1. jenssieckmann

    Fading Traces: romantic orchestral piece

    Hi fellow Virtual Instrumentalists, I would like to present my latest cinematic track (the 4th in my journey as a hobby film composer). I still consider myself as a beginner although it's the 3rd year I dedicate quite a lot of spare time to this awesome hobby. The track is mainly orchestral...
  2. K

    Inception Mockup (Hans Zimmer - Time) (Spitfire, CSB)

    Hey Guys, I made a mockup/remake of the Inception Ending (Time) as it's one of my favorite pieces of movie scores. It took me some weeks to do it. I worked like some hours on the daily basis, many breaks in between. It's not perfect, but it would take me another week or so to improve it, but I...
  3. Anthony Phan

    I made a Hunger Games Mockup using Pacific Strings!

    Hey guys! I recently picked up Pacific Ensemble Strings and have been loving it! I made a mockup in collaboration with a close friend of mine, who prepared a score for this project. Would love to see what you guys think of it! I would really appreciate any thoughts or opinions on it. :) Also...
  4. soundofmaw

    29-page Handwritten Score (before Dorico existed)

    Found this old score of mine recently, composed back when I was 17. I can't believe there are no major white-out corrections on these 29 pages. Amazing. Apparently, I had a lot of free time as a teenager and knew how to use a ruler well. I'm so thankful for computers and notation programs these...
  5. jenssieckmann

    Heroic fanfare and entrance music

    Dear fellow musicians, currently I'm trying to explore different sub-genres of filmmusic like romance, action, fantasy etc. My latest project is in a style I always wanted to make: a heroic fanfare / entry music. At the end it wasn't that traditionally orchestral I expected it to be beforehand...
  6. U

    Where to get my hands on the conductor score (pdf) for Ghosts of Tshusima?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?! Thanks! :)
  7. Bluemount Score

    A little Cinematic Studio Orchestra piece (Journey of a Snowflake)

    Except percussion, this track was entirely made with Cinematic Studio Strings / Brass / Winds. Feel free to leave your comments & have a good one!
  8. borghipablo

    Film scoring composer - Demo Reel - Warner - Amazon - Paramount + - Netflix

    Hi!, i've been surfing this fantastic forum for a long, It's time to show what I've been doing, I'm living in Madrid, I use to record my music with different orchestras, I hope you enjoy my Film music Reel! Demo Reel
  9. I

    What is the technique to orchestrate an arpeggio on the strings with sustained notes?

    How do you orchestrate an arpeggio with sustained notes so that the cut sound is not heard, what common notes to leave between the sections, I have heard a technique called duck tail so that the sound is heard linked? I want the arpeggio to start from the bottom and go up to achieve a pyramid...
  10. jenssieckmann

    Epic Orchestral Score

    Hi composers, I share my second composition in the genre of orchstral filmmusic. I'm a hobbyist and kind of perfectionist tweaking every little note until I got deaf hearing my own work over and over again. Structure is probably the weak part of the piece. I planned it far shorter than it is...
  11. Garlu

    "A Private Affair" available in Prime Video

    Hi there, One of my latest projects is available in Prime Video: "A private affair". 8 episodes of mistery, comedy and adventure, with some emotional touches as well. "1940s, Galicia (Spain). Marina Quiroga, a bold upper class girl with the soul of a detective, decides with the help of...
  12. Garlu

    "Llegaron de Noche" BSO binaural on platforms!

    Hi there, I'd like to humbly share the score I wrote to "Llegaron de noche" ("What Lucia saw"), which is on platforms: Link What's special about it? - Mixed on atmos/binaural (if you listen from Apple Music). - Performed by a super talented guitar...
  13. O

    Sheet score of Disney's Dinosaur (2000) composed by James Newton Howard.

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for the complete sheet score of the Disney movie - "Dinosaur" (2000), composed by James Newton Howard. I've been looking for this for a long time, to learn from this Score. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  14. bleupalmtree

    Still new to composing but what instrument is playing the main melody to this?

