1. Ben

    Vienna Strings Extravaganza - All Strings on Sale!

    All Strings from the Synchron, SYNCHRON-ized, and Big Bang Orchestra Series are on sale this month! Here is a complete list of all libraries on sale: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/2022-08_String_Special
  2. Ben

    [NEW] SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings Con Sordino (Muted)

    Solo Strings Con Sordino - 4 instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass As usual you will get many articulations, beautifully sampled and carefully edited. Get it here for just € 195 (reg: € 275): https://www.vsl.co.at/Synchron_Series/Synchronized_Solo_Strings_Sordino Upgrade prices also...
  3. G

    New Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) VI-series set up in new facility with issues

    To firstly introduce where I come from and where and why it goes that way: I am the initiator, founder and project lead of a group of independent creative departments over the last 3 decades running offices in several countries incl. studios in several cities. We started to build a new quiet and...
  4. gcorcella

    MIR Pro 3D by Vienna Symphonic Library Review

    Hi there! I want to share with you my review of MIR Pro 3D by Vienna Symphonic Library on virtualorchestration.it. Not only being a convolution reverb but also a Virtual Sound Stage, MIR Pro lets you place all the instruments physically inside a virtual room taking care of spatialization and...
  5. Ben

    [NEW] SYNCHRON-ized Voices (Choir, Soloists, Whistler)

    The SYNCHRON-ized Voices Bundle is finally here: - SYNCHRON-ized Solo Voices [€ 210, reg €245]: Seven solo-ists, Coloratura Soprano, Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass - SYNCHRON-ized Vienna Choir: 4 Sections + More [€ 285, reg €325]: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Male Ensemble...
  6. dunamisstudio

    SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings Sordino

    Good choice for muted strings or should I wait for OT Berlin ones to go on sale again? Or VSL have another one that I'm not aware of?
  7. Ben

    Up to 26% Off SYNCHRON-ized Libraries!

    We are happy to finally, after many years of development, to release MIR Pro 3D! And to celebrate the next generation of MIR all our SYNCHRON-ized Libraries are on Sale! Check out the products and your personal upgrade discounts here: SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions...
  8. Ben

    [NEW] MIR Pro 3D - Free 30 days demo!

    The long-awaited Vienna MIR Pro 3D has finally materialized, super-charged with Higher Order Ambisonics that will add the exquisite details of high resolution impulse responses to your productions! But no only that! Vienna MIR Pro 3D is the 3rd generation of our holistic mixing and...
  9. PaulieDC


    Listing closed. Thanks.
  10. Ben

    [NEW] Synchron Molzer Organ

    And we are back with another release: The Synchron Molzer Organ! A beautiful salon organ that blends perfectly with other libraries and recordings done in Synchron Stage Vienna! This multiplex organ features 25 stops and was built by Ferdinand Molzer in 1938. Make sure to update the Synchron...
  11. Ben

    Up to 35% Off Pianos, Organs, Special Keyboards - Free 30 Days Demos, no USB key required!

    Not only offer you up to 35% off on our pianos, organs, and special keyboards libraries, but you can also check out the Synchron Pianos yourself for 30 days - get the 30 days demo licenses directly from the product page! Check out the discounts and prices here...
  12. Ben

    [NEW] Synchron German Upright 1904 (Stage B) - FREE 30 days demo available!

    Summer is here, and also a new Synchron Piano: Synchron German Upright 1904 This time we sampled a vintage Bechstein upright piano in Stage B of our Synchron Stage. As always, it includes multiple mic positions, allowing for unlimited variations in sound - and as usual we packed a lot of mixer...
  13. P

    Pixelpoet Trick: VSL Synchron Legatos

    Actually I never wanted to bring the VSL legato discussion back... sorry for a new thread! As you probably know I'm not a fan of the Synchron series, because there are many things I don't like. And I don't understand why VSL made certain decisions. This is a topic I don't want talk about...
  14. akak

    For Sale VSL Synchron/-ized libraries

    Hello, I'm primarily a reader of the forum but this time I'd like to use it to write about a few VSL libraries I'd like to sell. I already sent an email to VSL sales and got approval. All licenses are iLok type. I will pay transfer fees; The list: - VSL Synchron Strings Pro Full - SOLD - VSL...
  15. Ben

    [NEW] Synchron Prime Edition: Free Demo Licenses & Project Files available - no dongle required!

