1. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Watchkeeper By Keepforest

    Stop all the clocks...or rather, throw them into one huge, epic sounding library! We're sure that is how the Keepforest board meeting went that! Watchkeeper is a huge cinematic instrument that combines the hard hitting Keepforest sound design with kinetic clocks in all shapes and form. With...
  2. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Dolce By Audio Imperia

    Audio Imperia have once again teamed up with Performance Samples to bring us Dolce, the romantic chamber string ensemble. With echoes of classic 50s Hollywood era scoring, Dolce is lush, detailed and emotive. Featuring eight velocity layers with up to eight round robins, Dolce is sweet...
  3. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Ethera Gold Prometheus by Zero-G

    To continue his amazing Ethera Gold series, scripting and sound design master, Stefano Macarelli brings us Prometheus. This release, in conjunction with Zero-G Sample Libraries. is all about cinematic folk male vocals. But not just the expressive true legato that the series is famed for. Here...
  4. A

    Seaboard mapped kontakt libraries

    Hi all, I just bought a used seaboard block. Are there any seaboard mapped kontakt libraries out there from users that I could download? I was wondering wether there is a community out there (my google search wasn't successful...). Or does anyone care to share? It would be much appreciated...
  5. G

    What VST can I get to sound like a piano like the one Gibran Alcocer uses?

    I was listening to some Gibran Alcocer songs and I really liked the piano he uses. What VST was used in these songs? And how could I configure one to sound like his? "Idea 10": "Idea 1":
  6. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Symphonic Vertigo By Cinematique Instruments

    Over several years, Cinematique Instruments have shown time and time again that they craft beautiful libraries that are full of character, nuance and detail. Their Symphonic Vertigo collection contains violin, viola, cello and flute instruments along side ensemble strings. This collection is...
  7. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Spotlight Piano By Fracture Sounds

    Fracture Sounds make incredible pianos. With the Midnight Grand and Woodchester Piano being popular go to pianos, Fracture Sound present us with Spotlight Piano. A concert hall sampled Steinway D Concert Grand which sound beautiful, exquisite and is perfect for modern cinematic scoring...
  8. X

    Waveform selection in a Kontakt instrument

    Hi, I am working on a Kontakt instrument which is based on some old analogs that I have, and I own some other Kontakt instruments that have waveform selection (e.g. square / triangle / saw etc). I'm confused about how this would be implemented in Kontakt. I understand that Kontakt has a...
  9. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Cineplucks By Cinematic Alpha

    Cinematic Alpha are back once again with a library full of celestial and evocative plucks. With their unique DOVinst technology, these plucks will fit any cinematic situation you can throw at them. From master of sound design, Andrew Fly, Cineplucks is another fine instalment of the...
  10. M

    Triggering Cremona String Library from Digital Performer

    I'm Triggering Cremona String Library from Digital Performer via Kontakt. The double stops are hit and miss. I'm currently programing a string quartet arrangement and the Strad violin is being temperamental. I'm currently using the Marcado Articulation. Sometimes it will give me two...
  11. José Skertchly

    Any one still using MacPro 5.1 for film scoring?

    Any one still using MacPro 5.1 for film scoring?, if you do, please post your specs, and if possible, your template specs. Here are mine: MAC PRO Early 2009 (now 5.1) 2 x 3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Radeon RX 580 8 GB (4 monitors) 96 gigs RAM 2tb NVME for samples 500gb SSD for OS Two 2tb HD...
  12. Fracture Sounds

    OUT NOW - Spotlight Piano by Fracture Sounds

    We are proud to announce our new flagship piano – a world-class concert grand captured in stunning detail in a concert hall, with all the nuance and detail Fracture Sounds is known for. This piano will feel right at home in your template, whether as a workhorse piano for scoring and sketching...
  13. P

    Playable keyrange not changing on keyswitch

    Hey, I'm new here! I'm building a sample library that has keyswitch notes to change between groups. The problem I'm running into is that when I switch groups with a keyswitch the playable key range (blue highlighted keys on the keyboard) don't change to show what keys are playable. Instead it...
  14. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Soft Drums By Jon Meyer Music

    Drums are loud and we all love loud drums! But what about those more intimate moments when you need a softer sounding drum? In walks in Soft Drums by Jon Meyer, a soft yet punchy fluffy drum library. Join Da Fingaz as he takes us through a nice delicate journey through Soft Drums. Warning...
  15. Sonixinema

