1. Razorvox

    For Sale Selling **Arturia, IK Multimedia, & Soundtoys!** >Price Reduced!< (:

    Hey everyone, long time lurker here on the forums! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I'm currently selling a few of my audio plugins through Paypal. Edit: FYI, if anything is sold it will be crossed out! I was going to use Knobcloud but I've been screwed over a few times there so idk. Not a...
  2. AndreasHe

    VPS Avenger vs. ? - synth or other expansion with arp/sequencer for trance/dance/cyberpunk etc

    Hi Folks, just checked out VPS Avenger. Yes I like the sound but I am not so happy with the software and the prices of the explansion packs. I love ARP / Sequencer presets! What is your recommendation for a synth that gives such a fancy "dance" sound (or whatever you want to name it)? So far...
  3. jrrshop

    Up to 70% off UJAM, KV331, iZotope, AAS, Arturia, & Eventide

    Up to 50% off the new UJAM Finisher BOOST tension builder plugin, now $49 for the Loyalty Crossgrade: Up to 50% off KV331 SynthMaster, SynthMaster One, SynthMaster Player, Bundles, and Upgrades...
  4. mr.vad0614

    For Sale Arturia Analog Lab V

    Hi there, and thank you for stopping by. I am selling my license for Analog Lab V by Arturia for £100. For more information please see here: Analog Lab V I accept payments via PayPal or Wise, Wise being the most preferable due to transfer fees being all inclusive as opposed to PayPal. Thank you
  5. peterharket

    Major Discount On Arturia's V Collection (85%)

    Hi there! Arturia is hosting a Music Makers Sale, with individual upgrade discounts for existing V Collection users. I had V Collection 7, and was able to upgrade to V Collection 9 for 99 EUR. Login to see your tailored discount :) Enjoy!
  6. kaplain

    WINTER SALE: ZenDAW, 50% OFF on Everything until March 15th.

    Now at
  7. KimSeonHo

    Voice-over processing with Arturia - FX Collection 3

    00:00 Intro 01:40 Voice-Over : Gain Staging (Pre1973) 02:40 Voice-Over : HP, High Shelving (Pre1973) 03:10 Voice-Over : Input Drive (Pre1973) 04:30 Voice-Over : EQ (Sitral - 295) 05:40 Comp 05:55 Voice-Over : Comp (Diode 609) 06:20 Voice-Over : Comp (FET 76) 06:53 Voice-Over : Comp (VCA 65)...
  8. KimSeonHo

    Here is my Synthpop demo track with Arturia V collection 9

    Thanks for watching!
  9. D

    Best piano VST?

    Hello As I am awaiting for my new hammer action midi keyboard (Hammer 88 Pro), I started to search for a good piano vst. I heard a lot of praise towards Keyscape but at the same time I saw some negatives about it. So wanted to hear what would be your opinions? Is it worth buying Keyscape? Or...
  10. jrrshop

    50% off Arturia MiniFreak V introductory sale, now $99 instead of $199

    50% off Arturia MiniFreak V introductory sale, now $99 instead of $199: MiniFreak V is an experimental virtual instrument fusing digital voices with modeled analog filters, spontaneous modulation, and playing sequencing, unleashing endless sweet...
  11. GeorgeThatMusicGuy

    CLOSED Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab for Sale

    I don't use either of these two products very much, and they don't really fit my workflow, so I'm looking to sell. Pigments - €60 (sold) Analog Lab - €35 (Sold) Let me know if you're interested.
  12. jrrshop

    50% off Arturia Pigments 4 introductory sale, now $99 instead of $199

    50% off Arturia Pigments 4 introductory sale, now $99 instead of $199: New features include new effects and filters (MS-20 Filter, Shimmer Reverb, Super Unison), Play Mode, refreshed GUI, improved workflow, enhanced engines, and new factory presets...
  13. lifeislovedj

    For Sale Arturia V Collection 9

    Price: 200$
  14. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off BFD, EarMaster, Polyverse, Arturia, and Mastering The Mix

    Over 80% off BFD3, now $49.99 instead of $299: 50% off EarMaster 7 music theory trainer, now $29 instead of $59: Up to 50% off all Polyverse, including I Wish for $49 instead of $99...
  15. Flintpope

    RESEARCH. Do you own the full version of Arturia AUGMENTED STRINGS?

