist, I had to reach a point to begrudgingly call it "done" for now for the sake of presenting it before the heat death of the universe. I haven't even tested it extensively (like really extensively). So without further ado, I'd like to present what I've simply called "Section Leader".

What It Is Not

This performs a lot of little tricks, so before we get into that, I'd like to clear this up first.
  • This is not a keyboard splitter in that it does split one's keyboard into ranges (overlapping or not) to be handled separately.
  • This is not a divisi script in that polyphonic content will not be split into separately handled voices
  • This is not a key-switch mapper or re-mapper.
  • This is not an instrument (for those not in the right sub-forum, no worries).
What It Is and What It Does

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Forgive me as I wish to make this brief. Help text is everywhere, so you can learn a lot by hovering and reading the Info box. (I think it may be worth fleshing things out in a separate manual as well. But, one thing at a time!)
  • Distributes input to selected channels. 64 ins to 64 outs with no internal limitations.​
  • Applies humanization to various parameters with selectable distribution curves. No hung notes or your money back!​
  • Routes and re-routes CCs/pitchbend/aftertouch messages to any CC/pitchbend/aftertouch (8 to 8) manipulated by custom curves.​
  • Performs velocity-sensitive "Legato Delay Compensation" (LDC) by tracking polyphony to apply delays to only first notes of a connected phrase (for when notes sound from silence faster than their following note-transitions). Velocity response curve is customizable.​
  • Performs CC-controllable "Articulation Delay Compensation" (ADC) by applying a global delay and variably reducing the delay for notes according to current ADC setting. Good for when your shorts (for example) have different response speeds (send this CC alongside the key switch activation to utilize). Response curve is customizable.​
  • Trill monophonic instruments when two notes are held down. Automate the trill speed live. Response curve is customizable.​
  • Global transpose​
  • Global custom velocity curve​
  • Bonus mouse-controlled CC generators (intended for distributing CC messages that change instrument settings).​
  • Everything can be saved and recalled via sharable *.nka files. (Don't worry, you don't need them to save with your project.)​
  • And there's a little bit more, but we'll leave it at this for now.​
There's nuance to all lot of that, of course, but hopefully I've provided enough info for you to determine if you'd like to give this a shot.

The Curve Editor

One of the most satisfying features to me has to be this curve editor. It's an honest cubic bézier curve driven by draggable control points. No more "curve" knob or drawing directly on the graph (sorry if you're into that). I can't be the first to do this in KSP, right? The left and right extremes can wrap all around the edges, so the possibilities are practically endless!

What I'd Like From You

Give it a shot. Try to use it. Drown me in your critique. Since I haven't made a manual (yet), give me clues on how to cover things. Et cetera, et cetera.

The download is a zip with 2 folders. Wherever your multi scripts are, go up two folder levels and extract/drop the folders there (should end up in ...\Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt, I think). It's a bit weird since you can't create monoliths for multi scripts, so this is how I'm "simplifying" the installation of the script and its visual resources.

And if you'd like to encourage me keep working on this, rack up the downloads and/or donate. I'll probably continue working on this anyway, to be honest, but my pace will highly depend on how much attention and gratitude this earns. That isn't to pull anyone's arm, it's just how it is as I hope many of you can understand.

Thank You!

This is effectively my thanks to you all, the VI-Control community, for feeding my GAS, educating my decisions, giving me an occasional chuckle, and finally for making me feel welcome enough to contribute my own efforts here as well. My particular contribution is also partially inspired by @ScoringFilm's Multi Script Tools (in fact, you should be able to chain my script after their divisi script). Am I done? I think I'm done.

Here's to hoping this post presents well enough and that I didn't miss anything obvious in this post or, you know, the script itself.


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