    Intimate Legato Violin - OUT NOW | 20% Intro Offer

    We're really excited to finally announce the release of Intimate Legato: Violin! Featuring a beautifully captured, natural-sounding legato performed by virtuoso violinist, Peter Liang. Intro Price - £55 Regular Price £69. Existing Intimate Legato - Cello users will get an exclusive code via...
  16. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Subversion By Dark Forces Audio

    New kids on the block @Dark Force Audio have hit the sample library scene with the bold and beautiful Subversion. Experienced sound designer, Tarek Mansur, has created a cinematic instrument that is equal parts dark and punchy fused with beauty and sparkle. With a whole host of sound design...
  17. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Home Piano By Westwood Instruments

    Westwood Instruments have a history of making detailed, innovative and highly useable instruments. With such personal favourites as the Untamed Series and Lost Piano, Westwood Instruments are back with their new Electric Home Piano. In true Westwood Instruments style, you not only get an...
  18. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Clarinet Textures By Emergence Audio

    Emergence Audio quite simply make beautiful instruments. Their latest offering is Clarinet Textures which takes full advantage of their wonderful Infinite Motion Engine. In fact, it is this engine, coupled with beautiful sampling that creates beautiful, evocative and emotional textures which...
  19. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Pathfinder Violin By Ben Osterhouse

    Ben Osterhouse is back with another beautiful and intriguing instrument with Pathfinder Violin. At the touch of a key, Pathfinder Violin creates all manner of violin performances for you. Not only is Pathfinder Violin very clever, it sounds delightful too! Join Adrian Earnshaw as he finds his...
  20. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Jade Evolutions By Strezov

    Following on from the enormous success of the Jade Ethnic Orchestra, Strezov Sampling have spent two years making Jade Evolutions. Featuring a whole host of Chinese orchestral instruments, voices and electronic sound sources, Jade Evolutions is an instant score creator with a tonne of...
  21. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Mosaic Neon By Heavyocity

    Heavyocity continue their Mosaic series with the vintage yet modern sounding Mosaic Neon. With the powerful Mosaic engine, sound design wizards have crafted a modern scoring tool with a vintage twist. If impeccable sound design and vintage synths are your thing, Mosaic Neon has you covered...
  22. peterharket

    CLOSED SOLD - Afflatus $350

    Hi! I'm looking to sell my license of Afflatus Chapter 1 Strings as I only use LASS for strings anyways. Asking price is USD 350 through PayPal, and the license is ready to go from NI. And if you were in doubt - I have gotten approval from Strezov-Sampling to resell the library, as you can see...
  23. O

    Multi-note playback script

    Hi everyone! Help! Trying a create a kontakt instrument that plays the neighboring notes as you play one note - so for example - if you have one sample of C3, when you enable this function it will also play C3, C#3, D3, D#3 as well, creating a multiple sample playback. is this possible?
  24. D

    Creating and saving instruments in Kontakt

    I have created single instruments in Kontakt for certain projects but now I'm working on a larger project where I will be building a product with a lot of instruments. I have the UI already done and hooked up to all the various effects etc and now it's coming to crunch time where I'm starting to...
  25. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Nodal By Wrongtools

    What is better than a singular double bass on it's own? That's right, four double basses! If you like your double basses detailed, expansive and mighty, then Wrongtools have the answer with Nodal. These double basses are designed to add expression and movement through 80 presets and over 2000...
  26. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Roundwound by Modwheel

    When it comes to textual guitars, MODWHEEL have created a sound designers dream in Roundwound. At just over 10GB in size, this cinematic guitar library takes the principle of stacking performances together to create 64 multi timbrel patches. Join Adrian Earnshaw as he plucks, bows and resonates...
  27. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Review & Composing With Vocal AI By Sample Logic

    Sample Logic LLC are continuing their inspiring AI series with the evocative Vocal AI. Featuring a plethora of vocal performances spanning the globe, this cinematic vocal instrument can provide ethereal, dramatic and pure beauty at the single press of a key. Join Marcus Manderson as he guides...
  28. U

    CLOSED (Closed)

  29. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Dojo By Silence & Other Sounds

    Silence And Other Sounds have cooked up a really interesting offering this time out. Dojo is described as a “Combat Synth” based onthe Japanese martial arts of Kunitz and Kata. Dojo contains two separate synthesizers, each with their own collection of instruments, both electronic and organic...
  30. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Verticale by Sonora Cinematic

    Sonora Cinematic is back again - this time, with a brilliant new upright piano, which features the very first four layer felt treatment on the hammers, as well as providing access to the natural piano sound as well.  In addition to being able to create subtle and introspective tracks, both the...
  31. D

    Does anyone have Percussion Layouts made for FInale to suit Kontakt Drum Libraries?