  16. Ruchir

    Utopia - Music cinematic with AI generated motion video

    Hi all, The video here uses backdrop of AI generated art to try and match the music as closely as possible. The music features the Ethera Gold library alongside various soft synths, and PercX.
  17. turtletooth

    CLOSED Arturia V Collection 8 - $130 - Sold

    Selling my V Collection 8. $135
  18. Pete333

    CLOSED Arturia CS-80 V4 for 35e, emulates Yamaha's typical 80s sound, orig used by Vangelis in Blade Runner, Michael Jackson, Toto, ...

    Hi, my Arturia CS-80 V 4 is for sale for 35e typical late 70s and then 80s BEEEEAAAAAUTIFUL sound signature, check it here: ARTURIA CS-80 V NICE DEMOS: HERE detailed one creating a typical Vangelis' Blade Runner synth sound, HERE with Steve Porcaro a founding member of Toto, HERE from Arturia...
  19. M

    FS: NI - Alicia's Keys, Playbox, Melted Vibes; Arturia - SQ80 V

    Hi there, First time seller (have bought here in the past) selling a couple extra keys I have laying around for Native Instruments and Arturia, transfer ID's ready to go! Send me an offer and let's work something out! Paypal or Venmo preferred. Native Instruments Alicia's Keys Playbox...
  20. AdrianRavel

    Arturia mkii88 vs M-Audio 88 Pro

    Dear VI community, With both the Arturia Keylab88mkii and its rival M-audio Hammer 88 Pro on the market with (more or less) competitive feature, I’m encountering a lot of difficulties for choosing the right one. My objective is finding the most suitable MIDI controller for my needs. I mostly...
  21. B

    CLOSED Arturia V Collection 9 - $180 SOLD

    Hi: I'm offering the license, never activated, of the last version of Arturia V Collection, for 180. I also accept licenses of these plugins as trade-in: Cubase Pro 12, Soundtoys 5 bundle, or partial payment: soothe 2 Regards!
  22. M

    For Sale Nugen Audio and more

    Oeksound Soothe 2 = SOLD Spiff = SOLD Relab LX480 Complete = SOLD NUGEN Audio MasterCheck = $59 Embertone Joshua Bell Violin (Full version) = SOLD Walker 1955 Concert D = SOLD Klanghelm VUMT = $9 MJUC = $18 Payments with Paypal only.
  23. jrrshop

    50% off all individual Arturia instruments and effects, starting at $49

    50% off all individual Arturia instruments and effects, starting at $49: Arturia 1973-Pre $49 Arturia Analog LAB V $99 Arturia ARP 2600 V3 $74 Arturia Augmented Strings $49 Arturia Augmented...
  24. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off KV331, Xhun Audio, Baby Audio, Antares, Tracktion, Arturia, Reason Studios, Avid, Boz, & more

    70% off KV331 SynthMaster One, now $19 instead of $64: 50% off Xhun KickBeat hybrid bass drum synthesizer, now $20 instead of $40: Up to 50% off all Baby Audio...
  25. udizisser

    Limited time - New free plugin - Augmented STRINGS Intro by Arturia

    Augmented STRINGS Intro by Arturia In the search for the next generation of acoustic instrument sounds, Arturia have enlisted some of the world's best recording houses, sound designers, and instrumentalists...
  26. Aubrey19

    CLOSED Arturia Collection 8

    - I'm selling Arturia V Collection 8 for 150€ (Website Price: 599€). - No transfer fees, according to Arturia. - It includes the following licenses: - Previous successful transactions:€.123094/post-5073646 Send me...
  27. Romsty

    Efficient on-stage VST use suggestions please!

