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JXL's Godzilla vs King Kong

Karl Feuerstake

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I specifically criticized his music and writing, not the person which I don't know him on a personal level and even said he seemed like a nice guy. You may disagree with my opinion about his music or how I put it but that's just it, my opinion about Tom's music, not Tom the person. Please don't turn this thread into another silly drama thread.

It's perfectly fine to dislike something and criticize it. Film music is no exception, comes with the territory, I'm sure everyone involved is mature enough and can take it. And no you won't burn any bridges, quite the contrary, every serious composer I know values honesty. Saves a lot of money!
I think by this point, TH has a certain sound for action movies that is just recognizeable and huge. That you don't like it is fine, but it goes without saying that when someone hires TH on a film like this it's because they want that sound, and they expect it to be delivered. He's good at what he does and people want him to do more.

Most of the composers you listed above are still alive and working. Why weren't they brought on board?


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Man, I don't get why some people say the movie was crap.

It was one of the best blockbusters in recent memory. It had way better screenplay than I ever expected. I liked all the human storylines (the Bobby Millie Brown team was so funny, in a real funny way, not stupid cringy marvel one-liners way, and the little girl with Kong story was so heart melting) and I liked how nicely they intertwined them.
The fights were incredible! You could feel the weight and awesomeness of those creatures and all the action was so creative and well designed. The camera work, the CGI, loved it. The film was well paced even thought it could have been longer, it flew by really fast. (I heard there was a longer, and story-wise rather different!, version but WB wanted the movie to be shorter and more streamlined... eh, I hate when WB meddle with the filmmakers so much. I'd love to see the original version for sure.)

As for the score, I think JXL's getting better, he definitely tries to step up his composing.
I know this is a sci-fi film, but I don't link Godzilla or Kong with that many synths. Dunno, I have a kinda old-school mindset regarding this. I feel like synths should be in the background, more as effects than instruments, and the orchestra more upfront when you score Kong or Godzilla. That Tasman Sea fight was such a synth-fest. :grin: I'd also change the drums sound. All the JXL's stuff starts to sound like Mad Max. I liked when he used timpani or a bass drum instead of the typical drum ensemble barrage.
I still think Desplat's theme was a great new Godzilla theme and don't know why the franchise has disregarded it.

I think GvK and Godzilla 2014 are easily the best films in the american franchise. Hope we can get more monsterverse films from Adam Wingard or Gareth Edwards.

I think it's a giant mistake to dismiss anyone even moderately successful musically. Everyone has slightly different experiences and influences - If you think you can't learn something that you can apply to your own work from someone like tom then you're doing yourself a disservice.

Beethoven made one of the most Iconic motifs with 2 different notes.

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If anything - the greats like williams tend to make the absolute simplest melodic ideas into something incredible - something both followable and digestible - but also interesting. Tom tends to fill the sound field with more sound design/larger sections than orchestrators typically would, but his music follows the same rules - 1-2 things at a time, clear ideas.
Yea, Williams and Beethoven used simple ideas, but they were able to build up such compositions out of them we can only dream of.
So I don't think this analogy works well...
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