1. Void & Vista

    STRANDS - 20% Off - Awarded 5 Stars in Sound on Sound - "Beautifully Done..."

    "...undeniably good and full of sonic details" Hey everybody, We're really proud to announce that STRANDS has been awarded 5 STARS in this month's Sound On Sound magazine. STRANDS - A Cinematically Sound Designed Collection of Bowed and Electronic Instrumentation. Checkout the review...
  2. KimSeonHo

    Quick test : ADSR - MIDIGRiD

    00:03 Chord pattern 00:54 Reese Bass 01:50 Synth Bass 03:18 Grid, Syncopation 03:44 Keys 04:30 Horror Sound Effects with Transpose Hi guys, I've made a demo video of the MIDIGRiD by ADSR sounds I hope this is helpful! Have a good day KimSunHo...
  3. wrongtools

    Crouching Fingers

    Crouching Fingers is a sample library for Kontakt with instruments inspired from Martial Arts films from the late 80ies Pay tribute to the masters of 80ies fighter-music with this powerful weapon. Crouching Fingers will lead you down a path of split kicks, intrigue and danger...
  4. Michael_Picher

    Cartoon Underscore (Orchestral/Synth)

    I love whenever I get the opportunity to write music for a wacky cartoon and this one allowed me to really get creative!
  5. C

    Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth Mk II

    What do you think? The Anderton guy is so annoying. Using motors as oscillators, quite an interesting concept. If I had that kind of cash ($3,299) though, I would spend it on one (almost two) Expressive E Osmose.
  6. SoundYeti

    NEW RELEASE: DV8 Hybrid Synth Expansion Cine Vision Now Available from Sound Yeti

    Just released and on sale for a limited time is the newest expansion for Sound Yeti's DV8 Hybrid Synth - Cine Vision. The second snapshot expansion for DV8 includes 70 filmic snapshots including: Cinescapes – 21 fine tuned pads for ambient cinematic underscore, the heartbeat of the Cine Vision...
  7. mr.vad0614

    For Sale Arturia Analog Lab V

    Hi there, and thank you for stopping by. I am selling my license for Analog Lab V by Arturia for £100. For more information please see here: Analog Lab V I accept payments via PayPal or Wise, Wise being the most preferable due to transfer fees being all inclusive as opposed to PayPal. Thank you
  8. Fall Samples

    The Music Room - The ultimate tool-box for a cinematic and intimate sound

    We are happy to announce the release of The Music Room. The Music Room is a virtual instrument designed for HALion 6 or later, including the free HALion Sonic SE 3.5 (or later) and the newly released HALion Sonic 7 from Steinberg. It is a sample library that offers 20 presets covering Piano...
  9. KimSeonHo

    Here is my Synthpop demo track with Arturia V collection 9

    Thanks for watching!
  10. Jan @ Treeswift

    48 hours left: Elements of Winter Sale - up to 40% off on our Zebra Elementals soundsets!

    Hey y'all, Jan from Treeswift Audio here! I just wanted to let you know that for the next 2 weeks (until February 7th, 2023), you can get our collections of unique and inspiring, elements-themed instruments for u-he Zebra at their deepest discounts yet. Click the banner below to check out the...
  11. SoundYeti

    NEW Revelation Fusion Harp from Sound Yeti!

    Big news, and you're hearing it here first! Our new REVELATION FUSION HARP is now available! The second in our Revelation series pairs a beautifully-sampled orchestral pedal harp with a trio of instrument layers. Create the perfect mood and ambiance in a snap! 100 presets out of the gate to...
  12. Pete333


    I do lots of charity to war victims and poor, and those who help them - we live a few hundreds kilometers from former Yugoslavia, and also from Ukraine So now one for our community here at VI-Control, and I post it for guys at KVR too:) if you want a Massive synth license, i give one for free...
  13. Emanuel Fróes

    ECHOES FROM SEASHORE, synth soundscape

  14. ILIO_Official

    ILIO Releases "Minimal", a Patch Library for Omnisphere

    ILIO Releases "Minimal", a Patch Library for Omnisphere Westlake Village, CA - December 20, 2022 - Leading distributor of virtual instruments and audio processing software ILIO and sound designer MIDIhead announce a new collection of patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere called "Minimal." This...
  15. B