    Hi Everyone I wanted to ask those of you who use vsts on stage how to prepare your VSTs for playing a set while maintaining one to two VST’s open at a time max! I have an older laptop which can handle two or three. What do you use to prepare a live set so you can quickly jump from VST to VST...
  28. GeorgeThatMusicGuy

    *RESERVED*Arturia Analog Lab

    EDIT: Currently reserved. Hi all, decided to sell my Analog Lab license. I loved using it, but I've just haven't used it at all in the last 2 or so years that much, so I thought I would see if anyone was interested in buying it. I'm looking for £70GBP. From what I can tell there should be no...
  29. AxxeumUK

    WTB WTB: SketchCasette II & Arturia 3 Modulation FX Bundle

    WTB: SketchCasette II & Arturia 3 Modulation FX Bundle
  30. udizisser

    Easy step by step creating explosion with Arturia Pigments

    So I'm working on sounds for a pack of cinematic effects and though to share some of the ideas. In this video I show basic explosion with Arturia Pigments. Of course it's just be baseline and on top of that you can add and layer both sounds and effects. The main point here is the use of the...
  31. luigizaccheo

    Sound synthesis for music production

    hello to all VI control friends. preparing an exercise for music production courses I decided to recreate this piece by the great Giorgio Moroder and Irene Cara. For the first time, I used the Cherry Audio DC-106 intensively, as well as the Arturia synths. Happy listening and forgive my bad...
  32. jrrshop

    50% off all individual Arturia synthesizer and effect plugins

    50% off all individual Arturia synthesizer and effect plugins (bundles not included): Arturia 1973-Pre $99 $49 Arturia Analog Lab V Synthesizer $199 $99 Arturia ARP 2600V3 $149 $74 Arturia B-3 V $149 $74 Arturia Buchla Easel V...
  33. LoveEnigma

    CLOSED ---

  34. ThomCSounds

    [FREE for a Limited Time] Mellotronize Your Sounds with Arturia's New Mello-Fi

    Well well well, look who's here. Mellotron. Or rather, his little brother, Mello-Fi. A sentient being coming from the depths of forgotten tape archives brought back to life. So in this, oh so quickly put together (pretty in-depth though!), review, you'll see me explain the features of Mello-Fi...
  35. jrrshop

    Up to 95% off Audified, plus free Arturia and Acustica

    95% off Audified Sphene LE Hi-Gain Bass Module, now $2 instead of $39: 50% off Audified MixChecker, MixChecker Pro, and MixChecker Upgrade to Pro, starting at $39.50: Free Arturia...
  36. jrrshop

    Arturia Pigments 3.5 introductory sale, now $99 instead of $199

    Arturia Pigments 3.5 introductory sale, now $99 instead of $199: New CrossMod Pigments introduces CrossMod, allowing you to create versatile frequency modulation behavior between both active engines. This explosive evolution of Pigments' sonic...
  37. LoveEnigma

    CLOSED Arturia FX Collection 2 - SOLD

    PayPal G&S only, fees included. Please PM if interested. Smooth transaction assured. :thumbsup: Arturia FX Collection 2: SOLD elsewhere
  38. jrrshop

    Up to 50% off Arturia, MeldaProduction, Audiomodern, and Sonuscore

    50% off Arturia Pigments 2, V Collection 8, and FX Collection 2: 50% off all MeldaProduction: 35% off Audiomodern:
  39. P

    CLOSED Sold: arturia fx collection 1 + jun-6 chrous, £80 gbp (reduced)

    Contains 15 Arturia Effects, 3 each of Pre-amps, Filters, Compressors, Delays and Reverbs. This is a digital downloadable product, not retail. See for more details Pre 1973, Pre TridA, Pre V76, Filter MINI, Filter SEM, Filter M12, Comp TUBE-STA, Comp VCA-65...
  40. P

    For Sale Arturia V Collection 7

    Hi, I am looking to sell all these. V Collection 7 - 160 USD Analog Lab V - SOLD Moroder Tribute Presets for Modular V/Analog Lab V - SOLD I do not plan to use these anymore so I would like to let someone else make use of these amazing plugins.
  41. LoveEnigma

    CLOSED Arturia V Collection 6 (removed from sale)

    removed from sale
  42. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off Soundtoys, EastWest, Arturia, FXpansion, AAS, and BBE

    80% off Soundtoys PrimalTap retro delay with freeze, now $29 instead of $149: 40% off EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Diamond, now $595 instead of $995: 50% off...
  43. jrrshop

