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Cubase 12 Your Expectations


I'm a Nuendo 11 user, but what I need most in Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12 is Multi-Mono plug-in support. In multichannel this is really necessary.
And when using an external device panel, it would be very happy if it was recalled like VST. Automated recording of external devices is very inconvenient and silly.
The external device panel can configure all CC and UI that can already control the device, but it is a waste that it can only be used as a remote control without a recall function.
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I hope they add (send to multiple bus/group) option. It would be really useful for parallel processing. It is about time they also keep mixing workflows in mind and pay attention to mix console feature requests, while working on the next iteration of Cubase.


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Ableton Link!
I've been using Cubase for a long time. Unfortunately, every time with the last upgrades I was disappointed that no Ableton Link was included.

Cubase together with MASCHINE, iPads, AKAI devices, and yes, sorry, Ableton Live on another computer, everything in the same tempo. Oh what would that be beautiful!
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