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New denise plugin release coming out next Friday the 26th! We're giving some copies away...

Hi all,

I have something new from denise audio to share...

Friday 26th at 18:00 (Central European Time) we will be releasing our next plugin and we're kicking off this release with a live presentation and Q&A on YouTube and giving you a chance to win a free copy.


Win a free copy of the new plugin...How?

During our live release we will be answering your questions and the users of the best three questions will win a copy of the plugin!

- Send your question to [email protected]
- Via the live YouTube chat

We're keeping this plugin a secret until next week. What we can give away is that it has a push-pull graph with multi-select as one of the main functions. Also, to show off how diverse this plugin is we mixed and mastered a whole track just using this plugin (and some reverb from our perfect series). So stay tuned for for the 26th at 18:00 (CET). Subscribe to us on YouTube to be notified about the stream.

Subscribe to the the denise audio YouTube channel to be alerted of the stream:

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