1. philmcgowan

    Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Mix Walkthrough

    Hey all, I've posted another mix walkthrough, this time on a cue from Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard that I recorded and mixed. Enjoy!
  2. alfredsolax

    June 30th 2023, shared session 25 strings in Morricone's studio in Rome

    Hi everybody! I'd like to let this great group know that there is a shared session on June 30th 2023 with 25 strings (Kiev Virtuosi) in the same iconic studio and room where Ennio Morricone made 'Nuovo Cinema Paradiso' and Nino Rota 'The Godfather'. Everything started when I was working as an...
  3. jrrshop

    91% off SSL Vocalstrip, now $17.99

    91% off SSL Native Vocalstrip 2, now $17.99 instead of $199: The simple route to professional vocals with that SSL sound. Vocalstrip 2 is an application specific plug-in that draws upon decades of SSL professional engineering...
  4. O

    Upright piano recording- share knowledge thread

    Hello everyone. I thought about having a thread to share and collect knowledge, tips and tricks for upright piano recording. Not meaning I will be the moderator nor “professor”, Im a newbie to recording and trying to learn by doing and reading, Youtube etc. Here are some audio files and...
  5. stingray306

    What's a good amount of material to have for a sample recording session?

    I want to make a high-quality playable library for a stringed instrument. It doesn't not have to feature heavy, but would like to play high quality melodies and strummed chords. Currently, my asset list for recording consists of: - All notes (in this case, 42 notes), at 3 different velocities...
  6. B

    Good budget audio interface?

    Just got some good studio monitors and Sennheiser HD 400 Pros so I figured I should get an audio interface... right? Do I actually need one? I'm just producing with virtual instruments, so really the sound isn't leaving my computer except to go to my monitors... but every one I've seen uses one...
  7. keyinstruments

    Pro-Tools record start stop automation through MIDI

    Can I automate my recording process through for instance a midi note? I would like to automatically record several clips on one track while each clip will be different because of a midi note that is changing. So, I can't use loop recording to create playlists, because that way I would have the...
  8. T

    [Digital Performer 11] Record Follows Track Selection - How?

    I'm having trouble finding this option. Can anyone point me to it?
  9. Symphonova Stem Service

    Hybrid Production Transformed: Symphonova Stem-Production Software Service

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new service for producing orchestral stems. Our method is similar to conventional hybrid stem production (musician + ‘mock-up’), except you don’t need to spend hours manually adding expression. Instead, our intelligent software captures the...
  10. Cory Pelizzari

    A Tip For Realism

  11. S

    Learning How to Produce Film-Quality Recordings with Samples and Live Tracking

    Hello Everyone, I'm a composer who is learning how to score for media. I've been in studios a lot in the past, but as a performer and not at all on the tech side. I recently got Logic Pro X and a Mac Mini M1. For now will be using free sample libraries like LABS, etc. I had an issue...
  12. Fab

    Real Vs Sampled Piano, is the difference worth the effort?

    Hi there, As the title says, I'm curious to hear your experiences of this. Thanks, Fab
  13. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: How to record hardware synths using Ableton Live

    I've made a video about how to record hardware synths using Ableton Live's magical "External Instrument" device.
  14. jtyh1g11

    Pre-amp recommendation for 'warm' violin/guitar/piano recording?

    Hi all, hope everyone's well! I want to start recording the instruments in my home studio (namely violin, viola, cello, acoustic guitar and acoustic upright piano) for potential library tracks. I'm pretty inexperienced in home recording but want to get the best quality production I can. I've...
  15. ethanay

    A very simple, compact analog-style recording and mixing signal chain and workflow?

    (I had a hard time choosing which sub forum to post this in, it's about gear and workflow, but I think mainly gear) TLDR I'm looking to put together my first dedicated (literally, tiny!) music production space. It will mostly be focused on composition, arrangement, recording and mixing...
  16. Bluemount Score

    Room tone audio files?