    50% off all individual Arturia instrument and effect plugins

    50% off all individual Arturia instrument and effect plugins: Arturia 1973-Pre $99 $49 Arturia Analog Lab V Synthesizer $199 $99 Arturia ARP 2600V3 $149 $74 Arturia B-3 V $149 $74 Arturia...
  44. musicalweather

    M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro vs. Arturia KeyLab 88

    Would be interested in your opinions about these two boards. I'm looking for a weighted keyboard controller that has some sliders, knobs, and pads. These two are at the top of my list right now. I know there's the Native Instrument 88-key controller, but I don't think I would be able to take...
  45. s4ymyname

    For Sale Arturia Keystep 37 in West Hollywood

    Like new, perfect condition. Used it only 3-4 times. Located in West Hollywood. Price is $150.
  46. jrrshop

    50% off Arturia Pigments 3 introductory sale, now $99 instead of $199

    50% off Arturia Pigments 3 introductory sale, now $99 instead of $199: The polychromatic synthesizer has evolved into a state-of-the-art instrument that spans every shade of synthesis. Pigments 3 introduces the boundless power of additive...
  47. C

    CLOSED Sold Arturia Pigments 70€

    Sold! I'm selling my license for: Arturia Pigments, 70€ Payment by Paypal
  48. LoveEnigma

    CLOSED Arturia OB-Xa V

    SOLD on KVR
  49. LoveEnigma

    CLOSED Arturia

    Payment via PayPal Goods & Services only. I will pay any license transfer and PayPal fees. Arturia Pigments 2: Sold to mostexcellent
  50. jrrshop

    Arturia V Collection 8 on sale for $499

    Arturia V Collection 8 on sale for $499: This is the most comprehensive anthology of classic synth and keyboards ever made. This is decades of passionate research, modelling, and development. This is your chance to take your place in music history.
  51. Øivind

    CLOSED Closed

    It's time for the yearly spring cleaning! Everything is gone! SOLD: Arturial CMI V Presonus Studio One 5.2 Pro Valhalla Room Fabfilter Custom Bundle Soundiron Rust 2 Soundiron The Drinking Piano Seventh Heaven Standard u-he Repro Soundiron Drip Seventh Heaven Pro
  52. jrrshop

    50% off Arturia instruments and effects

    50% off Arturia instruments and effects: Arturia 1973-Pre $49 Arturia Analog Lab V $99 Arturia ARP 2600V3 $74 Arturia B-3 V $74 Arturia Buchla Easel V $74 Arturia Chorus DIMENSION-D $49 Arturia...
  53. M

    For Sale Arturia V Collection 7

    Hey everyone for sale is my Arturia V collection 7 $270. thanks!
  54. JashandeepReehal

    For Sale Presonus Studio One, Izotope, Arturia,

    Selling. Offer your best price Presonus Studio One 5 Artist 2X Arturia Analog Lab Lite Izotope Ozone Elements Izotope Neutron Elements. Izotope Nectar Elements
  55. AndreasHe

    Arturia Pigments 2 - LFO to filter and glitch / gate / stutter?

    Hi, I am testing the demo of pigments and I wonder how to make this things. Maybe some can help me here? First, I tried to assign an LFO to an EQ - tried also different filter's knobs, but often I can not assign them: And then I tried to make a glitch gate effect (stuttering) maybe with...
  56. jrrshop

    Up to 86% off Ableton, Lexicon, Arturia, Nomad Factory, Flux, MIA Laboratories, Harrison Consoles, and GRM Tools

    Up to $150 off Ableton and receive a free upgrade to version 11 when it is released in 2021: 50% off all Lexicon reverb and effects plugins and bundles: 50% off...
  57. MatthewVere

    Spitfire Audio - Spitfire Chamber Strings, Damage, Pigments

    Hey guys, I'm selling: Spitfire Audio - Spitfire Chamber Strings - £500 Heavyocity - Damage 1 - £200 Arturia Pigments - £150 First 2 are transferable through NI (checked on my account). Third through Arturia's website. Open to offers.
  58. jrrshop

    Up to 74% off IK Multimedia, Eventide, Overloud, Zynaptiq, Arturia, BBE, Audiomodern, GRM Tools, Nomad Factory, and JRR Sounds

