1. Ben

    Upgrade Your Summer - Up to 50% Off Upgrades - Free Prime Edition Expansion

    This month you can get up to 50% off upgrades from Standard to Full (VI and Synchron Series)! Are you new to VSL and don't know were to start? Or do you want to get more out of your notation software in combination with NotePerformer 4? We're offering a 25% discount on Prime Edition - a great...
  2. T

    CLOSED 4 vouchers x 50 of VSL (SOLD)

    I am selling 4 vouchers of €50 by Vienna Shimphonic Library. Finally I am not going to buy any VSL library. I sell them for €150, which was the price I paid in the last 3+1 promotion. Vouchers are alphanumeric codes that are written during the purchase process in the VSL store, reducing the...
  3. manuhz

    For Sale Vienna MIR PRO 3D + Full Roompack 3D Bundle

    I'm selling my full bundle wich includes MIR Pro 3D and all the 7 Roompacks (iLok version). Actual official price: 2.025 € My price: 1.500 € I'm asumming the VSL license handling fee. Feel free to PM
  4. Ben

    Up to 40% Off the entire Dimension Series

    The Dimension Series is something very special: we recorded strings (and brass) in detail and with a lot of articulations in a way that allows you to control each player individually, if you want. The sections were recorded in the same room at the same time, so you will get a section sound...
  5. Ben

    Up to 42% Off Big Bang Orchestra + Promo Code

    Save on all of Big Bang Orchestra! From Andromeda to Zodiac, these libraries offer a wide variaty of sounds: From small sections to huge orchestrations, from intimate and ethereal to wild and bombastic. And if you get BBO: Andromeda now you will receive a promo code for 20% off your next...
  6. Ben

    [new] SYNCHRON-ized Percussion

    Finally: SYNCHRON-ized Percussion. Let's start with the impressive instrument list (each section is available as a separate subcollection): - Timpani: Timpani A, Timpani B - Drums: Snare drum A, Snare drum B, Snare drum ensemble, Piccolo drum, Field drum A, Field drum B, Bass drum A, Bass drum...
  7. Ben

    Synchron Smart Series up to 50% off

    Save 40% on Smart Series Libraries, or get/complete the entire bundle to save 50%! https://www.vsl.co.at/Starter_Editions/Vienna_Smart_Series This library places a large 140-piece orchestra right under your fingertips! Play all the sections and lead instruments at once or separately, spread out...
  8. Ben

    [new] SYNCHRON-ized Saxophones

    Our next library is here: SYNCHRON-ized Saxophones 5 instruments, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass Saxophones, recorded at Silent Stage Vienna. Out-of-the-box these instruments are ready to use, but you can also disable the included IR reverb to get the original VI sound within the new and...
  9. M

    SCS or SStS Pro to complement VSL Synchron Strings Pro?

    I already have VSL Synchron Strings Pro, but I'd like to add divisi to it. It seems that SStPro have great devisi options, and its dry sound could let me blend it with Synchron Strings Pro fairly easily. Do you guys think it'd be a better choice than SCS? Would SCS be hard to blend with The...
  10. ILIO_Official

    ILIO Hosts Giveaway: Win Synchron Prime Edition from Vienna Symphonic Library!

    ILIO Hosts Giveaway: “Win Synchron Prime Edition from Vienna Symphonic Library!” Westlake Village, CA, March 16, 2023—Leading distributor of virtual instruments and audio processing software ILIO is hosting an opportunity to win everything you need to create stunning orchestral arrangements...
  11. F

    Dorico 4 / staccato playback & playback templates

    I am using the Dorico 4 Pro trial version in combination with VSL Synchron Prime and I have a few questions: 1, Staccato Playback I have a strange issue in Dorico 4. It seems that the staccato playback is not selected as "playing technique", even though it is notated with the correct symbol...
  12. Ben

    Apple Silicon - Synchron Player now available

    We have just released an Apple Silicon version of our Synchron Player. To get it, open the Vienna Assistant and install the available updates. But not only will users of an M1/M2 system profit from this update. We had to update huge parts of our engine resulting in more performance for all...
  13. Ben