    You know the da -da da- da da da da- da da da da daaaaaa... The 0:29 second part :emoji_nerd:
  15. Klingsor

    Music for a Star Wars Fan Film

    Hi, a couple of friends from Vienna have produced a small Star Wars-inspired fan film. What the flick lacks in dialogues and dramaturgy is hopefully compensated by the excessive overuse of homicidal martial arts elements :P (All are passionate fencers.) Well, since John Williams unfortunately...
  16. Manaberry

    My first documentary soundtrack, YAY

    I'm happy to share with you guys what I've been working on last month: a nature documentary! And it's about the wolves. I took a bit of inspiration from the Apalachee and Argentina traditional music (subtle). That's also the first time I'm playing "that many" instruments myself: Banjo, Electric...
  17. Kubler

    “Guerre Secrète” – Cloaks & swords short film score

    Hey everyone ! Here is a piece I worked on early this past summer – the title of the thread is pretty self-explainatory ! The orchestra is almost exclusively Cinematic Studio, except for the percussions, harp and keys. I'm planning on releasing a score video soon, as some writing and...
  18. gwscores

    Bhaag - Short Horror Score

    Figured since we're getting close to spooky season, I'd post a score I did for an AFI Workshop short film a few years ago. Had lots of fun doing some eerie effects with a live Cello and Bansuri Flute.
  19. P

    Combining / Creating a Full Dorico Articulation Template of Different Libraries

    While I am very Familiar with Cubase and it's way of working, I am gradually working more and more within Dorico. I already have the Excellent NotePerformer Sounds and Articulation Template, and they are really good, but I want to take it even further and use my Main Sample Libraries, for a...
  20. Savepoint

    HW Question: Vostok / Syntrx

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here (I come in peace). I stumbled on this wonderful forum while reading a way-back recommendation made by @charlieclouser on a Gearspace thread and was *delighted* to discover a production forum on Al Gore’s fabled internet which doesn’t seem to be filled with...
  21. A

    First commission

    Hi! Someone contacted me for a song I produced and was interested to work with me for a video promo. This is my first time working with someone for a project and I don't know if it's better to be payed for the commission or complete the "song" ('cause it will be a score attached to a video...
  22. themeworks

    Edward Scissorhands

  23. BVMusic

    Scoring 'OCEAN'

  24. Navid Lancaster

    My Scorerelief 2021 Entry

    Had lots of fun composing the music for this resocre competition. Using the four notes of the girl knocking as a leitmotif. Hosted by The Cue Tube and Northern Film Orchestra. Score Relief is also raising funds in support of the Backup Hardship Fund, which provides relief to technical workers...
  25. Wunderhorn

    Classical Meets Hybrid - Throwing the Gauntlet

    This post was inspired by another thread ("I'm done with hybrid"). Let's assume - for this thread - that by hybrid we mean the mix of orchestral with electronics/samples etc. In my very extensive music collection (and I regularly look out for new things) I have a hard time finding many good...
  26. dman007

    How do you get that orchestral film score sound?

    How do you get that orchestral film score sound? What are the key mixing elements to achieving that sound? It always seems "set back" and has a unique sound quality. Where do you aim to have peak dBFS and LUFS for the loudest part of a piece (in mixing and/or mastering) Do you apply any EQ...
  27. Kubler

    Score video – My Westworld Scoring Competition entry

    Hey everyone ! I thought about bumping the entry discussions topic, but starting a new thread in this section seems cleaner. I wanted to give a try to making a score video, something I rather enjoy and might keep doing on a regular basis with past and future work ! I decided to start off with...
  28. Bluemount Score

    Short comedy waltz made with BBCSO!

    An "original soundtrack" I made for a current private project of a friend of mine and myself, composed only using Spitfire Audio's BBCSO Pro with a touch of Valhalla Room reverb.
  29. AndreasHe

    Studio One 5 score view, setting a scale?

    Hi. I am not so familiar with classical score view, but I would think setting for example a "c natural minor" must be possible and reflect in #/b The only thing I found is a "transposition" dropdown and it shows "b"s. But it seems not be the right way Can anyone tell me, how to set a "c...
  30. Navid Lancaster

    My latest rescore composition via The Cue Tube

    Hi everyone here is my latest rescore composition. The video comes from The Cue Tube. The Cue Tube is a resource for composers, who can find free videos to rescore and build a portfolio and professional network, and a place for filmmakers to find great composers for their projects. I really...
  31. Kubler

    Trills – Using accidentals or step indication ?

