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R.I.P. Jeff Beck

Sad news!! Such an amazing talent. So many great performances throughout so many decades. Nadia is one of my favorites.
This is crazy, I just saw Jeff Beck live in November at a small venue near LA. He was in tremendous form. My favorite guitarist of all time, especially the way he reinvents himself over the years. Each album is like a new adventure. Here is a short video clip from that last tour, 8 weeks ago…

EDIT: Trying again with a YouTube link since the Google Drive link didn’t seem to be working.
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I wasn't supposed to live to see my age, but yeah, like a lot of you, his passing is tragic. My introduction with Beck was through Blow By Blow when I attended Iowa State University. I was mainly attracted to his jazz stuff, so Blow By Blow, Wired, There And Back and Blue Wind (Live) became fixtures in my collection.

Such a sensitive balanced player. Every note sings.

One of his masterpieces, Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe---one of THE songs you learned and worked on for your wah-wah chops, the kind that you could stab hearts with. And then you go see him and see him play it WITHOUT a wah pedal! He's just using the tone knob on the Strat! How many guitar players have shocked you into breathing through your mouth?

Thanks for the indelible memory, JB.

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