    Up to 40% Off String Libraries

    Save up to 40% on all Synchron, SYNCHRON-ized, and Big Bang Orchestra string libraries, plus Synchron Harp, only through April 3. Check out the discounts here: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/2023-03_Strings_Special You might get additional upgrade discounts on the product pages, just make sure...
  14. Ben

    [New] SYNCHRON-ized Harps

    The legendary VI Harps are now available as a SYNCHRON-ized library. This library includes two harps, with different articulations and pre-recorded performances, now available for the Synchron Player. Available here for € 95 (reg: € 145): https://www.vsl.co.at/Synchron_Series/SYzd_Harps You...
  15. D

    A music video tribute to Ukraine

    I wrote the piece, After It's Over, for Violin, Cello, and Piano, last year, with the intent to make a music video. The subject matter needs no explanation. We all have our own way of coping with/trying to make sense of tragedy. For me, writing music and in this case, creating a short "film"...
  16. bbrylow

    The Sampleist presents The Spotlight Series - VSL 20th Anniversary Sale Review Part 2

    In this second episode of our new Spotlight Series with Pete Checkley we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Vienna Symphonic Library with a walk-through and “Composing With” video of the VI series as well as the Synchron-ized and Dimension series instruments using MIR Pro 3D and the new MIR 3D...
  17. Ofeeeeelia

    More realistic and classical vibes?

    Hi, I wanna discuss with you guys a little bit about orchestral library. I'm gonna buy new library (money is not a concern) and I'm looking for the best. So far my choices are between: EASTWEST HO OPUS ED - seems really good, don't know about the brass maybe they don't convince me a lot...
  18. Ben

    Vienna Composer Contest

    --- Original Post: --- Check out the conditions and sign up here: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/ViennaComposerContest Good luck! Ben
  19. P

    CLOSED [SOLD] VSL Yamaha CFX - Standard Library version

    VSL Synchron Yamaha CFX - Standard Library version. Sell for 150 EUR by Paypal, I will pay the transfer fees of 50€ for ILOK. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks.
  20. Ben

    Vienna Composer Contest - Free Small Percussion

    Record your music at Synchron Stage Vienna and break into the world of production music! 20 years ago we released our first sample libraries and, to celebrate this anniversary, we’re running a competition in collaboration with production music label 2nd Foundation Music. Prizes range from 12 x...
  21. Abraham

    41 tracks for 191 paintings (Prado Museum) made with four low-cost VSL libraries: Smart Spheres... [YouTube Videos]

    This is a project that sets to music episodes from the Life of Jesus as they appear in the New Testament. At first, only Smart Spheres (symphonic explorations) and Regulus (FX strings) were used and several tracks are just that. Later on, I also brought to the musical canvas Lyra (high strings)...
  22. Ben

    Up to 40% Off VI Series, SYNCHRON-ized Libraries and MIR Products

    20 years ago, our first library, the fabulous “First Edition”, was finally available. 93GB of data, delivered on DVDs - including 160,200 samples, meticulously recorded and edited. Since 2003, we produced more then 10 million samples and many new products - like the new RoomPack 7 - Grosses...
  23. bbrylow

    Review VSL Synchron Fazioli 308 Piano

    Thanks to the wonderful folks at Vienna Symphonic Library we bring you this composing review of the Synchron Fazioli 308 piano by Dan Couper. VSL did provide us with a copy of the library for review.
  24. Wlad

    Emotional Dramatic Music - A Familiar Sentiment

    Dear friends, I have released my newest piece! This elegy was inspired by all the lament and tragedy the war can bring upon everyone. The composition reflects the sentimental recollection of all the memories one had, moments before the inevitable...
  25. Ben

    Synchron Brass on Sale + Free Lyrical Legato for Solo Horn 1+2

    Synchron Brass is on sale! And we added a free bonus patch for both solo horns: Lyrical Legato. Get Synchron Brass for just € 335 (Standard; reg: €575) / € 495 (Full; reg: €790) here (Make sure to take full advantage of our 3+1 Voucher Special for the biggest savings)...
  26. J

