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For Sale FS. Madrona, PA, Melda, DDMF; Kontakt libraries from Soundiron, Embertone; Reverbs from Eventide, Exponential Audio


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All prices in $US
I delete items as they are sold to reduce clutter
Note, if there are delays responding to you it is because I am switching to being online only a couple of days a week now. Probably Monday and Friday
Eventide Ultrareverb 50 plus ilok fee
Exponential audio, no ilok
Nimbus 70
R2 30

Plugin Alliance
I will consider bundle offers on these

Unfiltered Audio Indent 2 $10
Unfiltered Audio TRIAD $20
Unfiltered Audio LION $20
DS Audio Thorn $20

(you pay the transfer fee but using vouchers and coupons and whatever it is possible to reduce the fees)

Melda Cheaper than Melda's 50% off sales - these are your prices, I pay all fees
MSuperLooper $58
MCombMB $35

IIEQpro $20

Madrona labs
Kaivo $65

Soundiron has a % fee the buyer pays. I have included that fee in brackets after my charge so you can see what your total is if you add the two together.

Zitherette $10 (4.50)
Whale Drum $15 (6.00)
Waterharp v2 $15 (9.00)
Voice of Gaia – Bryn $15 (18.00)
The Musique Box $10 (6.00)
Rust 1 v2.0 $7 (7.50)
Riq Drum v2 $10 (7.50)
Olympus Elements Player Edition $ 10 (25.00)
Mercury Elements Player Edition $ 10 (25.00)
Little Epic Percussion $7 (4.50)
Drumcorps_v2 $10 (7.50)
Drinking Piano $15 (11.00)
Dhol Drum $15 (9.00)
Cube $7 (6.00)

There is no fee for Embertone transfers. I have put these at around half price plus $2 for paypal
Body Percussion Ensemble $10
Crystal Flute $12 sold
The Charmer $12
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