Experienced Composer Available


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Hi, I'm an experienced (and award winning) composer looking for more film projects for 2019- Happy to work for IMDb credit only for the right film/project :)


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I'd love to imagine a situation where someone signs up into an architect discussion forum just to tell that he's experienced, awesome and will do blueprints for your new house for free if you just recommend him to the others later.


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@joyofmusic - I want to be a nice human being, really I do. In case the thread discourages you from further activity here...

It’s tough for me to try and help you out because your info is a mystery, and usually it’s helpful if you post an introduction FIRST, with some way to see your work history and stuff. And I think it’s the unsaid rule that everyone would like to see more projects, especially the kind that moves your career forward, hence the sarcasm (it’s gonna just come out, even from the well heeled ones here)

I see you posted you’re a woman, and the industry could use better representation by the fairer kind. It takes guts to put yourself out there, and I want to take this opportunity to welcome you here and hopefully the VIControl braintrust will be better for your input, and hell, you might even learn something new yourself.

So in case it’s been overlooked, welcome to the forum and hope you find all the success you seek in your travels.


(ps-but I was serious about the M&M’s)