    New Bundles on Christmas Sales from Beastsamples

    Hey everyone and Happy holidays, We are more than happy to share with you the BeastMass Bundle Deals! Because we know that one is never enough, until 7th of January all of our sample packs & plugins are bundled and on extreme sales! Starting with the full Synth Melodies Bundle ->...
  16. B

    New Synth Pack: Riddle Synths on Producers' Day Offer

    Hey guys, We just released the Riddle Synths Loopkit on Producers' Day offer! Riddle Synths is a collection of 34 analogue synthesizer loops with spooky feels and song-starter melodies. Every synth melody included in the pack is meticulously constructed to serve every music genre and add...
  17. Emanuel Fróes

    Organizing Synth Preset Chaos

    Hallo, any experienced Vangelis outthere have some rules for naming and organizing synths? I have a dilema between naming the function (pad, lead) or character, or the actual bad preset name For this Komplete Kontrol is very good to seacrh sounds. However, not everything works the same way...
  18. dman007

    Does Analog Lab V have ADSR for all patches?

    Does Analog Lab V have ADSR for all patches?
  19. MegaPixel

    ANA2 - Multisample Expansion

    ANA2 - Multisample Expansion Having a wander / preset walkthrough of the Multisample expansion for ANA2.
  20. Emanuel Fróes

    Petit Advent Concert with my music (organ/synth)

  21. SoundYeti

    New Expansion Released: Primal Crush for DV8 by Sound Yeti

    Hi, everyone, The first expansion pack for DV8 has been released - Primal Crush! From Sound Yeti artist, sound designer, and composer Zardonic comes 70 snapshots to get you started creating even more great sounds using the DV8 Modern Modular Hybrid Synth. DV8 makes it easy to make the sounds...
  22. SoundYeti

    DV8 Modern Modular Hybrid Synth from Sound Yeti

    Hi, everyone, We released DV8 a while back, but we wanted to let you know about it. It's the easiest and fastest way to create awesome cinematic synth sounds! 215 presets get you started, and two knobs give you quick ability to find the perfect sound. Give it a try to start creating rhythmic...
  23. B

    New Synth Pack: Psy Synths on Producers' Day Offer

    Hey guys, We just released the Psy Synths Loopkit on Producers' Day offer! Psy Synths is a collection of 41 of analog synthesizer loops with the psychedelic and trippy feel of our melodies . Get heavy synth basses & unique melodies and start producing your next song. Click below to learn more...
  24. Jan @ Treeswift

    5 DAYS LEFT! Launch Discount on Zebra Elementals: AERA - 120 Air-Inspired Instruments for u-he Zebra2

    Hi everyone! Jan from Treeswift Audio here, or sin(x) around these parts :) Last week, we've put out Zebra Elementals: AERA, the second chapter in our series of unique and organic instruments for u-he's amazing, semi-modular software synth Zebra2. The library consists of 120 creative, flexible...
  25. GL Studios

    CLOSED SOLD Native Instruments - 40's Very Own Keys for $20 USD

    Selling Native Instruments "40's Very Own Keys" for $20 USD. Great for Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and more. Transfer ID in hand ready for quick sale! PayPal Thanks for checking.
  26. B

    CLOSED Arturia V Collection 9 - $180 SOLD

    Hi: I'm offering the license, never activated, of the last version of Arturia V Collection, for 180. I also accept licenses of these plugins as trade-in: Cubase Pro 12, Soundtoys 5 bundle, or partial payment: soothe 2 Regards!
  27. Jan @ Treeswift

    Zebra Elementals: AERA - 120 Air-Inspired Instruments for u-he Zebra2

    Hey everyone! Jan from Treeswift Audio here, or sin(x) around these parts when I'm off-duty. I'm super excited to share some recent news with y'all – we just released our new soundset for u-he Zebra2! It's cool! And it's on discount! Oh boy! (Sorry, I'm running on too much coffee at this...
  28. D4rkKn1ght

