blade runner

  1. C

    Sea Wall (BR2049) - Is it synths only?

    @Rctec Did you guys use any orchestral sounds (or even real orchestra) as layer on this track, or are the sound sources synths only? Cuz I can only hear beautiful synths and I'm wondering if there has been some organic sauce to sweeten things up, or if all the magic happens electronically...
  2. nuyo

    More music in the style of Vangelis Blade Runner Score ?

    Is there a genre for this kind of music or other artist that have similar pieces ? I need more Sci Fi Noir Music in my Playlists. 😂
  3. M

    Survey: Vangelis' Blade Runner

    . Update: This is now complete.
  4. M

    Dissertation on Vangelis' Blade Runner

    Hello all! UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who got in touch. This is now complete, so no longer seeking interviewees. I'm putting together a dissertation on why Vangelis' Blade Runner score cemented him as a pioneer in not just electronic music, but the wider scoring world. As such, I can't...
  5. Grim_Universe

    Eugene Latsko - F3ar-u

    This is a cyberpunk style composition using only ONE synthesizer - Zebra2. Literally no samples or libraries were used here and all the sounds were made by me. This music is very important to me not only because I spent A LOT of time composing\sound designing it, but because it is not just a...
  6. A

    Blade Runner Style

    Using the Past To Future "Blade Runner CS-80 for Kontakt" library and various other synths (hardware or software) and drum machines, I cooked up a Vangelis-style track. The CS-80 library is only $15! It sounds enormous and properly dreamy. Link here:
  7. Voider

    Electronic Cyberpunk Soundtrack

    Hey! The past days I sat on a track for a Native Instruments contest. We were free to do any genre and the only rules were that the song should be minimum 2 minutes long and incorporate samples from the provided free sample pack. So I did grab my own synth patches that I've created all from...
  8. Epicomposer

    Review: Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Dark Synthesis

    After the first three successful installments, Gothic Instruments is back with their fourth volume of their exclusive drones & ambience creation engine DRONAR – this time introducing DRONAR Dark Synthesis. DRONAR Dark Synthesis focuses on the realm of gloomy and mysterious retro synth sound...
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