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‘Working on Sample Data Cache. Please wait…’ hanging error in Kontakt 5 and VEPro 6 in LPX


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Currently battling a new issue on my locally-hosted VEPro template connected to LPX (latest versions of everything) on my MBP running Catalina. I'm struggling to work out what's causing it.

Basically, I'm getting a dialogue box appear when Logic enables a track after clicking it saying: "Working on Sample Data Cache. Please wait…" and a couple of Kontakt loading boxes appear for Ivy Audio - Carpenter Trombone and Olympus Elements. Screenshot attached. These boxes never go away, and none of my Kontakt samples will load so I have to force quit and reload everything. Sometimes VEPro will completely freeze, too. This does not appear to be an issue with my PC Server over ethernet connected to the exact same project running some Kontakt and Play instances. I'm wondering if it's perhaps an AU vs VST thing?

VEPro Working on Sample Data Cache hang.png

I think it started when I began using Logic's disable tracks without midi data function. Before that, I had regions on each track which enabled/disabled the VEPro instance using CC data, but that was causing my large Logic template to CPU overload as all of the tracks were considered 'active' in Logic. Deleting the enable/disable shortcut regions more than quartered my CPU usage, but then I started getting this issue in my local VEPro server on my MacBook Pro.

I haven't got any virus software running on the machine. This was flagged as a potential fix on another forum a while back.

I have (painstakingly!) batch resaved all of my Kontakt instruments to no avail. So I think it's linked to Logic trying to connect to the VEPro instance (locally) when I click on the track in Logic, but I’m not 100% sure. Or it's an AU issue. Or perhaps all or none of the above...!
The issue occurs whether I open the VEPro file from 'Open Recent' or 'Open' and select it manually.

Has anyone else come across this and successfully resolved it? Apparently VSL and NI are aware of the issue but haven't managed to get to the bottom of it. I've seen a few posts on forums online but very few with actual resolutions, so I'm not optimistic.

OS Catalina 10.15.7
LPX 10.6.1
VEPro 6.5.18947
Kontakt 5.8.1
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