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Kontakt Updates (current version: 6.6.1)


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This sounds like they updated their scripts by overwriting the old script, yet kept the same exact NKR. So any old projects would link to the newest script, but if there were structural changes in the instruments themselves (i.e. groups, effects, modulators added or removed), this will break horribly.

There are two proper ways of dealing with this situation:

1. Make your update a completely new NKR and make only the updated NKIs point to it. Old NKIs (from old DAW projects etc) still point to the old NKR. This is what NI does when they update their libraries
2. Make your scripts and assets with different filenames per product update, keeping the singular NKR in your library. This way old NKIs (from old DAW projects etc) still point to the old scripts and assets, and freshly loaded updated NKIs also get what they need. This is what I do for the most part.
Thanks for shedding some light on what the issue might be ED. I realize it's a guess without being able to look at the script yourself, but hopefully AI can retrace some of what you've written and figure out if it's that, or related in some way.... Appreciate you offering some ideas of what may have happened... Cheers!

Zhao Shen

The issue is more than Cubase is not playing nicely with Kontakt (especially with ASIO Guard enabled) when resolving samples. From my knowledge, Kontakt team did what they could to circumvent the issue, the ball is in Steinberg's court now.
Hmmm weird. Is there no way to resolve this on Kontakt's side? Was wondering since I've seen this issue reported across multiple DAWs, not just Cubase. AFAIK this wasn't happening before the missing sample loading process was updated.
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