    Hi everyone, My musical education, like most people I imagine, has taught me to put accidentals symbols beside trills to indicate whether the player has to play a whole step or a half-step. But I've always sort of struggled with this as key signatures, transpositions and transposing instruments...
  32. B

    Sibelius Trill Menu / Free download

    Dear Sibelius-users, I have created a free set of different trill lines for you. It is easy now to write half-tone and whole-tone trills in the style you prefer. Enjoy Kind regards, David
  33. B

    Sibelius: Free Trill Menu / Trill lines

    please delete / double post Dear Sibelius-users, I have created a free set of different trill lines for you. It is easy now to write half-tone and whole-tone trills in the style you prefer. Enjoy Trill Menu for Sibelius - Free Freebie Useful custom trill menu from orchestrator David...
  34. SoundYeti

    Ambition - Score Your World - See It In Action!

    We had the privilege of having the incredibly talented Producer/Composer, Gilde Flores, take Ambition for a test drive. Check out how he uses some of the built-in presets to create a huge, cinematic soundscape. Get inspired with Ambition! - On Sale Now For more info go to -...
  35. Klingsor

    Review: The Film Music of Mark Isaacs Vol. 1

    I finally got my hands on "The Film Music of Mark Isaacs", a 2-disk compilation released by the Australian soundtrack label 1M1-Records. It is a compilation of four rather unknown cartoon scores from the 80s. A short introduction to the composer, who is unfortunately rather unknown for most...
  36. him4nshug4ur

    Hagrids Friendly Bird - John Williams (Orchestral Mockup - Himanshu Gaur)

  37. fedelecuo

    My first time scoring to picture #SpitfireWestworldCompetition

    Hi! This is the first time that i compose a piece for a film scene. I will really apreaciate if you watch my entry for the Spitfire & HBO westworld competition and give me your opinion Thank you! if you also are participating in this competition, feel free to show me your entry, i will love to...
  38. fedelecuo

    My entry for #WestworldCompetition

    Hi! This is the first time posting on this website and also the first time that i compose a piece for a film scene. A friend of mine recomended me this place because of the great community that it has. I will really apreaciate if you watch my entry for the Spitfire & HBO westworld competition...
  39. ryevick

    Looking For Movie/Cinema Clips For Practice

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, I did a search and I didn't see anything on it. I would love to find a place that allows you to download legally short scenes from movies without any orchestration or music on them to practice scoring. I know people will say you can film anything and put...
  40. Kubler

    Le Saut – Original animated short film soundtrack

    Hello everyone, I realized recently that I never posted this two-years old work, so here it is. During spring 2018 I scored “Le Saut” (“The Jump”), an animated short film made entirely in watercolors by a student from art school Émile Cohl in Lyon, France, as her graduation project. You can...
  41. Kubler

    Le Cadavre – Short film soundtrack

    Hello everyone, First and foremost I hope that you're safe and healthy at home, wherever you are, as well as your relatives and your friends :) I just wanted to share this brief set of cues I wrote recently for a fun little short film, Le Cadavre (“The Corpse”), that you can watch here ! It...
  42. GdT

    Logic Score Editor - different Key Signatures

    In Logic Key Signature is a global setting. If I change in on one track in the score editor it changes it for all tracks. In Sibelius I can have transposing instruments with different key signatures. Logic can’t do this. Much modern music is multi-tonal. Here is a simple example. I am reading...
  43. Alfeus Aditya

    I rescore Avengers fight scene

    I am one of those who are amazed by the music of Tom and Jerry, and similar cartoons that don't have much dialogue and are only supported by very good background music. I tried to do this to one of the Avengers scenes. I cut and just took a scene without dialogue and then tried to make funny...
  44. Chorny Serge

    New composer is here to show some mock-ups, talk about music and of course make some! Greetings!

    Hi everyone! My name is Serge and I'm a self-thaught composer from Ukraine. I would like to share my work with you. I am only at the beginning of creating content for social networks, you can listen to some of my music by following the links: Here's my attempt to record the flute (with midi...
  45. Kubler

    Au Fil du Temps – Short film soundtrack

    Hello everyone ! I composed in July the original score of an animated short film produced by three students of ECV Bordeaux, in France. It's quite light-hearted and deals with a little spider fond of watchmaking. The film will be released at the end of summer, but you can already listen to the...
  46. Zioma

    Experienced Composer (over 800+ projects done)

    Hello everyone, My name is Iliya Ryakhovskiy and I am a full time music composer. Throughout the years I have completed 100's of compositions with over 800+ music related orders for clients from different countries around the world. If you are interested, come check out my website. There you...
  47. Kubler

    Shutdown — Original short film soundtrack

    Hi everyone ! I'd like to share with you one of my latest work, the soundtrack of “Shutdown”, an animated short film from four students of l'École des Nouvelles Images in Avignon, France. The movie has a peculiar atmosphere going on, which made the work on textures quite interesting :) As...
  48. creativeforge

    THE MULE, score by Arturo Sandoval

    Really enjoyed the sometimes understated score but so rich in textures. And Arturo's unmistakable trumpet signature playing comes through. Gorgeous brass sections. :)
  49. paularthur

    Favorite score cue longer than 5 minutes?