    I use Cubase to work on arrangements and export the midi to work with Finale, but drums are a mess - the standard Percussion Layout doesn't recognise Kontakt's layout, where e.g. a Kick is a C1, a snare is a D1 etc. I end up using transpose percussion notes, but that's hit and miss, because I...
  32. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Review & Composing With Orchestral Essentials Vol. 1 & 2 by ProjectSAM

    ProjectSAM are back with an update to the much loved Orchestral Essentials Vol. 1 & 2. Pulling together content from across the ProjectSAM product line, the new updated version 2.0 release of each of these libraries contains and entirely new and updated interface as well as a refreshed set of...
  33. grandgooroo

    Kontakt export patch name

    Hi ! I tried to make a *.lua script in Reaper to name the track with the name of the open patch in Kontakt, unfortunately I have the MIDI channels in return, apparently the Kontakt API does not allow that but I ask anyway in case someone has an idea? Sorry for my poor english.
  34. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Review & Composing With Harmonic Bloom by Sonora Cinematic

    Harmonic Bloom from Sonora Cinematic brings you into the realm of the ultimate alchemist tool kit for sound design bridging the world between Sound and Noise and Harmonics  ultimately creating spectacular sounds that range from purely aggressive to stunningly beautiful and everything in...
  35. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Review: Elegance Grand Piano By Audio Brewers

    Audio Brewers celebrates Piano Day 2K23 by releasing a fantastic new piano called ”Elegance”. Elegance is truly an apropos description of this particular Yamaha C5 Acoustic Grand Piano. This has been diligently recorded in both stereo and ambisonic and contains all of the control, effects...
  36. Fracture Sounds

    Fracture Sounds Dulciano: Now available for Kontakt Player

    We are pleased to announce that Dulciano is now available for the free Kontakt Player, meaning you no longer need the full version of Kontakt to use it. For existing Dulciano owners, you have received a free update to the Kontakt Player version. Check your emails! To celebrate this re-launch...
  37. Fracture Sounds

    Fracture Sounds Piano Week sale - up to 35% off all pianos

    To celebrate Piano Day (the 88th day of the year), we are running a generous sale on our highly acclaimed piano libraries. Save up to 35% on specially curated bundles, or pick and choose which libraries you would like with up to 25% off individual pianos. Whether you are a composer, producer...
  38. Suonopuro

    Suonopuro FlügelHorn overview

    In this video I show all the possibilities and functions of the virtual flugelhorn by Suonopuro. I also tried the Harmon mute, but the others are missing. You can listen to them in a next video. Good vision! https://www.suonopuro.net/virtual_flugelhorn_en.html?i6s36
  39. glencoeaudio

    Introducing: EILEAN FLANNEL PIANO by Glencoe Audio

    OUT NOW! - Intro sale - $45 until April 6 (Reg $69) https://www.glencoeaudio.com/eilean-piano We are so excited to introduce our first sample library: Eilean Flannel Piano is a beautifully imperfect, close recorded upright piano for Kontakt designed for intimate neo-classical and film music...
  40. bbrylow

    The Sampleist First Play Strands by Void & Vista

    The Sampleist is back with another “First Play”, this time it is the first instrument from a brand new sample developer and sound designer called Void & Vista. Pete Checkley takes us through the new cinematic sound design library called “Strands”.  based on the foundation of bowed...
  41. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Review: Cinepads Vol. 1-3 by Cinematic. Alpha

    Cinematic Alpha creates some of the best sounding synthetic instruments in the world using their proprietary DOVInst technology. So it’s no surprise that we have the brilliant series recently released called Cinepads. Coming to us in three volumes, the first volume focuses on cinematic pads...
  42. F

    Does anyone know what vst library these sounds are from?

