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Junkie XL Brass? - Staypuft "demo" spinoff

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Yeah, I vehemently disagree with trying to get someone’s private email from a third party forum in order to look up on your company’s database if they’ve paid for a library. What kind of CIA nonsense is that? This isn’t some witch-hunt. SA aren’t the police. There are Data Protection laws in place for a reason.

I’m not sure where that gets you anyway even if you could prove he bought BBCSO.
Agreed. For the record, neither we nor Spitfire have ever suggested doing anything like this.


Luke Johnson
yes this is a real problem for us devs - it’s so hard to see someone clearly lying or with a massively hidden agenda when they are trashing your products and not really be able to call them out on it!

it happens annoyingly often, which I guess is why so many devs abandon fora.

It must be exhausting. Your libraries are some of the best ever released. I will always recommend them and praise them to people if they are looking for something that I think SA would be a good fit for them. The internet has given an unearned and unpoliced Microphone to, well, everyone with a connection. It’s the easiest gig anyone can perform.


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I've always noticed that when some people get a little enthusiastic about any company, especially one as prolific as SA, it does tend to bring out the crazies. Then the enthusiastic ones may go a little overboard causing the crazies to get crazier....

And I do notice that even though Paul and Christian don't comment much on the problems with the player, Spitfire Support has been quite active on the thread trying to offer what help and suggestions they can without being able to deal with specifics on a forum. It's not like the Sine player isn't having some issues also. It's to be expected on any new software frankly.


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Apologies for resurrecting this thread, but for the love of god did anyone find out what soundtrack the "wip_The_Staircase" fake mockup staypuft posted is actually from?

I've tried content id'ing it and get no result. I've been coming back and listening to it over and over throughout the years. I NEED to know what it's from...


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José Herring

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Oh man, I finally found the Staypuft thread that people talk about around here.

Hard to believe that some didn't know that that's a live brass section. Just the variety of attacks alone is enough to be a dead giveaway. The the amount of motion in the sustains and the variety of expressive releases. Only humans playing in the moment can do that. Great sounding orchestra though.

Why he did this will forever be a mystery. What did he have to gain? So many unanswered questions. Like is Staypuft now sequestered on an island somewhere with no extradition treaty? Does he do all his financial transactions in crypto currancy to conceal his whereabouts? Will Staypuft ever return to give us "demos" of Sonikinetics Strings played by the LSO? Is he secretly recording the NewYork Phil in preparation for Abby Road's modular series releases? So may questions.
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