    I'm curious what's everybody's favorite long-form cue(s)..? 5minutes+ :2thumbs: --
  50. Kubler

    Robinson, les Amoureux Sauvages – Short film original score

    Hi everyone ! Thursday evening was the first screening of the latest short film I composed for, Robinson : les Amoureux Sauvages. It was awarded by a prize for the sound (including the music) and the special prize of the jury:dancer: I figured I would publish the soundtrack at this occasion ...
  51. Kubler

    Warren Flamel – 35' original score

    (Posted in the right section this time !) Hello everyone ! I would like to share with you what is part of the outcome of 5 years of volunteer production by approximatively 80 people :) I composed the soundtrack of the third and last instalment of Warren Flamel and the Curse of Immortality, a...
  52. reimerpdx

    Hybrid Soundtrack for an RPG Webseries

    Hi fellow VI-C'ers. I'd like to share with you my studios recent album release, Adventures of Gaia, Vol.I. A soundtrack created for a SciFi Fantasy ttRPG web-series of the same name. This is an ongoing project, and I anticipate refining enough music for a second volume within the next 6 to 9...
  53. Duncan Krummel

    Documentary Score - Dammed to Extinction

    Hello ViC friends! First time starting a thread, but I wanted to go ahead and shamelessly plug a documentary I worked on that will premier this Saturday (5/4). The documentary uncovers the severe negative side effects that the lower four Snake River Dams in the Pacific Northwest (US) have on the...
  54. E

    Grand Guilds - Main Menu Theme

    Heya @everyone! Just wanted to share another of my tracks! This is another one from the Videogame gig I´m doing. -Grand Guilds is set in a Fantasy almost Victorian-Age (Pre-Steampunk) Land, the continent is on the brink of war between the 2 most important nations and a dark plot is stirring...
  55. Skyroads

    Solved - Need orchestrator or help with score preparation

    Hi guys I'm planning to enter a film scoring contest where the final compositions will be played live by an orchestra of ~ 80 players. It is a MUST that the score has to be playable and have to be in PDF and a common notation software format. The score also must include a conductor stave and...
  56. hansromano

    How do i delete this

    how do i delete this lol
  57. Soundlex

    Score/Trailer Mix Engineer in LA

    If you Guys know someone out here in LA that is a gem, I need somebody pretty good to mix a couple of difficult tracks first and later this year, a whole feature film score. Thanks for your answers!
  58. Jacques Heine

    Beginner Reaper Midi Editor

    Hello Everyone, Please be tolerant with my belgian college level english I'm new to MAO and occasionally a sax player in a municipal brass band I have a PC laptop, Reaper installed and I don't intend to record any music through audio input device My present ambition is loading into Reaper a midi...
  59. Drakie79

    Looking for composer for Indie horror game [FOUND]

    Hi, I'm a solo part time indie game developer and I have been working on a vampire adventure dungeon crawler game called "Small town thirst" You play as a criminal on the run that finds shelter in a church located in a deserted small town, he soon discovers he must face a large colony of...
  60. N.Caffrey

    Marimba part - can someone take a look?

    Hi, any marimba player around? I wrote a piece for a call for scores and this is the marimba part. I think it's playable but if someone who plays the instrument could confirm that (or have a word of advice) I'd be grateful. Thanks
  61. creativeforge

    First Film Scored On An iPad, using Korg Gadget

    QUOTE: "We talked with composer Tony Longworth about getting the gig to do the soundtrack, how he got the idea to score the film with an iPad and what’s involved in scoring a 2-hour film with an app like Korg Gadget. Synthtopia: Why score a film with an iPad? Did you have to sell the filmmakers...
  62. ChrisSiuMusic

    Inside The Score - Chief Of The Sky (Part 1/3): Theory, Melody, and Harmony

    Hello friends! Welcome to the first video in my breakdown series where I discuss the theory, melody and harmony behind my latest track 'Chief Of The Sky'. Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions!
  63. Jediwario1