    Does anyone know what vst library these sounds are from?, rises or swoosh or whatever, I heard them for the first time from a composer, I thought they were his own sounds, but then I heard them again from another and I thought it would be a vst library, does anyone know what vst library they are?
  43. ImJim

    Make Kontakt ignore sustain pedal at instrument level?

    Hey, I have a few patches playing in unison, some work with the sustain pedal for certain articulations, others don't but end up being sustained when they shouldn't. I'd like to turn off the sustain pedal for those instruments only. How do you prevent instruments from receiving pedal MIDI...
  44. udizisser

    INFINITE STEEL TONGUE by Emergence Audio

    At the heart of this instrument lies a deep curiosity about the transformative power of sound. By harnessing the creative potential of our intuitive Infinite Motion Engine™ we have crafted a one-of-a-kind collection of evolving pads and textures that challenge the boundaries of conventional...
  45. M

    MIDI drag n' drop

    Hi, I got this MIDI Drag n' Drop code from someone online who kindly made it available for use a few years ago...but the label for dragging the MIDI to the DAW doesn't work..I can't work out why as the code seems correct - set_control_par (get_ui_id($midi_object), $CONTROL_PAR_DND_BEHAVIOUR, 1)...
  46. Gablux

    KSP Mentoring

    I heard there are people offering KSP help for free, once a week on Kontakt discord server. Is that any good? What do you think? (saw in the #polls room)
  47. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Presents: Composing With & Review: Damage Uncharted 88 By Heavyocity

    The Sampleist presents: In this latest “Composing With - Review”, Pete Checkley dives headlong into the chaos which is ”Damage: Uncharted 88” by Heavyocity.. a truly brutal and artistic sampling affair with an acoustic piano, utilizing virtually every surface of the instrument to create another...
  48. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Reviews Revelation Fusion Harp By Sound Yeti

    Composer Marcus Manderson takes a deep dive into the Revelation Fusion Harp by Sound Yeti. This is truly an instrument that breaks the rules when it comes to the definition of a traditional heart by combining it with the sounds of synthesis in order to come up with a truly hybrid instrument...
  49. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Presents Key Fury By Sample Logic

    Key Fury from Sample Logic brings the power of almost 200 multisampled instrument presets and an amazing sound quality and variety to keep any Composer inspired for days at a time. In this installmen from The Sampleist, Marcus Manderson takes us under the fingerboards of the instruments...
  50. ByLowii

    Recommendations for a library / VST of an electric guitar?

    Hi everyone, I'm not a very expert on the subject of guitars but could you help me how can I get a guitar similar to this one from a library or VST, I know it's a live recording but I don't know how to play the guitar yet and I specialize more in playing a midi piano, that's why a virtual option...
  51. N

    Changing Source Speed for Multiple Groups

    Hi! I am currently working on creating an instrument through Kontakt and I've got something up and running pretty well after using Tim Steemson's youtube video with a google sheets template! I have run into an issue: I have a knob that controls the source speed for my instrument, but I do not...
  52. Very Loud Indeed

    Oblique II: Dark Bass Explorations from The Very Loud Indeed Co.

    Available on March 14th from The Very Loud Indeed Co. More info coming soon!
  53. T

    Possible to reload all patches in a multi?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping you can save me many of hours of work... I just discovered Cubase Quick Controls to handle the CC's of your instruments. Kontakt has a handy option to combine each patch's controller into a single host automation controller via the "unwind automation ID's for additionally...
  54. S.M.F

    Fine Tuning Kontakt Instrument - Instrument Level 443 to 440 HZ

    Hey, I've recorded a Kontakt Instrument in 443 HZ (German Classical Orchestral Tuning). As most virtual instruments are recorded in 440 HZ, I wanna give the option of changing it's tuning. I am aware of the formula calculating from HZ to Cents (I'll attach a pdf). The only thing I struggle is...
  55. A

    Native Access Installation Error

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I purchased the sample modeling solo strings and I was so excited about it until I get to download it from the native access, the thing is, when the app started to installing the library, it got an error message " Installation failed", I know that in mac it has a solution...
  56. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Presents Review: Insanity Samples NEO Strings/Brass/Woowinds

    The Sampleist is proud to present our lastest review featuring the NEO Brass/NEO Strings/NEO Woodwinds trio of instruments from Insanity Samples. Featuring  deep, sampled instruments with an extremely comprehensive palette of articulations, performed by some of the UK‘s most sought after...
  57. jrrshop

    Up to 40% off Audiofier and Martinic

    Up to 40% off all Audiofier Veevum Kontakt libraries, now $24.50 or less, including the new Veevum Morph, Veevum Synth, and Veevum Sync - Mod-Tron: https://www.jrrshop.com/audiofier?dir=desc&order=news_from_date 33% off all Martinic, including the Colorsound Tremolo for $12.73...
  58. J

    Ableton not seeing the right version of Kontakt on MacBook

    Figured it out. Cant seem to delete post but mods feel free. Thanks!
  59. ByLowii

    Any suggestions to get a good Guitar VST / Library like this?

