Cubase - Keyswitching between different plug-ins/plug-in instances

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  1. blizzard

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    Jul 15, 2007
    Oh Yikes. So it looks like I'm not going to be able to have Pro Tools running with Transmidifier and VEPRO then...that really sucks.

    Sorry to bring Pro Tools into this Cubase thread! Hard to get info on some of this stuff other places.

    Since you know best Brian, is it possible at all to have a midi setup like this?

    Pro Tools MIDI -> Transmidifier ->VEPRO - This would be using ipMIDI (

    This would bypass the need for a passthrough midi track (input monitor) right?

    Then have VEPRO send it's audio back to Pro Tools?

    I currently have a setup that is using ADAT to get my slave stems back to Pro Tools but really need more than the 4 stereo channels.

    And then to top it all off, I want to have TouchOSC controlling my keyswitches, which is a whole new beast to wrestle!!!

    Thanks for any advice,
  2. bwherry

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    Hey Andrew,

    I think the VEPro server (or "instance", whatever they call it) has an option to use "external" MIDI ports. So you might be able to have a Kontakt instance in VEPro receive MIDI from one of those "external" (ie not directly from the VEPro client) MIDI ports - but the audio would still be routed back over ethernet to the VEPro client. It's worth a shot, and wouldn't require input monitor enabled MIDI "passthrough" tracks. Try asking or searching the forum (and the web) for VEPro server external MIDI port use.


  3. Mahlon

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    Jan 1, 2006

    I'm setting up TransMIDIfier exactly as your tutorial pictures on the first page of this thread (actually TransMIDIfier 2) since it's been a while since I've touched it.

    I'm using Cubase with VE Pro on a slave, and I've created my test file exactly as you have in the pictures. But one weird thing is going on with my passthrough channel input. The only way I can get MIDI to flow to the slave and have sound come back is by having the passthrough channel's input set to the equivalent IN and OUT ports in Cubase. Does that makes sense?

    In other words, instead of like in your picture where the MIDI passthrough is receiving input from the first channel in your IN Ports in Cubase, I'm having to set mine not to the first IN Port, but to the equivalent IN Port that matches the OUT port in Cubase that the violins midi track outputting to.

    So in my case, I've got the Violins track outputting to loopMIDI Port 17 (Cubase OUT port going into TransMIDIfier), and I've got the passthrough tracks input set to loopMIDI Port 17 (Cubase's INPUT port). This is the only way I can get it to work. If I use loopMIDI Port 01 (Cubase INPUT), data goes through to TransMIDIfier, but it doesn't reach the slave.

    Sorry for the long description; it's hard to talk about these things accurately. If you understand what I've described, I'd love to hear why this is happening if you know.


    EDIT: I believe I've been able to get everything set up correctly now. Don't know why it wasn't working before, but i'm still having problems with the key switches not working. Opened a new thread in just for that in Virtual Studio Production
  4. bwherry

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    I was about to suggest that the MIDI track in Cubase might be outputting to the same loopMIDI port on which the MIDI "passthrough" track is receiving its input (effectively bypassing TransMIDIfier) but based on the other thread it looks like you've got it sorted out... Yay!

  5. simyoda

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    Mar 23, 2014
    Hi guys!
    This is my first post on V.I Control so i apologize for being a noobie.

    I'm trying to setup Transmidifier with a mac mini running pro tools 10 as master and a PC Slave running Kontakt Instances in Ve Pro 5.

    I'm really hoping someone can show me how they use transmidifier in action via pictures or a youtube video tutorial.

    I've read through this forum page but unfortunately as it is mainly Cubase and Logic specific i'm still confused how to get Transmidifier running in my Pro Tools setup.I need help setting up all the midi inputs and outputs etc. and getting that to include Ve Pro 5 while communicating with Transmidifier.

    I haven't installed it yet as i want to make sure i understand how it works first.I'm not quite sure how the IAC thing works as well with running virtual cables etc.

    I'm hanging to get this happening with an orchestral template but may need some help if anyone has time to show me some tips.It would be great do see how it works once everything is setup.I'm pretty sure even if i got it working i'd still be slightly confused on how to do all the midi programming and switching which is why a live interactive video or pic series would help.

    Here are some questions i've got.

    - Once it's setup how do you manage the keyswitching? Or do you use Program Changes?
    - What process is involved with doing all the switching on a sequencer track? Do you use automation?
    - How do you correctly label all your Transmidifier tracks for a large template?
    - Does Transmidifier implement a midi chase option so no matter where you are in your track, It will trigger the correct keyswitch on the timeline?
    - How do i use external midi from Ve Pro 5?
    - What does all the midi passthrugh setup mean?

    Look forward to hearing from someone out there.
    Thanks Guys and Happy New Year
    Simon _-) o-[][]-o

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