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Cons of Spitfire Percussion (by Joby Burgess)?


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I can't honestly see any downsides (aside from folks who want drier libraries) The Jobe Burgess Library is one of those magical gems that very infrequently comes along in ones lifetime. (Like loegria-Albion II).
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Is there a triangle roll? I couldn't find one. I had to break out my ancient Project SAM TS1 last time I needed it.


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It's beautiful if you need traditional orchestral percussion, like the Air Studios hall sound, and don't need a dry sound. The close mics are still wet and the library really shines when letting the hall shine. If that suits you and you're restricted to that price point, I'd say it's totally worth it, though if you can wait, you could grab it on Black Friday sale.
Totally agree with you
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