    I'm looking for a VST / Guitar Library that has the sound of that song, I could use my fender guitar but I still need to learn a lot about that instrument and I'm better at piano and using midi. Also, if you know of an amp that has that tone, please let me know, I need one like that too. Please...
  60. Wunderhorn

    Kontakt bug that makes the DAW crash

    It is common knowledge that there are libraries or updates thereof that officially cannot be opened in Kontakt 6 when they require version 7. So far so good. However, I notice that when I open an older project that references libraries that since have been updated to a version that requires K7...
  61. Gablux

    Figma to Kontakt Open for Beta Testers

    Hi, as a KSP scripter I found it very painful to implement user interfaces, especially the large ones with hundreds of assets. To help ease this pain, I created a tool for Figma - the design software - to assist in this process. In a one liner: "Export your UI code in one click" All ui_controls...
  62. Stalemate

    Is There a Way to "Snapshot" Libraries in the Event a Project Will Not Open Properly?

    Hi, everyone. How can I "snapshot" my Kontakt sessions in a way that allows me to later at least view (1) which libraries were used in a project, and (2) what configurations were made to those libraries on said project? I use Kontakt versions 5.7.3 and 6.6.1 in FL Studio 21, and I seek a method...
  63. ByLowii

    Any good library of a Muted Trumpet C?

    I am looking for a good Muted Trumpet C library as a replacement for this one since I don't like working with iLok. Thank you and have a nice day.
  64. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Reviews Chris Hein's OCTA

    Chris Hein is back with a brand new virtual instrument! “OCTA” is a fantastic multi instrumental journey featuring over 100 different instruments. Marcus Manderson takes on a tour and compositional dive into the instrument below. Best Service was kind enough to provide a copy of the instrument...
  65. Akora

    Extending playable range of a library?

    I am not very technical in terms of messing with the settings of samples, so hope someone can help me out here. I am using Musical Sampling Amy vocal library in a track, but I want to hit a note that is two steps beyond the playable range of the library. Is it possible for this library (or any...
  66. B

    Samples not loading in any version of Kontakt

    I recently purchased Afterglow from Spitfire Audio, downloaded it, launched Logic and Kontakt, just to discover it doesn't work and I can't figure it out. I go thru all the files, but when I click the actual instrument to load it in, it only half works. By that I mean the controls and such load...
  67. Emanuel Fróes

    Why this GUI problem in Kontakt is common? What causes this?

    see image
  68. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Presents Composing Classics With Kwaya

    Welcome to the first installment of the “Composing Gems” series from The Sampleist. Composer, Pete Checkley takes us through Kwaya by Eduardo Tarilonte and Best Service.
  69. P

    Kontakt template - or instrument? (Or even other substitutes?)

    Hey there, I've been an Izotope Iris2 user for ages and have enjoyed its simplicity a lot. However, lately its behaviour has been more or less clumsy and all DAWs I use are prone to crash, sooner or later. That aside, I'm willing to replicate one of its functions with either Kontakt (6 or 7) or...
  70. stingray306

    Edit: Solved -- Is it possible to recover Kontakt patches after switching to a new Mac?

    EDIT: I have resolved the issue; I had to make sure the paths to my libraries in Kontakt were intact. Just manually added back the missing libraries into Kontakt, checked the paths in Native Access, or loaded them into quick-save and rebooted Logic, and everything showed up fine! Hello! Quick...
  71. MaroonedMind

    Any way to add custom vibrato to a kontakt vsti?

