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Resources for learning Falcon


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The following list is non-exhaustive (though it could lead to exhaustion, due to sleep deprivation).
Video Speed Controller is a useful extension for Chrome or Firefox; it makes it easy to arbitrarily speed up or slow down video streams.

R. Naroth

There's a detailed and clear Falcon tutorial by a Youtuber called aikelab. It shows how to create a sampled instrument and then build the interface with Lua scripting. The link is here:
Thanks, this answers so many questions I had about custom sample instruments. This is really where Falcon shines.


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I think the cwmodular tutorial wasn't mentioned yet:

These notes are in some aspects more detailed than the manual, for example, they contain many pictures of waveforms for the various oscillators with different settings (PWM/PWM2+ etc):
That's a great resource. Thanks!
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