    Re-scored World of Warcraft trailer

    Hey everyone, I had some spare time in-between projects so I looked for some trailers or short videos that I could re-score. I came across this 4 minute cinematic for the game World of Warcraft and noticed that it didn't have dialogue (just voice-over) so without hearing the music, sfx, or...
  64. Voider

    Electronic Cyberpunk Soundtrack

    Hey! The past days I sat on a track for a Native Instruments contest. We were free to do any genre and the only rules were that the song should be minimum 2 minutes long and incorporate samples from the provided free sample pack. So I did grab my own synth patches that I've created all from...
  65. Manaberry

    Shadow's Legacy - Tomb Raider (#NowScoreThis)

    Hi there! Lately, I've worked on a brand new orchestral template on my DAW (Live 10) and I've changed my approach and the way I compose music. The following track is the first one with both new template and new method of work. I had so much fun making this (for the #nowscorethis community...
  66. fretti

    Hybrid Beethoven

    Not sure this is the right place to post this, so please tell me if it isn't so I can delete/change it to the correct one (or if there already is a thread about this discussion, haven't found one so far though). Just stumbled upon this video: Even though I kind of think the idea is...
  67. Sate_music

    Planetbase Music

    Hi! My name is Alexander Falinski, I’m freelance music composer and sound designer with 13 years of experience and about 50 finished game projects. The most famous games with my music and SFX: Cut the Rope, Tap the Frog, Lep’s World 3, Planetbase, Dawn of Man. I was also orchestrator of...
  68. tarantulis

    Orchestrator needed

    I'm looking for an orchestrator to convert a MIDI mockup into a readable score. The piece is roughly 7.5 minutes in length. No actual orchestration needed, I just need a score. Timetable is flexible. PM me for details. -Dave
  69. Kubler

    Without A Trace – Dark orchestral theme

    Hi everyone ! I'd like to present you this composition I finished a couple weeks ago. This was an exercice for my master degree in scoring. We were asked to write a theme in a detective story style – I think I strongly leaned towards a thriller sort of thing, but I got positive comments...
  70. paularthur

    How many pieces do you write a week vs. how many you finish?

    As a person who writes a few times a week, stock piles midi files and comes back to produce & arrange at the end of the month; I've always been curious about others output method. I guess i'm just trying to gauge it... Cues, motif's, themes...
  71. dog1978

    "Love Arrow" (positive tension) and walkthrough

    Here is the track: Here is the walkthrough (english) Deutsch
  72. Kubler

    46 mn orchestral soundtrack – Harmony Ago

    Hi everyone, I'd like to share the project on which I worked during this summer. I basically work with the drawer/author Mathieu Reynès in order to give his ongoing comic series Harmony an original soundtrack. The third volume was just released on september 1st, along with my music : I'll...
  73. ranaprathap

    Is it possible to get sheet music of new movie scores?

    Hello, Is it possible to get the full orchestra sheet music of new movie scores? I am not looking for something like a piano cover, which can be done by ear. I want to learn the orchestration of specific pieces.(eg:Trafalgar Celebration from Wonder Woman) Anyone aware of any resources...
  74. John Busby

    Score: A Film Music Documentary

    i was listening to a podcast a few minutes ago and came across this: i'm definitely going out and supporting it! this looks awesome! spread the word if you haven't already heard about it. For some reason, i don't think it's gotten a lot of word of mouth mainstream and it's got all of the...
  75. thov72

    99$ Orchestra score needs FEEDBACK

    Hi there, I wrote a "score" for the 99$ Orchestra....since I hardly ever did more than write 4-part string harmony, this was a big challenge....I´d be grateful for anyone to look at my score/listen to the Finale version and comment. I´ve had 2 seminars on harmony in my life, basically just to be...
  76. Klingsor

    Main theme for a fantasy film project

    Hi there, I spent the last days working on this little tune... ...a somewhat rhythmically driven (almost march-like) medieval/fantasy theme soundtrack theme. It's build upon a (hopefully) heroic melody and is intended to accompany...
  77. AdamSold

    Epic-dramatic trailer

    A few years ago i've written some trailers for non existent movies. I think this was the best of all. Hope you like it!
  78. toddkedwards

    Is Michael Giacchino replacing Hans Zimmer?