    Bass Layering for strings and/or Orchestra

    Hi everyone, It's a well-known technique to layer a synth underneath strings, particularly in the bass or even sub-bass frequency range to 'thicken' out the strings or orchestra as a whole. I was just curious to hear what techniques, synths, presets/settings others use when doing this. I...
  29. iLLuminatiMusicAcademy

    Vst Synth That Makes New Sound on Every other key !!

    i was just wondering if there is any Vst Synth That Makes New Sound on Every other key . i know synplant can do that at some level . just Looking for Something that can Generate New Sound on Every Note and Make The Overall Experience Complex/ Colorful .
  30. pparker88

    What are your FAVORITE preset/patch/snapshot names?

    One of the most oddly enjoyable parts of creating instruments at Barcode Industries is coming up with names for all of the snapshots/presets. You'd think it would be pretty grueling after naming over 500 of them, but it's actually pretty fun to just let loose. But I think my favorite name came...
  31. bobby b

    Lights of the Distant City (Futuristic Dark Synths) [Electronics]

    An action-style dark electronics in a futuristic setting. Used Neural Networks plugin here, in moderate amount. Comments are welcome. Hope you'll like it.
  32. leonthomasian

    Playing East West 'Forbidden Planet'

    This library is so much fun!!! It instantly reminded me of movies like Pitch Black, Riddick movies ....and more. I'm a sucker for crazy pads, drones and synths. It's a pretty amazing library for that particular genre and style. It has both pitched and non-pitched sounds. I played with pads and...
  33. MegaPixel

    Would you be interested in a new kind of synth? (sort of)

    Hi, I'm putting some feelers out there for this, and if there's enough interest I will look into building it. Ok, the idea, modular meets classic synth, think serum meets cherry audio voltage but in a node editor like Bitwig's Grid (or unreal/blender's node editors). But leaning towards the...
  34. tony10000

    Just Picked This One Up: Hydra Stack/Kontakt

    From the Website: "Hydra Stack is a collection of Multi Sampled instruments sampled from a Hydra Synth using the Wavestack Mutant. This module creates a detuned unison style of sound from the loaded oscillator shape. 218 instruments have been sampled at 96khz using 2 samples per octave over 5...
  35. tnbee

    Does anyone know what is this vintage synth preset or how to make it?

    Hello, I wonder what is the lead keys that is playing in the attached song? Does anyone know how to recreate it? It seems used a lot in vintage/retro-style songs... thank you for your time!
  36. M

    Racing Synths

    Hello, I wanted to share with You the piece I did. The Alternate version has less synths, so the thing I wrote about below is better heard in the mix Maybe it will sound weird but it isn't really about the...
  37. J

    CLOSED Sugar Bytes Factory or Razor for Tone 2 Warlock or Saurus

    Enough said.
  38. Lunacy Audio

    Introducing CUBE Mini - 3D Sample Morphing Engine - Intro Price $39 (normally $69)

    Introducing CUBE Mini The Bite-Sized License for the CUBE Engine Intro Price $39 (normally $69) Discover CUBE Mini 3D Sample Morphing at Your Fingertips CUBE Mini gives you an immediate, accessible sonic palette for effortless creativity. We took the same award-winning engine and seamless 3D...
  39. C

    Synth parameters and correspondence tables

    Trying to understand a synth in depth is highly frustrating: most user guides do not detail parameters at all: neither their unit nor their range nor the correspondence between value and printed value. Example: Diva's cutoff of the VCF ladder: printed numbers go from 0 to 10, which isn't the...
  40. jrrshop

    Up to 50% off Overloud, UJAM, Audiomodern, & Bitwig

    Up to 40% off new Overloud TH-U Rig Libraries from BHS and Choptones, starting at $19: Up to 50% off UJAM Usynth Core, now $59 or $39 for owners of other Usynths: 30%...
  41. C

    NUMA Player

    First free cross platform Player/plugin synth from Studio Logic of MIDI keyboards / synth fame:
  42. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestral Tools' HABITAT - First Look + Giveaway!

