Looking for composer for Indie horror game [FOUND]

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  1. Drakie79

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    Dec 19, 2018

    I'm a solo part time indie game developer and I have been working on a vampire adventure dungeon crawler game called "Small town thirst" You play as a criminal on the run that finds shelter in a church located in a deserted small town, he soon discovers he must face a large colony of vampires that live underneath the town.

    I am looking for an experienced composer that can do a few tracks for the game, I am looking for a dark vibe, something that feels like "John carpenter's -the thing/prince of darkness" or "uncanny valley game" 80ish vibe
    Something atmospheric, eerie dark, claustrophobic that will capture the feel of the game

    # Intro track (+/- 1 minute)
    # main menu theme (+/- 1 minute)
    # Boardgame / labyrinth movement track 1 (+/- 1/2 minutes)
    # Boardgame /labyrinth movement track 2 (+/- 1/2 minutes)
    # Fighting scene track (+/- 1 minute)
    # Cutscene (+/- 30 seconds)
    # Trading scene with other survivors (+/- 30 seconds)

    You will get your hands on the alpha build of the game with all the information that is needed.
    Timeframe would be 2 months (Till end of januari)

    Anyone interested in doing this please email your work/samples/demo and rates to

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  2. OP

    Drakie79 New Member

    Dec 19, 2018
    Thank you all for your e-mail, it blew me away how many talented people emailed me, sorry if I did not answer everybody.

    The Job is taken.

    Thanks you all again.

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