    I am not talking about a scripted LFO, but instead a way to create midi values so that you can perform vibrato with a mod wheel, breathcontroller or midiring. Just like samplemodeling or audiomodeling instruments. As an exsample I want to do this with the Cremona Quartet which has the sustains...
  72. Frequensalad

    Help me find a kontakt library: Characteristic strings that AREN'T orchestral/cinematic

    I find that a lot of the string libraries are too far into the cinematic/orchestral side of things, but i'm looking for something that's a little more humble. I don't want that big epic concert violin sound, i'm looking for something that's more dry, imperfect, characteristic, non-generic...
  73. composer_nico.maximilian

    Kontakt Automapping doesn't work when using over 100 Samples

    The Automapping works fine if you import under 100 samples at once. If I import more the automapping doesn't work anymore. This means for a sample set of 16000 samples i would have to manually drag the samples in 100 steps into Kontakt. Any suggestions or explanations for this?
  74. Ben

    Kontakt and Surround - Poll

    How are you using Kontakt and similar players when working in surround formats? Many thanks for your feedback!
  75. Good Bear

    Plugin That Routes Multiple Audio Busses into One Channel?

    I’m setting up a composing template with Logic that will be able to run multiple orchestral mics, just like you’d get from an orchestral recording, and ultimately be able to mix those different mic positions into a relatively cohesive Atmos mix (as opposed to artificially creating space on a...
  76. Fraxer01

    Does anybody know what this sampled instrument is called? I need to find it!

    I love this instrument's sound but don't recognize that interface. I'm guessing it's not a logic stock sound but who knows. Is there a sample god that can point me in the right direction?
  77. jrrshop

    75% to 85% off Soundtoys, Overloud, & Ergo Kukke

    Up to 75% off all Soundtoys: https://www.jrrshop.com/soundtoys 75% off Overloud GEM Comp LA LA2A compressor, now $29 instead of $119 for 3 days only: https://www.jrrshop.com/overloud-gem-comp-la Up to 85% off all Ergo Kukke: https://www.jrrshop.com/ergo-kukke
  78. D

    Kontakt Library Registration - worth it?

    General question for Kontakt library creators. Does anyone NOT license serials through Native Instruments (and just sell them without any protection)? I would love to hear peoples' opinion. Is it worth it if I'm selling a library for less than $50? Is there a lot of piracy out there?
  79. Emanuel Fróes

    Mobile Gear - "Mirroing" Mobile and Home Studio Samples

    Hallo, do you have any information about how to sync the mobile and home studio so good as possible? I see that I have issues with Ilok, Kontakt, COmposer CLoud. etc. I also had issues due to be offline in VEP. HOw is the best way to have a kind of "synced" version of my template when I go...
  80. Nami Audio

    FREE LIBRARY - Childhood Memories

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know there’s a new FREE Kontakt library on the website! https://namiaudio.com/products/childhoodmemories This library goes back to your childhood and lets you travel through sweet sound journeys with three carefully sampled instruments : A kalimba, a...
  81. Wunderhorn

    Kontakt 7 - Your view on performance and stability so far?

    What's your experience with Kontakt 7 so far? How do you feel towards it compared to 6.x and if you are on VEP - does it play well with it? Is it stable, how do you see the performance? Is it already in your template and is it there to stay?
  82. D

    Kontakt assigning controller issue

    This is for a new library I'm making. I'm having a weird issue when trying to assign a controller to these knobs. When assigning a controller to "Wet," it works fine, but when I try to assign a controller to "speed" or "balance," the controller turns the button (to the left) on and off, but...
  83. bfreepro

    Unexpected Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra 1.4 update in the app?!

    I was downloading newly acquired goodies from The (quite long) Black Weekend, and noticed that Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Brass, and Woodwinds all have a new 1.4 update waiting to be installed. I did just the woods update and they have a new folder for Total Performance, the only instrument I...
  84. peterharket

    Kontakt 7 Spacebar Playback Problem In DAW

  85. Symphony of Animals

    ANNOUNCING: Symphony of Animals - A New and Unique Musical Animal Library

    Announcing SYMPHONY OF ANIMALS A New Sample Library of Musical Animals Truly Different and a First of Its Kind Orlando, FL -. November 25, 2022 - Symphony of Animals LLC unveils a unique sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt with over 80 different animals that have been made musical...
  86. Emanuel Fróes

    Still asking for samples, after batch resave (Kontakt)

