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Cubase vs Reaper for composing. Is the grass greener?

Any action initiated in the event rectangle is handled by the "cc event edit" context/settings. To get the actual "ignore selection" from the cc lane context, you have to click outside of a selected event.
You can't have a draw tool (like in envelope lane) which overwrites anything underneath it, regardless of selection, and that exact thing is causing much friction.
If I understand correctly what you want to do, this should work: set the default left-drag action in *both* contexts, MIDI CC lane and MIDI CC event, to the same action, "Draw/edit CC events ignoring selection". (You can also set shift+leftdrag in both contexts to "Draw/edit CC events ignoring snap and selection" to draw smooth curves without snapping to grid.)

Ivan M.

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Tried again, and this time was able to configure it to work for most use cases. So 90% of the problem was me, and not reaper. Should have explored the settings more thoroughly before complaining, sorry cocos team, now I feel bad. Not to digress the thread anymore, I'll stop here.


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I too have bounced around several DAWs over the years. Yet I always seem to go back to Cubase. However, I do think it might be that I have worked with it so long that it seems to be what looks and feels "right".

That said, I like Logic, but my Mac hardware is aging. Had the Mac Pro not taken so long to refresh, I might have gone that route 3 years ago.

I am giving Reaper a serious try again. I know if I "had" to use it all the time, I would get comfortable and likely fall in love with all it's flexibility. I just have not stuck with it long enough in the past to get there.

I am sure it is subjective hearing, but it seems to my ears that Reaper sounds better than Cubase...richer, more open? I don't know. Maybe it's wishful thinking?
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