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Multiple Solo Buttons


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I did search the threads and tried to reference the manual. The manual is a bit confusing sometimes without seeing a more elaborate demonstration, given I don't have a coding background. And I found one awesome post by Tod in this thread, but couldn't wrap my head around what functions were being used for me to look them up in the manual.

I have a drum instrument with 25 mics, each one occupying multiple groups. For each one, I know I can ui_control / disallow irrelevant groups and allow groups for the given mic, and that works fine. But when it comes to activating multiple solo buttons, I don't know how to go about it efficiently. How does this work? Is there something that scans what solo buttons are activated each time a new solo button is engaged, and 'automatically' continues to allow previously allowed groups, without turning them off as a solo button would otherwise suggest?

Please let me know what types of commands I could start looking into for this. thanks in advance
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