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Invert slider mouse behaviour


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Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help with a custom slider mouse behaviour issue - I need to invert the mouse down/up behavior...

I have a slider set up as a knob with three values as below, and my graphics are a reverse animation (with the default position on the right) and the mouse needs to increase the values with a down motion (not up). I'm not sure if any $CONTROL_PAR_MOUSE_BEHAVIOUR setting can do this. I've also tried reversing the declare ui_slider values (2,0) but didn't work. Any help much appreciated thanks!

declare ui_slider $Aknob(0,2)
$Aknob := 0
set_control_par_str(get_ui_id($Aknob), $CONTROL_PAR_PICTURE, "tuneknob1b")
set_control_par(get_ui_id($Aknob), $CONTROL_PAR_MOUSE_BEHAVIOUR, -2500)


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Hi, thanks I solved this by creating another variable with inverted values.
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