    For a limited time we are offering 30-days demo licenses of Synchron Prime Edition, free for everyone! Get it from the product page here: https://www.vsl.co.at/Starter_Editions/Synchron_Prime_Edition Want to check out how the audio demos sound in your DAW? Download the Prime Edition tutorial...
  16. Dear Villain

    Link expired

    Link expired
  17. Zedcars

    Superman Prologue & Main Title MIDI Mock-up Featuring VSL Synchron Series

    Hello, I started this in 2019. I'm uncertain how many man hours it has taken me but it must be around 700 or more. It's my first big mock-up. Any advice about the mix would be really helpful. I tried to stay faithful to the original recording as much as possible. I have the Superman March...
  18. Ben

    [NEW] Free Harp Glissandos - Violin Runs - Celestial Strings - Soft Imperial Piano - Fujara - BBO

    Free Harp Glissandos: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Free_Instruments/Harp_Glissandos --- Free Violin Runs - Get it here: https://www.vsl.co.at/Free_Instruments/Violin_Runs New to VSL and/or iLok? Here is a step-by-step video, guiding you through the entire process: --- Free Celestial...
  19. dunamisstudio

    Vsl synchron-ized series

    I currently own from VSL: SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions 1-4 and Plus expansions Big Bang Bundle Synchron series: Strings Bundle, Percussion I & III, Orchestral Percussion II, Timpani II, Brass, Woodwinds, Harp, Concert D274 Which of the Synchronized should I consider? or should I use what...
  20. Zanshin

    MIR 3D Fan Club

    I don't think we have a general thread for this yet? And I didn't want to hijack another.... Dang. I actually had some thoughts about going that route, especially with MIR 3D coming. Syz Dim Brass and Syz WW are my fav winds, but I don't have a fav string library, and especially one I can use...
  21. Ben

    VSL goes iLok - everything is on sale, up to 42% off

    Finally, we have made the transition to iLok! How can we celebrate this better then having a sale on our entire catalogue? Up to 42% off - more information here: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/2022-03_Hello_Vienna
  22. Ben

    Hello Vienna - Hello iLok!

    Yes, we have finally made it through the iLok transition on our side - now it’s your turn to migrate your VSL licenses to iLok! You will receive an invitation link as soon as your account is ready to move to iLok - then simply follow the instructions in the mail.To ensure optimal download speed...
  23. jrrshop

    Up to 40% off all Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestras, including the new Altair Section Essentials for $71

    Up to 40% off all Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestras, including the new Altair Section Essentials for $71: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=asc&limit=54&manufacturer=61&order=name&sale=1&type=2 Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestra: Altair - Section Essentials $104...
  24. Ben

    BBO February Special - up to 42% Off!

    To celebrate the arrival of Big Bang Orchestra: Altair, we have made ALL BBO Packs available at introductory pricing again! Save up to 42%!! Complete your collection and choose from a wide variety of specialized multi-mic recordings, and let us know how you like what you hear!
  25. Ben

    [NEW] Big Bang Orchestra Returns - BBO: Altair

    Big Bang Orchestra is back with a new installment: "Big Bang Orchestra: Altair". This time you will get separate section performances of strings, woodwinds, brass, and tutti. As usual, we've recorded the orchestra with multiple mics, so it's very easy to create your own mix and sound. It also...
  26. L

    I'm having latency while using Kontakt

    Hello everyone, I have a problem: Currently I'm using Cinematic Studio Strings and Vienna Symphony Library (CSS and VSL). When I'm using VSL, there is no latency, but when I'm using CSS there is latency which really makes my work hard. - I have almost 10 ms in Kontakt. I use Cubase 11 Pro...
  27. Ben

    VSL January Bash: up to 50% Off Voices & Vienna Suite

    That's right: Up to 50% Off through January 31, 2022! - Vienna Choir Standard: € 135 (reg: € 225) Full: € 252 (reg: € 420) - Vienna Solo Voices Standard: € 117 (reg: € 195) Full: € 174 (reg: € 290) - Soprano Choir: € 55 (reg: € 76) - Vienna Whistler: € 32 (reg: € 44)...
  28. L

    BBC Symphony Orchestra or Synchron Woodwinds?