    Orchestral Tools' Habitat is truly a niche, but beautiful library. In this first look video, we'll explore some of my favourite patches and see how this orchestral/synth blend really sounds, and we'll also give away 3 copies! Definitely stick around to learn how to enter! Enjoy. :)
  43. wunderflo

    Cute wild noise boxes

    Hey everyone, hope you are well! I'm looking for a fun hardware box (or a combination of boxes) that... a) is cute, meaning it should be rather small in size (doesn't have to be super tiny, but let's say it shouldn't be much bigger than a MPC One) and price (since we're talking about...
  44. ThomCSounds

    A FREE Synth for The Rainy Days - Rainy Day Synth by JiKay

    What about all the days where you're just not feeling it? Well... here's a synth for the rainy days by Jikay from the Pianobook community. In the video you'll see me play with the main sound while tweaking it, going through the snapshots and singing while playing with the synth. If, for...
  45. TheUniversalninja

    My introduction!

    I'm new to this site and how it works exactly so let me know if I'm doing something wrong! Anyways, hi, I'm TheUniversalninja. I've been composing original works since 2014. My work is inspired by all types of game soundtracks. Throughout the years, I've made music in many genres such as...
  46. Westwood


    Learn more here SAVE OVER 40% DURING LAUNCH Beautifully worn and naturally warped, LOST PIANO is designed to create a mood and inspire the way you play. It’s not a synthesiser but neither is it really a piano anymore. It’s the somewhere...
  47. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Release Vintage Keys Series: Jewel Bandolero

    Learn More: Jewel Bandolero captures the analog sounds of the distinctive Gem Rodeo 49. This Italian synthesizer was introduced to the market in the early 70s and features a 49 key keyboard and drum machine, as well as a variety of knobs and faders...
  48. jrrshop

    30% off Reveal Sound and Xils Lab

    30% off Reveal Sound Spire, now $129 instead of $189: 30% off Xils Lab Dees, now $69 instead of $99:
  49. Soundiron Team

    Available Now | Quadral: A Powerful Sampled Synthesis Engine

    Learn More: Introducing Quadral, a powerful sampled synthesis engine, ideal for film and game composers who need a fast workflow while maintaining their creative spark. Dive in to tweak and automate every parameter with total control, or just click...
  50. Lindon

    New Hybrid Synth/Sampler/ROMpler from TheSynthFactory...Now released!!.

    Hi, were really proud to announce the imminent release of HoriZEN - our Hybrid Synth/Sampler/ROMpler Head to to discover more, including early sign up and Launch Day special offers and discounts
  51. gwscores

    Generic 90s TV Music

  52. Tinesaeriel

    "Wild Witch" (2018) Re-Score - Clara Escapes from Chimera

    Hey again, folks! Did another scene re-score from the Danish fantasy film "Wild Witch." In this scene, we see protagonist Clara escape from the film's main antagonist Chimera, who is serving under the greater-scope Big Bad, Bravita Youngblood. Please excuse the English dub here, as some of...
  53. Nami Audio

    Summer Sale Last Week : Up to 40% OFF!

    Hi everyone, Summer sale is almost over on the website! This week is your last chance to get Hammer & Felt or Quasar with 30% off. And if you decide to get them both, you'll get an extra 10% off meaning at 93,24€ instead of 148€. Currently at...
  54. C

    Omnisphere 2 Slow Browser

    There are many threads on various forums about Omnisphere having slow browser and interface lagging after newer Omnisphere plugins, patch library and sound sources updates. Looks like there are 2 things causing this issue: 1) lots of patches and libraries 2) updates past 2.0.x versions...
  55. Dargalon

    Strix Instruments releases EMISYNTH for Kontakt with Intro Offer

    Strix Instruments has announced the release of a new Kontakt instrument library featuring a collection of 11 rare analog synthesizers that you never thought even exists. EMISYNTH lets you switch between synthesizers and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ’80s, create great synthwave or...
  56. M

    Synth sound used by Hiroyuki Sawano in Attack on Titan

    Hey guys, I have been wondering for a while, what type of sound (or VST) did Hiroyuki Sawano use in the song YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T from Attack on Titan, to achieve that siren-like sound in the second part? Does anyone know? It is the most prominent from 1:36
  57. luigizaccheo