    74% off IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE and SampleTank 4 SE, now $39.99 each instead of $149: 60% off Eventide CrushStation introductory sale, now $39 instead of $99:
  59. jrrshop

    50% off Arturia V Collection 7, now $249 instead of $499

    50% off Arturia V Collection 7, now $249 instead of $499: 24 timeless instruments lovingly recreated in software and modernized with contemporary features. They were cutting edge in the 60s, mind-blowing in the 70s, awe-inspiring in the 80s...
  60. jrrshop

    Up to 66% off Zynaptiq, Xfer Records, IK Multimedia, JRR Sounds, Accusonus, Audiomodern, Arturia, Positive Grid, and Warm Audio

    57% off Zynaptiq Intensity, now $149 instead of $349: Purchase Xfer Serum and receive 2 free sound banks valued at $29 each: 40% off IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 MAX and Crossgrade...
  61. Glenn Broersma

    CLOSED SOLD Arturia Synthi V

    Arturia Synthi V 79,-
  62. Glenn Broersma

    CLOSED SOLD Arturia V collection 6 with Pigments upgrade.

    Together in 1 purchase. e189,-
  63. O

    My first professional soundtrack! Jazz/Disco/Bebop/Synthpop/Ambient/Folk/Dreampop

    I've been making music as a DIY singer-songwriter for years now, and was lucky enough to be hired to create the score for a new online series as some of the people behind it were fans of my work. They basically giving me carte blanche to write what I wanted, so I went a bit crazy, producing in a...
  64. jrrshop

    Up to 88% off Arturia, PSP, and Overloud

    50% off Arturia synths, keyboards, filters, and preamps, including Buchla V for $74.50: Up to 88% off PSP EQ sale extended until Thursday, from $19.99 to $29.99: Last...
  65. BrotherCharles

    Arturia KeyLab 61 MK II Review – Redux Deluxe? | Reviewer's Revival

    Hi Gang! How's it goin', eh? It's your reporter from the great white north here with a brand new review. I had an absolute blast investigating the Arturia KeyLab 61 MK II. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, feel free to drop by the reviewer's lounge to check out the new article I've...
  66. Joe Maron

    Arturia Pigments

    Just received the announcement in my inbox, free to try until January 10: Arturia Pigments (with a nice upgrade offer for V Collection owners!) Edit: Let's see if I can embed the video here:
  67. M

    Arturia Analog Lab + Controller or Arturia V Collection 6

    I am looking to expand my synthesized sounds. I already have Omnisphere 2.5 and Zebra2 + Zebra HZ. Analog Lab seems to have a ton of sounds (over 6K), so I'm not sure if I really need the full-blown V Collection 6. However, V Collection 6 is on sale for $249 right now (50% off). I can purchase a...
  68. C

    Most experimental but "functional" transportable midi controller

    Hi all, new here on vi-control. Have a Maschine mk3, and about to have a KK s61 mk2. Otherwise I only have a Roland System-8. So not a lot of experience with midi controllers (had a M-Audio CTRL49, which I didn't find very nice except the keys action). I'm taking an audio design master and...
  69. R

    Arturia Prophet V2 Crashing Logic X 10.3.1

    Hello, I have recently experience severe crashes in Logic X 10.3.1 OS X Sierra with my Arturia Prophet V2. I recently upgraded to V3 and that seems stable. I still have a few sounds I really enjoy in V2. Have any Logic users experienced this? Many thanks.
  70. LPHovercraft

    Studio Yard Sale - Steinberg, iZotope, Arturia, Antares

    It's spring cleaning time, so I'm having a Studio Yard Sale on eBay. Later this week I'll be adding some hardware items, and likely some additional software titles as I find and sort them out. Below is the current list.
  71. Iskra

    Arturia's gift tomorrow

    Apparently Arturia will have a gift for everyone tomorrow (22nd of December). Worthy to check it out tomorrow so I thought it would be useful to give the heads-up ;) (I have no affiliation whatsoever with Arturia) Merry xmas!
  72. VerbatimProd

    Hello from The Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA

    Hi everyone, I'm Tim Vergori, owner of Verbatim Productions here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am a musician, composer and producer with a diverse technical background, mainly in electronics & broadcast engineering. I offer a wide range of audio, video and IT services. I am also, the...
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