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MP´3 URLs / links are getting converted into MEDIA=audio tags while not working correctly


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Hey there,

I just tried to post some MP3 links in a forum thread and saw that the system converted my links into MEDIA=audio BB Code tags. Not that bad, but: it did not work well. The links weren't there, but instead it was the V.I. Control forum header ... like it would load an iFrame or so. Or is it just me? I'll post an example here:

First I just post a link without formatting it in any way:

This is how it looks like in the preview on my end:


I can make the link working, when I format it into a URL=http... tag manually. But I cannot have the .mp3 ending then, otherwise it will get converted into the MEDIA tag again. E.g. I can make it become this:

End Of Grief without .mp3 ending

Is this behaviour intended?

Thanks for your help! (=
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