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R.I.P. Jeff Beck


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So sad, he was a part of my musical consciousness since I was a teenager. Thankfully I saw him live a few years ago, there are few musicians more "connected" with their instrument than Jeff Beck. Watching and hearing him play live was a privilege.


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Mister Beck’s 1975 and 1976 albums have had a tremendous influence on me musically. The song Play With Me is probably my favourite of his, with beautiful keyboard work by Max Middleton (clavinet) and unforgettable combined guitar and synth soli by Jeff and Ian Hammer. An incredibly talented musician (and I think also a very gently spirited one) has left us ❤️


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As much as I loved Jeffs fusion stuff from the mid 70’s, what first hooked me was the Beck Ola album from 1969.
I was 13 at the time and he was already hinting at the left turn he was starting to take going in different direction than his contemporaries.
For those that aren’t familiar with this,the song is Rice Pudding.

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If anyone here is like me and loves the early Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart,Ron Wood and Mickey Waller you are in for a treat!
This is a live concert recording from a show in Dallas Texas from 1968,it’s raw and quite primitive by today’s standards but it rocks and is really a great glimpse of the talent of Jeff and his entire band,55 years ago.


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Add this to the collection of examples of his virtuosity:
"Cause We've Ended as Lovers" We have all heard a few different performances, but 4:23 is worth hearing one more. . . wait for it



Here’s another unearthed long lost gem of a performance by the Jeff Beck Group live in Boston from 1969.
This concert known as the Tea Party concert has Jeff,Rod,Ron,Nickey Hopkins(piano) and Tony Newton on drums.
The recording is awful but the performance and music is simply amazing!

Enjoy 👍

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