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Bioscape vs NI’s ‘Light trilogy


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For anyone that has both or has used both, what are your thoughts?

I’ve had Lunaris for quite some time now so I’m familiar with Luftrum’s quality. Also, it doesn’t seem like there is too much overlap between Lunaris and Bioscape.

Since there is no way to demo Bioscape, I’m trying to get a feel for it while the current sale continues so any/all thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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i have had both before as he let me pay off in instalments , if you are a good payer and he knows that he may do that deal for you worth asking him follow him on insta or something , bioscape is way more soundscapes and more for films the pads are a bit thinner but it sounds lush but is way more for film composers i would say than lunaris , i have had to sell both because i needed the money but i would want lunaris back the only problem is lunaris is way more of a cpu hog , im gonna inbox you with some more details


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I really like Straylight. That's the one I use the most. It's like $200 bucks for all 3 instruments. I think I got Bioscape for $100 bucks. I use Bioscape a lot too.

Starylight and Bioscape are a couple of my favorite instruments. If you made me choose one I'd take the NI instruments but it's more a matter of taste not a knock on quality. There is more range on the NI instruments but the Bioscape stuff has great samples too, and has a great engine. Both engines allow you to import your own samples.
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