    I'm searching for simple, long room tone recordings to lay under my orchestral tracks for quite moments. Nothing too fancy. Ideas where to find something like that? Thank you!
  17. smaleski

    For Sale PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 Audio Interface

    $75 OBO—Mint Condition
  18. Anevis

    Phone mic - a bad idea?

    This might be a silly question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Hope this question fits this section, didn't know where else to ask it. Have you recorded with your phone mic? I mean I'm currently not able to access my DAW and stuff. Let's say the only gear available is my laptop (that's not...
  19. Soundiron Team

    How To Create Your Own Ambiences | Tips & Tricks

    Recording and sound-designing your own atmospheric drones, ambiences, and pads is a great way to give your music a personal touch. In this video Nathan Boler give you a few tips on how you can get started making your own ambiences from recording to post processing. Make sure to subscribe to...
  20. L

    Hiii guys 👋

    So this is where the yellow brick road has led me... I am in my young 20’s, am lured in by the nostalgia that wafts from the memories of the roaring 20’s, Madagascar, ancient Egypt, and Tibetan mountains home to zen monasteries, I live in Colorado USA, I am fascinated with eastern culture and...
  21. ChrisSiuMusic

    Looking For a Flutist?

    Hi everyone! If you’re looking for live flute parts to add to your next score or piece, my girlfriend is a flute player who is available to record remotely. If you’re interested, here’s her website: Thanks!
  22. RGT Team

    Need Guitars Recorded For Your Track? Get Your Custom FREE Sample Today!

    REMOTE GUITAR TRACKING We record guitars. At RGT, our mission is to provide composers with easy access to world-class guitarists, so that they create more great music faster. We have a team of top-notch session guitarists across all genres, so we can record anything that you may need. Get...
  23. gwscores

    The American Frontier

    Composed and orchestrated this short piece with the goal of having it recorded with an orchestra. Just recorded it with a 56 piece ensemble via "Musiversal" (aka: 99 dollar orchestra) I think it turned out decently, though there are many intonation issues in the high registers. But, you get...
  24. kfirpr

    Professional Guitar Recording for VI's members

    *apparently I posted in the wrong place so admins can delete this post.. Hello guys Being a guitar player for more then 20 years and a trailer music composer myself, I'm offering an exclusive service of a guitar recording service with a special price for Vi Control members. You can check some...
  25. Cory Pelizzari

    The Endless Beauty of Looping

  26. RRBE Sound

    Drum Recording Available

    Hello everyone! I am very glad to “announce” that I now offer custom drum recordings from Aarhus, Denmark. Although, I do not have a degree in drumming, I have been playing drums for 20 years. 8 of which have been with a variety of different bands with different genres. I mostly play in the...
  27. 9

    Recording With Effects Processing

    I know nothing about mixing and am trying to find resources to teach me how to record better and finally learn how to start mixing tracks. But I have a general question. Most VST synth patches are enhanced with internal effects built into the synth that give the patches their...
  28. Daniele Nasuti

    Using SM 58 mic like a SM 57 (without capsule) works??

    Hello, I do not know if someone has already asked, but since I should record an acoustic guitar I wanted to know if any of you have ever tried to use the SM58 without the capsule above (that unscrewing it can be disassembled.) Honestly, I'm a little afraid that using the microphone without the...
  29. borghipablo

    My Orchestral Music Reel

    I just want to share with you my orchestral Reel with Recordings in New Zealand with the NZSO and the Park Road production Team, and also in Skopje Macedonia. I've learned a lot in this forum and It's a pleasure to show you what I do.
  30. Wunderhorn

    Recording a Harp

    What would you suggest how to record a harp in a home studio environment for a solo production? Pickups seem to not work well (sound tends to get muddy), and I wonder if a pair of dedicated stereo microphones would be best, or separate ones? What would you recommend for placement and how to...
  31. jfino

    Best way to keep noise floor low?