    Sound design and MIDI programming on Dua Lipa "Don't Start Now"

    hi everyone, this is a new demo on our music production lessons at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Have a good listening.
  58. L

    For Sale U-he Hive 2 . u-he Ace . Bitwig Studio 3 . FabFilter Pro-C 2 . Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines .

    u-he Hive 2 - 100$ u-he Ace - 50$ Bitwig Studio 3 - 230$ FabFilter Pro-C 2 - 90$ Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines - 100$ Relab Development LX480 Complete - 160$ Eventide Blackhole - 99$ Arturia Analog Lab - 99$ Softube Tube-Tech Compressor Collection - 140$
  59. L

    For Sale U-he Diva $90

    Payments through PayPal. buyer pays Paypal fees. For Sale U-he Diva: $90
  60. AdamSold

    Only one Chance | HGW style short score

    Hi! Its a short one, I just got into the mood of HGW's scores after watching Deja Vu with Denzel. Tried to create a quite similar musical enviroment. Hope u like it! :)
  61. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron [NEW RELEASE] Vintage Keys Series: Easy 6100

    Learn More: Easy 6100 brings to life another rare Italian electronic/synthesizer: the Elgam 610/R This 61-key rarity features Bass, Special, and Normal voice sections as well as vibrato for the Special voices. We captured this Italian beaut in all of...
  62. R

    Everyone, I'm looking for an instrument. Can you help me?

    I need the synth lead? or synth woodwind sound from these two songs. Where can I find an existing plug-in or vst? The sound feels like Africa.
  63. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: Getting started with modular synths - Step 1: Building a DIY Eurorack case

    I've been meaning to start building a modular rig for the longest time. This week, I finally got started and I decided to document my progress.
  64. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron [NEW RELEASE] Vintage Keys Series: Jewel Empire II

    Learn More: Jewel Empire II captures the versatility and specific character of the GEM Imperial II electronic organ. The GEM series of instruments were manufactured by GeneralMusic in Italy sometime during the late 80s and early 90s. This large...
  65. Jan @ Treeswift

    TWO DAYS LEFT: Get our debut library Zebra Elementals: ISLA at 25% off! (Ends April 16th)

    Hi there! I'm Jan Morgenstern (or sin(x) around these parts) and some two weeks ago, I've launched my soundware label Treeswift Audio along with our debut release, Zebra Elementals: ISLA, a fairly unique library that I've worked on for most of 2020. ISLA is a collection of water-inspired...
  66. SoundYeti

    Explore a World of Big Picture Sound with Ambition by Sound Yeti – Now On Sale (Special Code Below)

    Are you looking for the freshest tools to help inspire your creative audio genius? Ambition is the perfect instrument for you. Capture breathtaking emotion and deep intensity with awe inspiring ease. Make your musical visions become creative reality, effortlessly, with Ambition. Save 30% on...
  67. SoundYeti

    The Mission of Sound Yeti

    Our Mission is Simple... We strive to provide producers, composers, and musicians of any skill level the tools need to create impactful music. We know how frustrating it can be to feel uninspired. Or maybe you feel like your skill level isn’t enough to make the music you hear in your head. We...
  68. sailenox

    Custom Mic Preamps and other gear

    Hi, just want to ask a question. Are there some people who are interested in custom built preamps or other stuff like compressors and synths? I'm a engineering student and i dont know what to do with my knowledge:emoji_joy:.
  69. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Announce Elektronik 25 - Vintage Keys Series

    Learn More: Announcing the newest addition to the Vintage keys series, Elektronik 25. The EM-25 is a polyphonic synthesizer with a strong focus on strings, organ and brass with a rare and historic sound. This library offers a rare glimpse at...
  70. AdamSold

    Reaching the Orion Nebula /synths/ambient

    My latest attempt to make something delicious with more synths and less orchestral stuff. Hope u like it! :) Comments r welcome!
  71. SoundYeti

    Ambition - Find Your Signature Sound

    A NEW LENS FOR BIG PICTURE SOUND Ambition inspires new vistas of musical exploration, and you become the sonic pioneer. Explore a panoramic trail to undiscovered and timeless soundscapes, emotion filled pads, evolving textures, anamorphic rhythms, elemental keys, and experimental undertones...
  72. SoundYeti

    Relic Ambition Expansion Sound Pack - 33% Off Intro Sale - Ending Soon!

