1. Ben

    VSL Announcement: Moving from eLicenser to iLok (iLok key / iLok Cloud)

    Dear Community, We have some important announcements to make. You can read the post from our CEO, Herb Tucmandl, here in our forum: https://www.vsl.co.at/community/posts/t57384-Moving-from-eLicenser-to-iLok#post302591 Please note that the official discussion will happen at the VSL forum. Here...
  2. ptram

    [POLL] Do you have problems with the eLicenser?

    Hi, I'm making this poll because I wonder if I'm simply the odd boy claiming to have issues, or I'm really in the middle of a crowd of similarly mad boys all screaming together at the moon. The number of issues I have with the little devilish protection key is unbearable. But maybe it is just...
  3. whiskers

    SOLD - Cubase 8

    Wanting to sell my old copy of Cubase 8. It would include the install media and all boxed materials (including USB eLicenser) for 7.5, which was then upgraded to 8 (full/Pro, not artist/LE). So the eLicenser has 8, you could jut download the install materials from Steinberg's website once...
  4. B

    FS: ReFx Nexus 2

    I'm selling my license for Nexus 2, I rarely ever use it anymore because I've gotten more into the sound design side of things. I originally paid $1,373 for it. I have 43 expansions. I'm asking $1,000, and will ship the eLicenser for free. I'll also pay the license transfer fee. Let me know if...
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