    I've been wanting to get BBC Symphony Orchestra for a while mainly for some good woodwinds, but apparently VSL Synchron Woodwinds are considered the best? Are there pros and cons to each?
  29. jpb007.uk

    OT: SINE crashing in vsl vep7

    Just wondering if anyone is experiencing issues with OT's SINE Player (latest version v1.0.8), crashing in VEP7, when multiple SINE instances are loaded ? I'm building an OT template using 2 VEP7 servers (running on Dell Servers which run well and are very stable and reliable). Every time I...
  30. Vik

    Simplifying the Synchron Player UI and using it along with other libraries/players

    (Topic moved over to an existing Synchron Player thread: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/which-player-do-you-prefer-and-why-vienna-instruments-or-synchron-player.116588/page-2#post-5017560)
  31. Zanshin

    Numerical Sound - Universal Sordino Timbral Impulses

    Anyone have these? I couldn’t find much searching. http://www.numericalsound.com/universal_sordino.html $90, from 2014. I don’t have mutes for my main string libraries - OT BS and BSS, or VSL SSP and SES. I don’t foresee us ever getting the mute sim in the Sine player… I do think we’ll see...
  32. Knomes

    Synchron Oboe strange vibrato sustain problem?

    Hi, I hear a strange sound coming from the vibrato sustain of the new VSL Synchron Oboe for the notes C4 C#4 and D4, which I assume come from the same sample at this point. It seems to me like there is some sort of weak flute doubling an octave higher. I already wrote to the support and they...
  33. Ben

    Wishing You MIRaculous Holidays! - Up to 40% Off All MIR Products

    - MIR Pro 24 - € 192 (reg. € 295) - MIR Pro - € 419 (reg. € 645) - Roompack 1 - Vienna Konzerthaus - € 135 (reg. € 195) - Roompack 2 - Studios & Sound Stages - € 195 (reg. € 275) - Roompack 3 - Mystic Spaces - € 125 (reg. € 175) - Roompack 4 - The Sage Gateshead - € 135 (reg. € 195) - Roompack...
  34. Ben

    Synchron Harp - A harp unlike any you've heard before!

    92 GB of samples, up to 8 velocities, each string sampled in each pedal position, repetitions, custom player with pedal simulation, and of course the trademark multi-mic recordings of our Synchron Series... The technical details of this virtual instrument are impressive - but you will not care...
  35. Ben

    [Ended] VSL 3+1 Voucher Sale - Save up to additional 25%!

    The VSL December 3+1 voucher has started: Put 4 vouchers in the basket, pay for only 3! You can use these vouchers for any purchase on our website, even with products on sale and intro pricing (including the Synchron Woodwinds we just released). Get your vouchers here...
  36. Ben

    [NEW] VSL Synchron Woodwinds! - 2nd soloists available - SALE!

    It's finally here - Synchron Woodwinds! 13 soloists and 7 ensembles: Piccolo, Flute 1+2, Alto Flute, French Oboe 1+2, English Horn, Clarinet in Bb 1+2, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon 1+2, Contrabassoon, Flutes a3, Oboes a3, Clarinets a3, Bassoon a3, Tutti Woodwinds, Low FX Woodwinds, High FX Woodwinds...
  37. Dear Villain

    Fanfarewell, New Trumpet and Piano Piece

    Hi all, This piece will be part of an upcoming album featuring duets for piano and orchestral instruments. I'd like to share Fanfarewell with all of you and hope you'll consider following my new Bandcamp page, where I've uploaded 50 of my orchestral and chamber works, with many more to come...
  38. ptram

    Schoenberg, Farben

    Hi, While revising my Dorico template for the VSL VI series, I've been working to Farben (or “Summer Morning by the Lake”), one of the pioneering orchestral pieces written by Schoenberg in 1909, and a particularly revolutionary one. Many of the techniques of this early piece can be found in not...
  39. D

    CLOSED Sold - VSL - Vienna Symphonic Library License Transfer - Everything they make

    I am needing to sell my entire VSL Library, it contains every library and software package that they make. I will pay the transfer fees. $4400 for everything. Here is a list of all included libraries and software. https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Products/Product_List
  40. Ben

    VSL's Black Friday Sales Stage2 | up to 55% off! | 2021 Releases' Intro Pricing Returns!

