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Rocky Meets Beethoven (Variations for Saxophone, Violin and Piano)

Lukas K

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Normally I'm unforgiving of people who post music of other composers' works in this section. In fact, I dislike it rather intensely . But, in this case, I think I must make an exception. For starters, it's a brilliant and unexpected conception and very well executed. Then, I love the Rocky theme and, of course, Beethoven is virtually a God. Or God.

So, Mr. K, I congratulate you on swaying me. This is very clever, thoughtful and multi-layered. I love the introspection of it, which in some ways is very much in keeping with Conti's poetic / heroic score.



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I love love love love love this! Well Done. I got so lost in the wonderful composition of this piece that you could have played this on a kazoo and recorder and I don't think I would have cared. B R A V O ! Well Done!
Lukas K

Lukas K

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Thanks a lot for such a positive feedback! I really appreciate it.

I understand you Michael, but that's what variations are all about. And I didn't want to use my own themes this time, because I wanted to pay tribute to these masters and see how far I can go with this unexpected combination :)

Thanks again for listening and your kind words!
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