    Are we starting to dawn a new era with film scores? We've been under the domination of Hans Zimmer film scores for at least the past 7-10 years. Could we say we are starting to see this slip and Giacchino will be taking that spot? What do you think this will do for film music, since Giacchino...
  79. M

    Alternative to Logic Pro X for displaying duration bars in the score editor

    I don't own Logic and I do not plan to buy it so do you a notation software which enables us to display the note's duration and works approx. the same way of the Logic score editor ? Here is what I mean : Thanks
  80. D

    Demo for Metropolis Ark 1

  81. RRBE Sound

    Field of Poppies - For string orchestra.

    Hey everyone. So a few weeks back I composed a track named ''Field of Poppies'' - (not small dogs, but flowers, if you didn't know). In remembrance of World War One. Now I have made a Sibelius Score, and I wonder if you would give me some feedback on the orchestration? The track, made in...
  82. tymax

    New Album "Abandoned House" - Cinematic Hybrid Music

    Dear friends! I am about to finish working on a new album. Here are some tracks from the album, I will be really glad to get some comments, critic and any feedback! Thanks!
  83. MoteMusic

    "Not So Normal"- Orchestra, electric guitar, piano.

    Hello everyone! I have just finished the score for a short independent film. This is a cue in which our character is at first dreamily drifting in his disturbed state, and then as he walks he sees everyone as peculiar strangers, who may all know his secret. He then finds that his medication has...
  84. N


  85. Paul T McGraw

    Best Place to Post Scores and Parts

    I would like to post scores and parts online so that if any musicians are interested in performing my work, they can be accessed. Any advice on the best place to post scores and parts? I use Sibelius. I could post Sibelius files or PDF. Sibelius Scorch is a possibility. I am 63 and I would...
  86. d.healey

    Transcribing from ear to score

    I can hear a melody and almost immediately play it on piano, might take me a few wrong keys to get the first note but once I've got it I can get the rest - relative pitch. What I can't do is hear a melody and write it down, I can get bits of it but not reliably. Does anyone have any practical...
  87. Dmitry Noskov

    Orchestra recording session for feature animation movie "Quackerz 3D".

    Hi Сolleagues! I'd like to share this video from recording session for animation movie "Quackerz 3D" that was shot during one of three days of recordings. Me and my co-composer Alexandre Maslov wrote about 1hr 5min of original music for this film. It'll be released in Russia on February 18th...
  88. tarantulis

    Adding a "personal touch" to known themes?

    So I'm doing a score for a Star Wars fan fiction short film and the director has a handful of songs from the original JW score set as the cues for several scenes, and would like them to be mimicked pretty heavily. He is open to my adding a "personal touch", but only if it matches the original...
  89. eXagy

    Frank Pfeiffer - Composer for Media - eXagy

    I am a composer for trailer, film, advertisements and games, based in Germany Some of my tracks can be found in my Soundcloud-profile: eXagy - Frank Pfeiffer Thanks a lot for listening. I also like designing covers, logos, graphics and UI's. Cheers, Frank
  90. Adam Lukas

    How does one score a scene where no music is actually needed?

    Hello guys. I'm in a somewhat strange situation. I'd like to participate in a renowned competition where I have to do a rescore of a 4-minute scene. I once had the pleasure to be part of the Hollywood Music Workshop with Conrad Pope - he back then stated: "Don't score the obvious". He also...
  91. fnicknich

    Lux Aeterna, music for eponymous short movie

    Hi, everyone. Back in June I rescored a short movie by a Spanish digital artist called Cristóbal Vila as my final work at Berklee's Film Scoring Master program. I'd like to share the result with you now. Feedback is appreciated. Movie: Score...
  92. B

    Emotionscore - Score Prep & Orchestral Production

    EMOTIONSCORE MUSIC SERVICE Our expert score and part preparation allows composers to focus on their work. // *October* special rates for 1st time customers We work with European orchestras and have the best session musicians at hand. Orchestration and orchestral session production in close...
  93. donbodin

    Star Wars / The Good, Bad Ugly Mash Up

    Had the pleasure of scoring a fun fan film mash up of Star Wars and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Had a day to complete so it could get submitted to festivals. Was loads of fun.
  94. J

    Virtual vs Reality - The Potentials of Sampling

    Hey guys. Studying at university, I am currently undergoing my major project. As you can tell by the title, the research I am carrying out is analysing the realism of virtual instruments for composers and if a fully 'virtual' workflow could compare to traditional methods of recording an...
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