1. icecoolpool

    Spitfire BBC SO Tribute to Vangelis Bladerunner (includes MIDI and Project File)

    Like many of you, I was saddened to hear the news of Vangelis´ passing this week. His music, both his work as a solo artist and as a member of Aphrodite's Child, has inspired me in so many ways over the years. As for Bladerunner, what can I say that hasn´t already been said? The film was a...
  2. nuyo

    More music in the style of Vangelis Blade Runner Score ?

    Is there a genre for this kind of music or other artist that have similar pieces ? I need more Sci Fi Noir Music in my Playlists. 😂
  3. M

    Survey: Vangelis' Blade Runner

    . Update: This is now complete.
  4. M

    Dissertation on Vangelis' Blade Runner

    Hello all! UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who got in touch. This is now complete, so no longer seeking interviewees. I'm putting together a dissertation on why Vangelis' Blade Runner score cemented him as a pioneer in not just electronic music, but the wider scoring world. As such, I can't...
  5. mcpepe

    I recorded my upright piano through FX pedals and added some synths

    With a paused dense atmosphere that invites to reflexion, this music is made to be heard in the quiet of the night. I wanted to use my Digitech reverb and delay pedals with the acoustic piano, to create these singular textures that transform the sound of the piano. Look forward to the end of the...
  6. jrrshop

    50% off Arturia V Collection 7, now $249 instead of $499

    50% off Arturia V Collection 7, now $249 instead of $499: 24 timeless instruments lovingly recreated in software and modernized with contemporary features. They were cutting edge in the 60s, mind-blowing in the 70s, awe-inspiring in the 80s...
  7. A

    Blade Runner Style

    Using the Past To Future "Blade Runner CS-80 for Kontakt" library and various other synths (hardware or software) and drum machines, I cooked up a Vangelis-style track. The CS-80 library is only $15! It sounds enormous and properly dreamy. Link here:
  8. creativeforge

    Fascinating read about Vangelis "home" studio's evolution QUOTE: "By the late 1960s, studio recording equipment had reached a new level of maturity. The latest technological developments meant that state-of the-art multitrack tape recorders, mixing desks, noise-reduction equipment and a...
  9. creativeforge

    VANGELIS breaking it down for us

    I was thinking today, how many computer would I need to break free from the restrictions of Kontakt every time I am looking for sounds? I get lost in the multiple technical steps and layers. Or is there a way I could assign my favorite "bread & butter" libraries to hardware interfaces, so I...
  10. Brad Laforme

    Blade Runner 2049

    Hi Folks ! Just before christmas I would like to share this little trailer i've rescored, it's It's more synthetic than what I usually do "I take the vangelis work for inspiration" that is why If you're a fan like me do not hesitate to feedback if you find is a shity piece, the criticism always...
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