    VSL with Komplete Kontrol keyboard

    It appears that you must run Komplete Kontrol software and have your instruments living inside that in order to get the NKS features on the keyboard, which is annoying but I've come to terms with it. However, as a recent VSL devotee, I loved the idea of the sound variations connection that...
  27. DarkShinryu

    Final Fantasy Tactics - Night Attack (VSL Synchron)

    Hello! After the black friday frenzy it's time to actually make some music. I've changed my mastering process a bit now that I have gullfoss and the god particle, all I'm using are those plus kush clariphonic to add a bit of sparkle. Overall I don't have any major complaint about how this one...
  28. Ben

    [New] Synchron Fazioli F308

    It took us weeks, recording 24/7, to capture this beautiful and large piano with all the finest detail in Stage A of our Synchron Stage Vienna. And after that months to edit all the recorded samples, but now it's here: Synchron Fazioli F308 11 mic positions, letting you dial in the sound you...
  29. Ben

    VSL 3+1 Voucher 2022 / Synchron Harp Free 30 days Demo!

    Get your vouchers here: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/2022-12_Vienna_Voucher Put 4 vouchers in your basket, and you will only have to pay for 3. Keep in mind that you can cash in the voucher only in the webshop where you bought it! All Best from Vienna - Ben
  30. Emanuel Fróes

    VEP instances not loading in a "logical" order ?? (Logic Pro)

    When I want to be sure I load information from LOGIC to VEP, VEP does load the instruments randomly, but not in the order that appears in LOGIC, as any orchestral score. To handle this i could also plug each instance one by one in the order I want, but this is insane for 40 instances. Is there...
  31. Ben

    Now Live: VSL Black Friday Sales up to 50% Off

    Vienna Ensemble Pro will be available at its lowest price ever! It’s the first time Synchron Strings Pro is included with our Black Friday Offers, at an unprecedented discount of 38%! Choose from all of our concert grands sampled on the large Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna. All of our releases...
  32. B

    Poll: Favorite orchestral libraries

    So I'm still trying to decide what library to get, and with Black Friday coming up I figured if better hurry. Heres what I'm looking at: BBCSO Pro Definitely a great library, but more oriented towards classical type scores, which is great, but not exactly what I'm going for East West HOOPE...
  33. Ben

    Synchron Prime Edition 25% Off - Free Divisimate Template

    November is here, and this is your chance to save big while diving into the sonic world of Synchron Stage with a fantastic all-in-one package. All essential instruments and articulations of our more extensive Synchron Series collections in a resource-friendly 65 GB orchestration powerhouse...
  34. Eloy

    Dracula 1931 original using Big Bang Orchestra - VSL

    I would like to share ( see below link) Dracula..... an original score to the 1931 Dracula movie masterpiece. VSL -Big Bang Orchestra video and How I did it! Enjoy and let me know your thoughts. Thank you, Eloy Sherlock
  35. A

    For Sale VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 + MIR 3D RoomPack 2

    Hello! I'm also selling these two licences (40% off) - Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 (117€) - MIR 3D RoomPack 2 - Studios & Stages (189€) ***SOLD*** I'm also selling these two licences as a bundle for 255 € (50% off) VSL has approved the sale. Payment by PayPal. Transfer fee included Thanks!
  36. widescreen

    CLOSED VSL Vienna Imperial (Bösendorfer Imperial 290-755) for 145 EUR

    Now that the Vienna Imperial is iLok-compatible I can sell it. List price is 295€, my price is 145€ (currency conversion based on the daily rates). Transfer fee included. Paypal Goods & Services, so no risk for you. I already have experience with license transfers at VSL, so everyhting should...
  37. Ben

    Up to 50% off Vienna Suite / Vienna Suite Pro

    Vienna Suite is now available for iLok, and it got an upgrade and now supports HighDPI screens! To celebrate this both plugin suits are on sale. Analyzer, Compressor, Equalizer, Exciter, Goniometer, Hybrid Reverb (can also load custom IRs), Imager, Matrix Mixer, Power Pan, and surround plugins...
  38. Ben