    Intro Sale Ending Soon - =AT3q1s16L7mjhe-dpSeX5a7KTqSqLEH6AxdlCrCUbzURFV_aXPLNkKkauheXVw59pwdK_8V1GMhxQoQh_1z2TQdFQaq8M1rNniWblgi1RZUg_7wloTX4g4V8p3h9KYYCg6zwvAv7BasktNKgBUkcyIF7ia-DNKtgbfFWX_sZLsJ8WxGyL0TtgjZe0-4GfamJyNZgt1baDliufLoaOWlB'] A foundational...
  73. SoundYeti

    Relic Ambition Expansion Sound Pack - Out Now

    Intro Sale Ending Soon - A foundational collection of dramatic & expressive scoring presets derived from modern hybrid sample sources. Relic includes a blend of evolving synths and tranquil pads ranging from calm & subtle to lush, grimy & dark. Relic evokes...
  74. pparker88

    BEYOND Provenance - 250 NEW Sounds

    Musical Sound Design for the Modern Composer BEYOND Provenance is now loaded with over 250 professionally crafted snapshots. From immersive cinematic soundscapes, to driving rhythms, to tantalizing movement and textures. Journey Beyond
  75. Ray

    How do you create synth swells / slides like these?

    Unless the sound belongs to a library, I guess. But my instinct tells me it's craftable
  76. SoundYeti

    All Sound Yeti Plug-ins On Sale Now!

    There is still time to save on all of our music software... Find your sound today, only at!
  77. SoundYeti

    Sound Yeti Storewide Black Friday Sale

    Find out for yourselves why our users stand by our plugins.. Get inspired today with Sound Yeti. Save BIG on all plugins now through December 4th only when you visit
  78. SoundYeti

    Ambition Expansions Out Now - Special Intro Price 30% Off!

    Introducing two new expansion packs for Ambition. The Dawn and Dusk Expansion Packs provide Ambition users with an all new, exciting and instantly inspiring palette of sounds to explore and create with. Each pack comes loaded with 60 sample sources and 70 snapshots that are yours to warp...
  79. Cinesamples

    CINESAMPLES Soundscapes Synth - available now.

    Hi all! Cinesamples here. We just released the first in our new lineup of instruments. Soundscapes opens up an entirely new sonic palette of tonal and atonal sound design through granular synthesis. Full of interesting textures, it incorporates samples from violinist Michael Levine. A departure...
  80. Secret Soundworks

    Future Rising (Epic Sci-Fi Hybrid Orchestral Sound Design)

    New sci-fi cinematic track I made, it starts with dark sound design and goes into a dramatic hybrid synth / orchestral build. Enjoy "Future Rising"! :) Listen on Soundcloud: Listen on YouTube:
  81. SoundYeti

    Sneak Peek - Ambition Expansion Pack Sounds with New UI

    Check out some of the amazing sounds that you can find in the latest Ambition Expansion Packs, Dusk and Dawn. Explore a huge variety of sounds ranging anywhere from cinematic pads to classic synth and bass sounds. Capture breathtaking emotion and deep intensity with awe inspiring ease. Express...
  82. Secret Soundworks

    The New World (Epic Sci-Fi Hybrid Orchestral Dramatic)

    Made a little track today, cinematic synth sound design and orchestral kind of thing. Hope you like it!
  83. SoundYeti

    Ambition - Score Your World - See It In Action!

    We had the privilege of having the incredibly talented Producer/Composer, Gilde Flores, take Ambition for a test drive. Check out how he uses some of the built-in presets to create a huge, cinematic soundscape. Get inspired with Ambition! - On Sale Now For more info go to -...
  84. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron | Available Now: Disco 6000 (Vintage Keys Series)

    Learn More: Soundiron's Disco 6000 is the newest addition to our Vintage Keys Series. This library captures the historic sounds of the fascinating Solton Disco 64. This analog synthesizer/drum machine has a recognizable fat analog tone that includes...
  85. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's 2020 Storewide Summer Sale Starts Now!