    Hi Everyone, Wondering if anyone has any advice for keeping the noise floor on recordings low when sampling. Specially if you have loads of mics I've noticed noise can build up. Thanks! Jimmy
  32. Anami

    Reference tracks for mixing film/media music

    Hi all, Curious which reference tracks you guys (media/film composers) use when mixing your own work. I know these threads do exist in forums like Sound on Sound and Gearslutz, but it's less spoken about in orchestral or other soundtrack genres. I really liked the mixing and recording of...
  33. JJP

    Studio building successes and regrets

    A fair number of people on this forum have built studios for composing and recording. I'd love to hear from some of you about those things that you included in your studio builds that :thumbsup: have proven very helpful to your workflow, :thumbsup: you didn't think you'd use, but are now happy...
  34. AoiichiNiiSan

    Writing for the Orchestra- with Vlad and the Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra with real, recorded examples

    This seems like it'll be a useful resource for those here who want to learn a bit more about orchestration, and hear how it practically works. Vlad has written specific examples to demonstrate the techniques and arrangements he talks about, which have all been recorded by a real orchestra for...
  35. Mathieu A

    "L'Hypothèse de la Reine Rouge" recording session with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road

    Hi guys, last year, I had the great pleasure to conduct the LSO during the recording of "L'Hypothèse de la Reine Rouge" at Abbey Road Studios. A wonderful experience with this legendary orchestra and with the great Simon Rhodes who recorded it.
  36. A

    Quantize MIDI that have Automation?

    Hi! When recording MIDI Strings and Winds we end up with a performance that have lots of modulation. I often want to quantize this performance, resulting in the MIDI notes being on the grid but the modulation left unaffected (see attached picture). How do you guys go about this procedure? Is...
  37. ThePrioryStudio

    FS: Pro Tools HD3 PCIe cards - No software

    Hey guys! I'm selling my Pro Tools HD PCIe cards. No License 1 x core card 2 x Accel cards 2 x inter connects 1 x long digilink cable All cards pass digitest perfectly and have been in a Mac Pro in a working studio. Smoke free and well looked after and maintained. PM me for details
  38. borghipablo

    Orchestral recordings in Russia Has someone made a sharing recording session in Russia?, the prices are really good, opinions? Thanks!
  39. dtonthept

    "Big" Pro Tools templates?

    Is anyone here running a large template in Pro Tools for composing and mixing? That is to say, in addition to instruments and midi, do you have a fair amount of processing, plugins, bussing, etc going on? I'm guessing VEP is essential to making this happen. I'm just wondering if, through your...
  40. John Busby

    Be Thou My Vision - instrumental

    Interested to hear any thoughts on this - mix, arrangement, recording etc. I'm still very much a rookie. Live violin live acoustic Una Corda Tina Guo Albion One & Una Corda stuff for ambience + reverbs and reversed reverb tails
  41. JaikumarS

    Orchestrators and String Quartets for recording film scores

    I am looking for Orchestrators and String Quartets for recording Film scores. Location is not a bar. Thank you.
  42. MoeWalsaad

    Honest Reviews on (The Remote Orchestra)

    Hello Everyone, I would like to hear unbiased reviews on the Remote Orchestra, Of course, I went to the website and heard the samples, pretty awesome but I would like to hear from composers directly who are not associated with TRO, and I would like to hear some samples of your music that were...
  43. DanielOutro

    Recording vocal on a budget

    This one is for all vocalists and singer-songwriters looking to build a DIY recording setup for under $500. Hope you like it. Read here :)
  44. 1

    Live recording with orchestra! :)

    Hello everone! :) I've been lucky enough to get a track I've composed recorded with the Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra. It was written as practice in film scoring and it is for a comedy scene. Link to the track: Hope you'll like it :)
  45. kurtvanzo

    Recording Techniques : Videos Added

    Someone posting in another section asked for details on recording solo instruments. I gave his some advice as a long time recording engineer and thought a thread on recording different types of live instruments might be helpful to some composers interested in adding live recordings to their...
  46. utopia

    Orchestral Recording. Single Project vs Each Cue/Project

    Hey everyone, I've had been lucky to be recording with orchestras for some time now and recently this question arose from different engineers so I wanted to ask for your advice. Basically, when you go on recording an orchestra for your filmscore would you have a single PT session prepared for...
  47. FFM

    Never overpay for score prep, mixing, and editing of your compositions again!