    Up to 41% Off Woodwinds

    Up to 41% off! To celebrate the release of our Synchron World Winds we put all Synchron Player based woodwind libraries on sale! This is also the perfect opportunity to upgrade and complete your collection! Make sure you are logged in to see your personal upgrade prices on the product pages...
  39. Ben

    Synchron World Winds

    Get ready for this release: Synchron World Winds! 3 Bansuris, 2 Dizis, 2 Duduks, Gajdica, Hulusi, Koncovka, Shakuhachi, 6 different Tin Whistles, Zurna From the soft and gentle tones of the Chinese hulusi to the penetrating, loud sounds of the Turkish zurna, from the low and alluring...
  40. Ben

    Synchron Player Custom Mixer Preset Guide

    Hi everyone! As promised in another thread, here is my guide on how I create presets (for example the Signature Presets in many Synchron Libraries). Requirements: DAW, MIDI input device, any multi-mic Synchron/BBO library (SYNCHRON-ized libraries as well as the Prime Edition will work as well...
  41. arcy

    CLOSED VSL Synchron Strings Pro standard, Synchron Brass Full, Synchron Prime - SOLD

    I'd sell my VSL Synchron collection in a super bundle offer!!! VSL Synchron Strings Pro standard VSL Synchron Brass Full VSL Synchron Prime TOT: 620 euro No trading. PayPal only, I will pay fees (included in the price).
  42. Ben

    40% Off Everything EDU Discount | 30% Off VI Series (non-EDU)

    40% off everything for students and teachers! Make sure you are logged in and upload your valid student / teacher ID here (and there is also a nice surprise available at the bottom of the page): https://www.vsl.co.at/News/EDU You are not a student/teacher? How about 30% off all VI Series...
  43. L

    CLOSED VSL "Starter Bundle": Smart Orchestra, Sy-zed Special Edition Vol. 1, VI Special Edition Vol. 2

    I would like to sell these VSL Libraries since I don't use them anymore. You can buy them separately as well but I would give a bigger discount as a bundle of course. I've already got approval of the vsl team. I will pay for the license transfer fee. What you see is what you pay for. All Ilok...
  44. davidm

    For Sale VSL BBO Phoenix & Quasar, Synchron-ized SE Volume 1, Studio One 5 Pro

    I am selling my licenses for multiple VSL libraries and Studio One Pro 5. Listed prices include all fees, and payment via PayPal is required. Please reach out if you have any questions! (SOLD) Synchron Woodwinds Standard $300 (SOLD) BBO Phoenix $75 (SOLD) BBO Quasar $75 (SOLD)...
  45. RicardoSilva

    My first Ethnic/Epic piece to be broadcasted live on BBC Radio and Hofa prize winner.

  46. Ben

    Vienna Strings Extravaganza - All Strings on Sale!

    All Strings from the Synchron, SYNCHRON-ized, and Big Bang Orchestra Series are on sale this month! Here is a complete list of all libraries on sale: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/2022-08_String_Special
  47. Ben

    [NEW] SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings Con Sordino (Muted)

    Solo Strings Con Sordino - 4 instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass As usual you will get many articulations, beautifully sampled and carefully edited. Get it here for just € 195 (reg: € 275): https://www.vsl.co.at/Synchron_Series/Synchronized_Solo_Strings_Sordino Upgrade prices also...
  48. G

    [SOLVED] New Vienna Symphonic Library VI-series set up in new facility with issues

    To firstly introduce where I come from and where and why it goes that way: I am the initiator, founder and project lead of a group of independent creative departments over the last 3 decades running offices in several countries incl. studios in several cities. We started to build a new quiet and...
  49. gcorcella

    MIR Pro 3D by Vienna Symphonic Library Review

    Hi there! I want to share with you my review of MIR Pro 3D by Vienna Symphonic Library on virtualorchestration.it. Not only being a convolution reverb but also a Virtual Sound Stage, MIR Pro lets you place all the instruments physically inside a virtual room taking care of spatialization and...
  50. Ben

    [NEW] SYNCHRON-ized Voices (Choir, Soloists, Whistler)

    The SYNCHRON-ized Voices Bundle is finally here: - SYNCHRON-ized Solo Voices [€ 210, reg €245]: Seven solo-ists, Coloratura Soprano, Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass - SYNCHRON-ized Vienna Choir: 4 Sections + More [€ 285, reg €325]: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Male Ensemble...
  51. dunamisstudio

    SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings Sordino

    Good choice for muted strings or should I wait for OT Berlin ones to go on sale again? Or VSL have another one that I'm not aware of?
  52. Ben

    Up to 26% Off SYNCHRON-ized Libraries!