    Learn More: As the summer heats up, we've decided it's that time for us to unleash some sizzling deals! We're running a 33% off store wide sale on over 130 virtual instruments in our shop. Includes all ']Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and ']Bundles...
  86. Kubler

    “Or Noir” – Trap / synth / orchestral sort of thing I guess

    Hi everyone, This week I wrote a main theme for a webseries, Or Noir (“Black Gold”) that will be released weekly on YouTube. It's a heist story set in the parisian suburbs. The director wanted the theme to convey a human, optimistic side in addition of the traditional "urban" feeling, so I...
  87. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : Copernicus by Indiginus (Free for a limited time)

    Hi everyone, Here's my review of Copernicus by Indiginus, an orchestral library, free for a limited time. Copernicus is a great audiovisual sketching tool featuring orchestral, synth layers and a "movie" feature allowing you to watch slides of the solar system and beyond while playing. I...
  88. Aleela

    Top 5 Soundtoys plugins for both Orchestral and Synth VSTs

    Hi, as there are discounts, I'm thinking of buying some Soundtoys plugins. In your opinion what are the 5 best Soundtoys plugins for orchestral VSTs and what are the 5 best Soundtoys plugins for synth sounds (like Omnisphere, Zebra, ...) and why? Thanks in advance for the advice!
  89. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Release Principessa for the Vintage Keys Series w/ Intro Offer

    Learn more: ']Principessa is the newest addition to our Vintage Keys Series. This library captures the vintage and classic sound of the very rare "Princess" organ. This 2-tiered electric organ has a rich analog synthesizer...
  90. Paul SAS

    Releasing Fragments - Fragile Organic Synths (Free/Pay a little if you want)

    Hey there, I am happy to announce Fragments, a free virtual instrument for Kontakt with various Organic Synth sounds, that have been created using various Synthesizers. Most of the sounds have movement within themselves so most of the time tune/pan/volume drift to achieve that fragile tone...
  91. Kyle Preston

    Deconstructing a Hans Zimmer Synth Patch | Zebra Tutorial

    They say you should transcribe your heroes' music. Likewise, I think if you're fascinated with timbre and tone color, you should transcribe your heroes' sound textures. In this video, I build a patch similar to the Hans Forlorn Dark Zebra patch. Apologies for a few minor tech issues which led...

    Windows only VSTs in Logic?

    I impulsively bought Genesis Pro Synth and then realised that its Windows-only VST (in 2020?) Is there a way to run this inside logic, like with Komplete Kontrol or some Blue Cat plugin? If the answer is NO, then someone who is on windows and is interested PM me and I'll send you the (unused)...
  93. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : Volt 2 By Castle Instruments

    Hi everyone, Here's my review of Volt 2 by Castle Instruments, a nice synth with 58 sound sources, 40 filter types, and many modulation options! Buy Volt 2 By Castle Instruments at VST Buzz (53% off) : If you'd like to...
  94. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Emotional Guitars Multi-Sampled Available Now

    Emotional Guitars Multi-Sampled A couple of years ago, we wondered how we could make a library that could encapsulate the most important human emotions, those that drive us to act the way we do, what makes us human. After some research, we discovered the Plutchik Wheel, which would summarize...
  95. AdamSold

    My very first commercial music

    Yesterday sitting at home unlikely (ahaha) i got a melody in my head out of the blue and i decided to make something short and digestable. Hope u like it.
  96. AdamSold

    80s Synths Dream

    I've been busy with this lately, hopefully it causes some retro vibe for the listener. Not a perfect mix but Ive tried my best :) enjoy and stay safe!
  97. Cory Pelizzari

    My Kontakt Synth Library Collection

    All links are in the YouTube video description.
  98. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Tapes Synths 01

    Get it here: https: // Support my work: Buy my albums:
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