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Kontakt Tonal Chords Script Question


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Hello folks, I hope all is well wherever you are at this moment.
I am trying to modify the Kontakt factory script - Chord Tonal,
but my lack of music theory knowledge has me stumped.
I would like to properly display the chord names and add a few chords myself,
but I can only decipher the 1-3-5 chords as a Major Triad.
Any help in the correct naming the following would be appreciated:

Also, it seems there are more chord options in the non-tonal version of this script,
if I am already using the Constrain to scale script, would the chosen chords correctly
comply to the chosen scale?
Asking this I just realized it may be easier to modify the non tonal version as the chord patterns are simpler to understand.

Thanks in advance!


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OK, after some Googling, this is what I have come up with:

declare %tonal_chord_types[13*4] := (0,0,0,0, 8,0,0,0, 3,0,0,0, 5,0,0,0, 3,5,0,0, 3,6,0,0, 4,6,0,0, 4,5,0,0, 4,7,0,0, 5,8,0,0, 2,5,0,0, 3,5,6,0, 3,5,7,0,) declare !harmo_names[13] !harmo_names[0] := "Off" !harmo_names[1] := "Octave" !harmo_names[2] := "Third" !harmo_names[3] := "Fifth" !harmo_names[4] := "Triad"{1-3-5} !harmo_names[5] := "Triad 1st Inversion" { 1-3-6} !harmo_names[6] := "Triad 2nd Inversion"{1-4-6 } !harmo_names[7] := "Suspended 4th"{1-4-5} !harmo_names[8] := "Major 7th Suspended 4th"{1-4-7} !harmo_names[9] := "Fifth+ Octave" {1-5-8 } !harmo_names[10] := "Suspended 2nd" {1-2-5} !harmo_names[11] := "Major 6" {1-3-5-6} !harmo_names[12] := "Major 7" {1-3-5-7}

Can anyone confirm that the chord names are correct?
Thanks in advance!


Since these are diatonic and work on any step of the scale, you don't know for certain that a third or a sixth is major or minor so 8, 11, and 12 should not say "Major". Similarly with the fourth or second or seventh. You don't know the function unless you know on what step it's played.

It's tricky. I think I see why NI avoided naming the chords.

EDIT I also just noticed you can change the scale, so this naming method really isn't going to work.
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