    We are happy to finally, after many years of development, to release MIR Pro 3D! And to celebrate the next generation of MIR all our SYNCHRON-ized Libraries are on Sale! Check out the products and your personal upgrade discounts here: SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions...
  53. Ben

    MIR Pro 3D - Free 30 days demo!

    The long-awaited Vienna MIR Pro 3D has finally materialized, super-charged with Higher Order Ambisonics that will add the exquisite details of high resolution impulse responses to your productions! But no only that! Vienna MIR Pro 3D is the 3rd generation of our holistic mixing and...
  54. PaulieDC


    Listing closed. Thanks.
  55. Ben

    [NEW] Synchron Molzer Organ

    And we are back with another release: The Synchron Molzer Organ! A beautiful salon organ that blends perfectly with other libraries and recordings done in Synchron Stage Vienna! This multiplex organ features 25 stops and was built by Ferdinand Molzer in 1938. Make sure to update the Synchron...
  56. Ben

    Up to 35% Off Pianos, Organs, Special Keyboards - Free 30 Days Demos, no USB key required!

    Not only offer you up to 35% off on our pianos, organs, and special keyboards libraries, but you can also check out the Synchron Pianos yourself for 30 days - get the 30 days demo licenses directly from the product page! Check out the discounts and prices here...
  57. Ben

    [NEW] Synchron German Upright 1904 (Stage B) - FREE 30 days demo available!

    Summer is here, and also a new Synchron Piano: Synchron German Upright 1904 This time we sampled a vintage Bechstein upright piano in Stage B of our Synchron Stage. As always, it includes multiple mic positions, allowing for unlimited variations in sound - and as usual we packed a lot of mixer...
  58. P

    Pixelpoet Trick: VSL Synchron Legatos

    Actually I never wanted to bring the VSL legato discussion back... sorry for a new thread! As you probably know I'm not a fan of the Synchron series, because there are many things I don't like. And I don't understand why VSL made certain decisions. This is a topic I don't want talk about...
  59. akak

    For Sale VSL Synchron/-ized libraries

    Hello, I'm primarily a reader of the forum but this time I'd like to use it to write about a few VSL libraries I'd like to sell. I already sent an email to VSL sales and got approval. All licenses are iLok type. I will pay transfer fees; The list: - VSL Synchron Elite Full - 500€ - VSL...
  60. Ben

    [NEW] Synchron Prime Edition: Free Elite Strings Expansion!

    Post Update: We're adding a "primed" version of the Synchron Elite Strings to the Prime Edition for free! If you already have Prime Edition installed, open Vienna Assistant and navigate to Prime Edition to install this free expansion! More details here...
  61. D

    Link expired

    Link expired
  62. Zedcars

    Superman Prologue & Main Title MIDI Mock-up Featuring VSL Synchron Series [New Mix August 2022]

    New 3rd march 2023 post with updated mix here: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/new-mix-3rd-march-2023-superman-march-prologue-main-title-mock-up-vsl-synchron-series.134796/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: 29th...
  63. Ben

    [NEW] Free Harp Glissandos - Violin Runs - Celestial Strings - Soft Imperial Piano - Fujara - BBO

    Free Harp Glissandos: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Free_Instruments/Harp_Glissandos --- Free Violin Runs - Get it here: https://www.vsl.co.at/Free_Instruments/Violin_Runs New to VSL and/or iLok? Here is a step-by-step video, guiding you through the entire process: --- Free Celestial...
  64. dunamisstudio

    Vsl synchron-ized series

    I currently own from VSL: SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions 1-4 and Plus expansions Big Bang Bundle Synchron series: Strings Bundle, Percussion I & III, Orchestral Percussion II, Timpani II, Brass, Woodwinds, Harp, Concert D274 Which of the Synchronized should I consider? or should I use what...
  65. Zanshin

