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Can Anyone help ?

ed buller

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Hi Peeps

Does anyone else have this problem. For the last three months The following software has intermittently doubled in size on each saving. Dorico ,Cubase and VSL Ensemble . So I launch a session. Then re-save after doing nothing...and twice the size. !!!!

WTF ??




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Can you please share information about your computer and operating system, perhaps it could help.
Thinking also about software like antivirus that can modify many things.
One thing you can also try is to use your software with a newly created user to see if you still have the problem.


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Hi Ed,

That is messed up. What the hell changed before you noticed this, any major upgrades..., Win11?
Also, (just to cover the basics) what's your setup like, are you using instrument tracks or rack instruments in your template and did you accidentally forget to decouple a few of your VEPro instances?
If you've checked all of this I think Gil may be right and you should run a thorough antivirus scan. Hope it's not that, though.

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