    Do you think you are spending too much time or money on your score prep and the post-production? Did you know that the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir offers a complete package for your recording needs? Our services include arrangement, orchestration and score preparation with meticulous...
  48. A

    Two pieces (violin solo and quintet), guess the VST :-)... no, real musicians!

    Hi guys, Thanks to this forum, I realized that recording a real musician (or two musicians) is a good and inexpensive alternative to using sample libraries. :) During a very brief google session I managed to find 3 performers with good references and affordable rates. One of them was...
  49. A

    Recording Sessions in London starting at $299

    The $99 Orchestra has evolved from a Crowdfunding project into a full service company. Customer service, a new booking system, more recording options and new recording session options. New available options London Recording session (20 union musicians) London strings session (10 union...
  50. Daniel Petras

    Solo Piano recording and sheet music

    A solo piano work I composed and performed several months back. A sort of fuse between Chopin and Ragtime. Piano is my second instrument. I made the sheet music available today for anyone interested: Recording: PDF:
  51. 1

    First Live Recording!

    Hello everyone! :) This is my first live recording with an orchestra :D I have composed this track for the graduation film "Generation Mars" at the Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer, directed by Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin. Recorded with the Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra (KORK). A...
  52. Pasticcio

    How to deal with windows?(no, not Microsoft)

    Hey, So I moved to a new place around 2 months ago and are just getting started improving this place for recording/mixing purposes. Unfortunately there's alot of windows in this room, which is a big downside, especially since I'm planning to do alot of acosutic recordings here(vocals, guitars...
  53. Anze Rozman

    Phoenix for flute solo and orchestra (Live recording)

    Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice new year's eve! On 11th of December of 2015 I had performed my piece Phoenix for flute and orchestra by flutist Eva-Nina Kozmus and the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. The piece was originally written for Eva-Nina Kozmus in 2010 for flute and piano...
  54. Anze Rozman

    Phoenix for flute solo and orchestra (Live Recording)

    Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice new year's eve! On 11th of December of 2015 I had performed my piece Phoenix for flute and orchestra by flutist Eva-Nina Kozmus and the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. The piece was originally written for Eva-Nina Kozmus in 2010 for flute and piano...
  55. B

    Emotionscore - Score Prep & Orchestral Production

    EMOTIONSCORE MUSIC SERVICE Our expert score and part preparation allows composers to focus on their work. // *October* special rates for 1st time customers We work with European orchestras and have the best session musicians at hand. Orchestration and orchestral session production in close...
  56. R

    5 Things Every Composer Should Do Before A Remote Recording Session

    Hello Everybody. Thought you would enjoy this little article we wrote about 5 things that composers can do help better prepare themselves for a remote recording session (or recoding session of any kind for that matter). There will be a follow up to this so looking forward to your feedback...
  57. olajideparis

    TRO Fall Recording Marathon: Shared Recording Sessions from $25

    Hey Guys, Please join my company The Remote Orchestra for some shared recording sessions during our fall recording marathon event at Art Palace Studios and Georgian Film Studio in Tbilisi Georgia, this October 19th through November 1st. We did something similar to this back in April for our...
  58. 1

    RME Babyface Pro?

    Hello everyone! :) I'm still trying to find out what kind of audio interface I want to go with, I mostly make cinematic music and have closer to 200 channels in my template. I want to do some overdubs with my violin as well. Will the Babyface Pro perform as well as UFX or UCX when it comes to...
  59. B

    How to sample deep bass sounds?

    We have a tempered glass shower door that makes a really cool deep bass "BoOoOoOoOoM" sound that lasts for about 3 seconds. I currently only have a Tascam DR-40 with only the built in mics. Trying to sample it with this I just end up with a "Thunk" sound that is only about 1/4 second long. So...
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