    MIR 3D Fan Club

    I don't think we have a general thread for this yet? And I didn't want to hijack another.... Dang. I actually had some thoughts about going that route, especially with MIR 3D coming. Syz Dim Brass and Syz WW are my fav winds, but I don't have a fav string library, and especially one I can use...
  66. Ben

    VSL goes iLok - everything is on sale, up to 42% off

    Finally, we have made the transition to iLok! How can we celebrate this better then having a sale on our entire catalogue? Up to 42% off - more information here: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/2022-03_Hello_Vienna
  67. Ben

    Hello Vienna - Hello iLok!

    Yes, we have finally made it through the iLok transition on our side - now it’s your turn to migrate your VSL licenses to iLok! You will receive an invitation link as soon as your account is ready to move to iLok - then simply follow the instructions in the mail.To ensure optimal download speed...
  68. jrrshop

    Up to 40% off all Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestras, including the new Altair Section Essentials for $71

    Up to 40% off all Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestras, including the new Altair Section Essentials for $71: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=asc&limit=54&manufacturer=61&order=name&sale=1&type=2 Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestra: Altair - Section Essentials $104...
  69. Ben

    BBO February Special - up to 42% Off!

    To celebrate the arrival of Big Bang Orchestra: Altair, we have made ALL BBO Packs available at introductory pricing again! Save up to 42%!! Complete your collection and choose from a wide variety of specialized multi-mic recordings, and let us know how you like what you hear!
  70. Ben

    [NEW] Big Bang Orchestra Returns - BBO: Altair

    Big Bang Orchestra is back with a new installment: "Big Bang Orchestra: Altair". This time you will get separate section performances of strings, woodwinds, brass, and tutti. As usual, we've recorded the orchestra with multiple mics, so it's very easy to create your own mix and sound. It also...
  71. L

    I'm having latency while using Kontakt

    Hello everyone, I have a problem: Currently I'm using Cinematic Studio Strings and Vienna Symphony Library (CSS and VSL). When I'm using VSL, there is no latency, but when I'm using CSS there is latency which really makes my work hard. - I have almost 10 ms in Kontakt. I use Cubase 11 Pro...
  72. Ben

    VSL January Bash: up to 50% Off Voices & Vienna Suite

    That's right: Up to 50% Off through January 31, 2022! - Vienna Choir Standard: € 135 (reg: € 225) Full: € 252 (reg: € 420) - Vienna Solo Voices Standard: € 117 (reg: € 195) Full: € 174 (reg: € 290) - Soprano Choir: € 55 (reg: € 76) - Vienna Whistler: € 32 (reg: € 44)...
  73. Lord Daknight

    BBC Symphony Orchestra or Synchron Woodwinds?

    I've been wanting to get BBC Symphony Orchestra for a while mainly for some good woodwinds, but apparently VSL Synchron Woodwinds are considered the best? Are there pros and cons to each?
  74. iMovieShout

    OT: SINE crashing in vsl vep7

    Just wondering if anyone is experiencing issues with OT's SINE Player (latest version v1.0.8), crashing in VEP7, when multiple SINE instances are loaded ? I'm building an OT template using 2 VEP7 servers (running on Dell Servers which run well and are very stable and reliable). Every time I...
  75. Vik

    Simplifying the Synchron Player UI and using it along with other libraries/players

    (Topic moved over to an existing Synchron Player thread: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/which-player-do-you-prefer-and-why-vienna-instruments-or-synchron-player.116588/page-2#post-5017560)
  76. Zanshin

    Numerical Sound - Universal Sordino Timbral Impulses

    Anyone have these? I couldn’t find much searching. http://www.numericalsound.com/universal_sordino.html $90, from 2014. I don’t have mutes for my main string libraries - OT BS and BSS, or VSL SSP and SES. I don’t foresee us ever getting the mute sim in the Sine player… I do think we’ll see...
  77. Knomes

    Synchron Oboe strange vibrato sustain problem?

