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Looking to hire a music composer and sound designer for an indie game


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We are looking to hire a music composer and sound designer for a game we are making. If you are good at making JRPG music we would love to talk to you. We are a small indie studio consisting of me and an artist. We are currently in the process of interviewing a few people. Please pm your rate per minute of music in USD, your portfolio/soundcloud and your Discord username. Me and the artist will review your portfolio and I will reach out to you on Discord if we like your portfolio and rate.


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David O Obaniyi

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Good Afternoon, Jon. My name is David Obaniyi and I'm a music composer for films and video games.

I read your VI-Control post about you needing a music composer for your JRPG game. I'd like to be that composer to join your team. If you haven't made a decision on a composer yet?

I'd like to know what's the rate that you can work with for this particular project? I charge flat rate for each track($35 to $50 per track) and my Discord username is David Obaniyi#2379

Here's a link to my work:

[contact details removed by moderator]

Let me know what you think? and hope you have a wonderful day too. :)
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Dear Jon,

My name is Suzie and I have composed and worked on a variety of sound design and scoring. As someone whose favorite genre of game is JRPGs, I would love to lend my services to your project. I normally charge a rate of $50.00 per minute of music and will leave a link to my most recent portfolio below.

My discord handle is SuzieCalarco #5469 and I can provide any other information that you may want at my address [removed by moderator]

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Suzie Calarco
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yohan jager

Video game composer
Hi, My name is Yohan Jager, take a look at my soundcloud and tell me if my style would fit :

[contact details removed by moderator]

Hope to have news from you,

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I feel like those first replies were by bots of some kind, they searched for job queries like that all over internet and reply with the same generic message.


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You can only post links to your portofiolo, soundcloud, etc ... by replying directly to that message. Private message doesn't allow to add : www. https:// @gmail.com and stuff like that.
Sorry about that. That was part of our anti-spam measures.

I have adjusted it now so that anybody can send private messages after posting once on the forum. So in future, one could post "PM'ing you" to the thread, and then proceed to PM them, keeping all of their contact details private.
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The job is filled. Thank you for all that applied. We don't have a lot of money so we went for composers whose rates were really low but still had decent music in their portfolio.
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