    Hallo! Any idea why this happens?
  87. Musesamples

    Classical guitar library "Evocación 4.2", new espressivo demo posted

    Well, we are up and running again with a fully new Evocación, this time as Kontakt instrument (for 5.8.1 or higher). This edition is completely rebuilt from the ground up. All patches have been sampled chromatically. Main patches contain up to 5 velocities, and most of them have a (Random) Round...
  88. noahdurik

    [Project] The Academia Orchestra, a series of free orchestral Kontakt instruments

    Hello! My name is Noah - a long-time musician, composer, and now sample artist. I would like to share with you all my journey in creating my largest project ever: The Academia Orchestra. What is the Academia Orchestra? Basically, the Academia Orchestra is planned to be an incredibly...
  89. sprt

    Creating a Comprehensive List of Recorder Sample Libraries

    I've been on the search for a good recorder library, and honestly it's been really tough even finding them. One of the hardest things to google, because of the 'unfortunate' name and lack of online lists. With that said, can we just huddle up and put together a complete list of availabilities...
  90. willbedford

    Fracture Sounds Black Friday: Create your own bundle

    The Fracure Sounds Black Friday sale is here! We’re doing things a little differently this year: create your own bundle, containing exactly the products you want, for savings up to 40%. Simply add your desired products to the cart, and the discount will be automatically applied based on the...
  91. Nami Audio

    2 DAYS LEFT - 50% OFF

    It's time for Black Friday on the website! Get 50% OFF on any library until the 2nd of December. https://namiaudio.com/products/hammer-felt Currently at 29€ https://namiaudio.com/products/quasar Currently at 44€ https://namiaudio.com/products/midnightwarps Still at the intro price of 19€
  92. GiuseppeS+OS

    Silence+Other Sounds - 30% Off extended to December 31st

    Hello everyone, we'e extended our 30% discount to December 31st, it includes all of our bestsellers. link to products: https://silenceandothersounds.com/products
  93. Riot Audio


    Save up to 50% on products in our shop during our BLACK FRIDAY SALE (Ends 4th Dec). https://riotaudio.com Big Discounts on some of our flagship releases, including: PUTTY PIANO (50%) BARITONE GUITAR WASHES (50%) PHONETIC (25%) BIONIC PLUCKS AND MALLETS (50%)
  94. S

    Tremosphere - Out Now!

    Hi all, I wanted to share a project I've been working on called Tremosphere. While writing for a recent film, I needed a few sustained beds for some cues. I was tired of reaching for my usual string sounds and wanted something a bit more unique and different that gave the same effect. As a...
  95. T

    Using one Kontakt instrument for multiple tracks

    Hi all, I can't seem to find a solution to this online, so hopefully someone here can enlighten me. I'm trying to setup Kontakt in Logic Pro so that one instrument patch is loaded up (a piano library) with multiple tracks using that patch. We're talking 50+ tracks that will use the same piano...
  96. Sean J

    Free Instrument Template / Script

    Greetings VI-Control, I made this to help composers (those of us who don't like code) with sampling our own instruments with ease. It dynamically supports as many playing techniques and RR's as you add via Kontakt groups. Up to 16 mics can be added (by assigning the group to Kontakt Bus 1-16)...
  97. M

    Kontakt VST3 cutting off long notes randomly when bouncing to audio???

    Guys! I really need help with this. I already experienced this before but it seemed I somehow made it work. For a while. Now it's not working again. Whenever I bounce a midi part to audio, Kontakt will randomly cut off parts of long midi notes, resulting in a faulty rendering. It's not a DAW...
  98. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off Audiowarp, Soundethers, Guareschi, HOSS Audio, Reveal Sound, & Nomad Factory

    70% off Audiowarp Boards of Canada Kontakt libraries, starting at $7.50: https://www.jrrshop.com/audiowarp?dir=desc&order=special_from_date 50% off Soundethers ambient Kontakt and Omnisphere libraries, starting at $8.99: https://www.jrrshop.com/soundethers 50% off Guareschi ethnic instrument...
  99. F

    Update Sample Pool globally?

    is it possible to do an update sample pool on an entire VEP7 instance, or does this have to be done one by one?
  100. C

    Best Library for quick and convincing expressive ostinati (Max Richter style)

    Just wanted to know if something like this exists. Quick work, quick good sounding results.. with as much flexibillty as possible. In the past I always reached out for Ben Osterhouse String Flow or Joshua Bell Violin+ Blakus Cello. String Flow however is a bit limited after a while...
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