    Hi, I hear a strange sound coming from the vibrato sustain of the new VSL Synchron Oboe for the notes C4 C#4 and D4, which I assume come from the same sample at this point. It seems to me like there is some sort of weak flute doubling an octave higher. I already wrote to the support and they...
  78. Ben

    Wishing You MIRaculous Holidays! - Up to 40% Off All MIR Products

    - MIR Pro 24 - € 192 (reg. € 295) - MIR Pro - € 419 (reg. € 645) - Roompack 1 - Vienna Konzerthaus - € 135 (reg. € 195) - Roompack 2 - Studios & Sound Stages - € 195 (reg. € 275) - Roompack 3 - Mystic Spaces - € 125 (reg. € 175) - Roompack 4 - The Sage Gateshead - € 135 (reg. € 195) - Roompack...
  79. Ben

    Synchron Harp - A harp unlike any you've heard before!

    92 GB of samples, up to 8 velocities, each string sampled in each pedal position, repetitions, custom player with pedal simulation, and of course the trademark multi-mic recordings of our Synchron Series... The technical details of this virtual instrument are impressive - but you will not care...
  80. Ben

    [Ended] VSL 3+1 Voucher Sale - Save up to additional 25%!

    The VSL December 3+1 voucher has started: Put 4 vouchers in the basket, pay for only 3! You can use these vouchers for any purchase on our website, even with products on sale and intro pricing (including the Synchron Woodwinds we just released). Get your vouchers here...
  81. Ben

    VSL Synchron Woodwinds! - 2nd soloists available

    It's finally here - Synchron Woodwinds! 13 soloists and 7 ensembles: Piccolo, Flute 1+2, Alto Flute, French Oboe 1+2, English Horn, Clarinet in Bb 1+2, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon 1+2, Contrabassoon, Flutes a3, Oboes a3, Clarinets a3, Bassoon a3, Tutti Woodwinds, Low FX Woodwinds, High FX Woodwinds...
  82. D

    Fanfarewell, New Trumpet and Piano Piece

    Hi all, This piece will be part of an upcoming album featuring duets for piano and orchestral instruments. I'd like to share Fanfarewell with all of you and hope you'll consider following my new Bandcamp page, where I've uploaded 50 of my orchestral and chamber works, with many more to come...
  83. ptram

    Schoenberg, Farben

    Hi, While revising my Dorico template for the VSL VI series, I've been working to Farben (or “Summer Morning by the Lake”), one of the pioneering orchestral pieces written by Schoenberg in 1909, and a particularly revolutionary one. Many of the techniques of this early piece can be found in not...
  84. D

    CLOSED Sold - VSL - Vienna Symphonic Library License Transfer - Everything they make

    I am needing to sell my entire VSL Library, it contains every library and software package that they make. I will pay the transfer fees. $4400 for everything. Here is a list of all included libraries and software. https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Products/Product_List
  85. Ben

    VSL's Black Friday Sales Stage2 | up to 55% off! | 2021 Releases' Intro Pricing Returns!

    This has to be our biggest Black Friday Sale yet: Up to 55% off on many of our libraries and VEP7! --- Stage 2: All 2021 releases' intro pricing returns! Synchron Elite Strings, Synchron Brass, Bösendorfer 280VC, Great Rieger Organ, Synchron Percussion III, SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings...
  86. U

    Flying Adventure (VSL only)

    Hello all, Happy to share with you my latest composition. I imagined a scene in animated movie where a group of kids enjoy a flight for a first time. Action, energy and colorful. Composed entirely with VSL libraries (Synchron Strings, Brass, Percs I-II-III, Synchronized Woodwinds). It was a...
  87. rrichard63

    Which player do you prefer (and why) - Vienna Instruments or Synchron Player

    I am thinking about crossgrading from the complete Special Editions in the Vienna Instruments format to the Synchron-ized Special Editions. So I am asking specifically about the software, and not about the instruments available for each player or the recording venues. I like both players myself...
  88. Ben

    Black Friday Pre-Sale: Up to 50% off SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions + Free 30 days Demo licenses!