    This has to be our biggest Black Friday Sale yet: Up to 55% off on many of our libraries and VEP7! --- Stage 2: All 2021 releases' intro pricing returns! Synchron Elite Strings, Synchron Brass, Bösendorfer 280VC, Great Rieger Organ, Synchron Percussion III, SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings...
  41. U

    Flying Adventure (VSL only)

    Hello all, Happy to share with you my latest composition. I imagined a scene in animated movie where a group of kids enjoy a flight for a first time. Action, energy and colorful. Composed entirely with VSL libraries (Synchron Strings, Brass, Percs I-II-III, Synchronized Woodwinds). It was a...
  42. rrichard63

    Which player do you prefer (and why) - Vienna Instruments or Synchron Player

    I am thinking about crossgrading from the complete Special Editions in the Vienna Instruments format to the Synchron-ized Special Editions. So I am asking specifically about the software, and not about the instruments available for each player or the recording venues. I like both players myself...
  43. Ben

    Black Friday Pre-Sale: Up to 50% off SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions + Free 30 days Demo licenses!

    A great oppportunity to score great deals BEFORE our Black Friday Offers are released! These offers will be available until the November 30th - SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions will NOT be part of our Black Friday Offers! LOG IN to check YOUR PRICE (crossgrade and bundle completion pricing...
  44. Time+Space

    Up to 50% off Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Volumes

    Save up to 50% on VSL SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Volumes
  45. L

    Selling: (2021) VSL Software Package Sale (25% off)

    Hello, Selling my license to VSL Software Package (2021) through VSL's support team. I have gotten official confirmation from VSL to transfer the licenses. Original price is 1725 Euros (~$2000), I am charging ($1500). Transactions through Paypal. None of the licenses are registered to any...
  46. P

    Your Dream all in one Orchestral Library (Fantasy !) What would it be made up from ?

    Ok, Dream with me for a second, Imagine there was a "Super Collab" between libraries, and there was a "Super Orchestral Library" that had all your favourite individual sections, recorded in one space. So obviously Spitfire have BBC, Steinberg have Iconica, and O.T. made "Berlin Orchestra"...
  47. rnb_2

    For Sale Vienna Symphonic Library VSL Big Bang Orchestra BBO Complete A-Z

    Feeling out interest in my complete set of the VSL Big Bang Orchestra. Purchased separately, these would run over $3000; bought as a bundle from VSL, it is currently just shy of $2100 (depending on currency fluctuations). I will pay the 10% transfer fee and ship the required Vienna Key to you...
  48. P

    Dorico 3.5 and VSL Synchron Player - Pulling my hair out trying to get them to work for playback templates

    Hey , I am really hoping someone , with either a similar setup, or just a lot of knowledge about the potential issues are, can help me with this. I have invested quite a lot of money in the Synchron series of libraries over the past few months - Brass, ized-WW, Strings Pro + Elite. I like...
  49. ShidoStrife

    BBO Expression maps

    Hi all, I bought the BBO Brass recently (Hercules, Jupiter, Kopernikus) and noticed there doesn't seem to be cubase expression maps available for them on VSL site. Has anyone made them and care to share? I could make one myself, but I'd rather not spend the effort if it's already out there...
  50. Ben

    35% Off Vienna Instruments & MIR Synchron Stage + Synchron Percussion I-III on Sale

    All Vienna Instruments Collections and Bundles powered by the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players are now available at discounts of 35%, only through November 2, 2021! To make it easy to place these instruments in one of the best sounding scoring stages of the planet, we’re...
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