    A great oppportunity to score great deals BEFORE our Black Friday Offers are released! These offers will be available until the November 30th - SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions will NOT be part of our Black Friday Offers! LOG IN to check YOUR PRICE (crossgrade and bundle completion pricing...
  89. Time+Space

    Up to 50% off Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Volumes

    Save up to 50% on VSL SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Volumes
  90. L

    Selling: (2021) VSL Software Package Sale (25% off)

    Hello, Selling my license to VSL Software Package (2021) through VSL's support team. I have gotten official confirmation from VSL to transfer the licenses. Original price is 1725 Euros (~$2000), I am charging ($1500). Transactions through Paypal. None of the licenses are registered to any...
  91. P

    Your Dream all in one Orchestral Library (Fantasy !) What would it be made up from ?

    Ok, Dream with me for a second, Imagine there was a "Super Collab" between libraries, and there was a "Super Orchestral Library" that had all your favourite individual sections, recorded in one space. So obviously Spitfire have BBC, Steinberg have Iconica, and O.T. made "Berlin Orchestra"...
  92. rnb_2

    For Sale Vienna Symphonic Library VSL Big Bang Orchestra BBO Complete A-Z

    Feeling out interest in my complete set of the VSL Big Bang Orchestra. Purchased separately, these would run over $3000; bought as a bundle from VSL, it is currently just shy of $2100 (depending on currency fluctuations). I will pay the 10% transfer fee and ship the required Vienna Key to you...
  93. P

    Dorico 3.5 and VSL Synchron Player - Pulling my hair out trying to get them to work for playback templates

    Hey , I am really hoping someone , with either a similar setup, or just a lot of knowledge about the potential issues are, can help me with this. I have invested quite a lot of money in the Synchron series of libraries over the past few months - Brass, ized-WW, Strings Pro + Elite. I like...
  94. ShidoStrife

    BBO Expression maps

    Hi all, I bought the BBO Brass recently (Hercules, Jupiter, Kopernikus) and noticed there doesn't seem to be cubase expression maps available for them on VSL site. Has anyone made them and care to share? I could make one myself, but I'd rather not spend the effort if it's already out there...
  95. Ben

    35% Off Vienna Instruments & MIR Synchron Stage + Synchron Percussion I-III on Sale

    All Vienna Instruments Collections and Bundles powered by the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players are now available at discounts of 35%, only through November 2, 2021! To make it easy to place these instruments in one of the best sounding scoring stages of the planet, we’re...
  96. Ben

    Synchron Percussion III

    It's finally here, Synchron Percussion III - 229.6GB of content including 346,245 Samples. It consists of 6 section (also separately available): - Synchron Timpani III (Timpani Adams, Big Timpani) - Synchron Drums III (Field drums, Snares, Boobams, Ensembles, Drums and Pianos, Drum Riffs) -...
  97. P

    Best VSL VI Trumpet + Horn Ensemble patches to purchase (to compliment Synchron Brass)

    Hey All, So I have the excellent Synchron Brass, that is an amazing library, and the Timbre adjust, really does bring the samples to life more than ever. However, the ONE thing I miss , is the faster legato on the Ensemble Patches- You really notice it after having on the solo instruments -...
  98. widescreen

    Which VSL library should I buy before student discounts end today?

    I already bought some stuff at 40%, but probably I missed the one thing that's really outstanding by VSL. And much better than any competitor's (that I already own perhaps). What do you think? I already have: - Great Rieger Organ - Synchron Mallets I - Synchron Bells I+II - Synchron-ized...
  99. ptram

    Britten, Four Sea Interludes

    Hi, I really urged to readapt my old mockup to the newer VSL Synchron libraries. While I let it decant, I'll send it into the wild to grasp the first impressions. Britten, Four Sea Interludes - Dawn Britten, Four Sea Interludes - Dawn (older version) Paolo
  100. P

    VSL Flute, Oboe, Clarinet Ensembles (3 players) from VSL Single Winds worth having ?

    So I have the main VSL Synchron WW, and I must say it is excellent - The legato, the runs, the amount of choice - Pretty much it has everything. What it did not have though (though you can layer Flute 1 + 2 etc) is ensembles of each instrument , and I have noticed that having 3 wind players on...
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